carmen electra pole

Carmen Electra Pole Review | Professional Spinning Dance Pole

If you are a beginner then surely you have come across the Carmen Electra Pole. There are a couple models but most commonly known are the Carmen Electra Professional Pole and The Peek A Boo Pole. There are both good and bad qualities about this pole and it really depends on how you intend to…

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girl motivated to work out

Underground Secret To Get Motivated To Work Out

Motivation can be a success killer when you are trying work out, eat right, and lose weight. You’re not the only one who has this problem; it’s something that everyone suffers from at one point and time. Now wait a minute? Did I just say EVERYONE? Yes I did, only not All people struggle to…

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decending down from a pole spin

How To Descend Out Of A Pole Spin With Grace

It’s important to come down out of a pole spin with elegance, grace, and ease – that’s what makes it look so good …. And so easy when it’s really NOT! The last thing you want to look like is a limp body just hanging from the pole much like a kid would hang from…

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pole in a home during a pole spin

Is It Safe To Install A Pole In Your Home?

Many women are a little afraid to install a pole in their house because it entails a lot of different things. Will this pole ruin my ceiling? Will my landlord get mad? Can I install it with my ceiling type? I don’t know how to find studs … what!? And what about the floor… is…

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billie jean finished snapshot

The Skinny On Pole Dance Poles That Spin, Rotate, and Remain Stationary

When you first get into pole dancing, it’s a common question people ask “do dance poles spin or rotate?” Yes ….. and no, it depends on the pole. Traditionally dance poles have been used for strippers and that dance pole was stationary, meaning it doesn’t move at all. Today a pole that doesn’t spin is…

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Get-Rid-Of-Bruises pole dancing

How To Get Rid Of And Stop Bruising When Pole Dancing

When you first learn how to pole dance, bruising of the skin is one of the first things you may notice. Many women don’t like the appearance of bruising and they definitely don’t make the legs look sexier. Wasn’t that the goal? Sexy legs while we are learning to pole dance at home? Yes! The…

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dance technique for pole dance move

What To Do When You Have No Dance Experience And Need Help With Your Pole Dancing Technique

Sometimes when girls begin to learn how to pole dance they fear they won’t be any good at it because they have no dance experience.   This is a very common fear for beginner pole dancers and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do a good pole dance in the future. If you…

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pole move at home

Been Trying The Same Pole Move Over And Over And Still Having Trouble?

Learning how to pole dance can be tough sometimes, especially in the beginning.  There are certain ways that you can go about doing different pole moves to make things easier.  However, a lot of time, especially when a person is learning to dance at home, it can be confusing and frustrating to figure out how…

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hand gripping pole

My Grip Is Still Slipping, Now What Should I Do?

Gripping the pole is a really big challenge for most people who are just learning how to pole dance.  It takes time for the grip in your hands to develop the strength to hold your body weight so in the meantime, most beginner dancers fall back on grip aids when the first start out. Common…

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X Pert X Pole with x Joints kit

X Pert X Pole 2014 Model Installation Video

Below is the video instructions for the X Pert X Pole 2014 model. Removable Exercise Poles As with any removable, portable pole that uses pressure between the floor and ceiling to keep it stable, possible damage could occur to the ceiling. The ‘XPERT’ pole is no different from any other pressure supported pole in this…

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