Intermediate straddle pole dance spin

Why Posture And Form Are Critical To Your Pole Dancing Success At Home

It is even more important for people learning from home to study good posture and form than a person learning in a local pole dancing class because there is no live teacher in your living room telling you what to do or correcting you. When you go to a live pole dancing class, a good…

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spin on a portable pole dancing pole for home

Home Pole Dancing Pole Reviews: How To Pick The Best Pole For Pole Dancing At Home

Are struggling to find the right pole dancing pole for your home? If you didn’t already know, you have a lot of choices but what many people don’t know is that there are poorly designer dance poles on the market being sold that are flat-out dangerous! While there are reputable dance pole companies that make…

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Pole Star pole dancing pole

Pole Star Pole Dancing Pole Review | with FREE Pole Carry Bag

Today I decided to do a video review of the Pole Star Pole Dancing Pole. They offer a free dance bag to carry their portable pole dancing pole. For a long time I have been trying to provide my customers with a dance pole that is REALLY Good Quality with a pole dance bag, however,…

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pole spin at home

Biggest Neglected Secret To Dancing Safely While Practicing Pole At Home

Injury is a word we don’t want to hear but if you don’t want to get injured, it’s important to understand some MAJOR tip shown here. No this isn’t a boring article about using crash mats or techniques you probably already heard about like “use a spotter”. While using a spotter and crash mats are…

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girl on a pole that is both spinning and static

Learning To Dance On A Spinning or Static Dance Pole

I get frequently asked the question “should I start to learn pole dancing in spinning mode or static?”. The answer to this question really depends on you, your fitness level, and existing dance experience. When I first started teaching pole dance class, I followed the same mode of mentality that most pole dance teachers do…

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carmen electra pole

Carmen Electra Pole Review | Professional Spinning Dance Pole

If you are a beginner then surely you have come across the Carmen Electra Pole. There are a couple models but most commonly known are the Carmen Electra Professional Pole and The Peek A Boo Pole. There are both good and bad qualities about this pole and it really depends on how you intend to…

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girl motivated to work out

Underground Secret To Get Motivated To Work Out

Motivation can be a success killer when you are trying work out, eat right, and lose weight. You’re not the only one who has this problem; it’s something that everyone suffers from at one point and time. Now wait a minute? Did I just say EVERYONE? Yes I did, only not All people struggle to…

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decending down from a pole spin

How To Descend Out Of A Pole Spin With Grace

It’s important to come down out of a pole spin with elegance, grace, and ease – that’s what makes it look so good …. And so easy when it’s really NOT! The last thing you want to look like is a limp body just hanging from the pole much like a kid would hang from…

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pole in a home during a pole spin

Is It Safe To Install A Pole In Your Home?

Many women are a little afraid to install a pole in their house because it entails a lot of different things. Will this pole ruin my ceiling? Will my landlord get mad? Can I install it with my ceiling type? I don’t know how to find studs … what!? And what about the floor… is…

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billie jean finished snapshot

The Skinny On Pole Dance Poles That Spin, Rotate, and Remain Stationary

When you first get into pole dancing, it’s a common question people ask “do dance poles spin or rotate?” Yes ….. and no, it depends on the pole. Traditionally dance poles have been used for strippers and that dance pole was stationary, meaning it doesn’t move at all. Today a pole that doesn’t spin is…

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