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Best Finish To Get On Stripper Poles Used For a Pole Dancing Workout

If you are thinking about buying a stripper pole so you can begin a pole dancing workout, then you will want to get the right dance pole finish for your skin type and environment. I hate to refer to pole dancing poles as stripper poles because pole dancing for fitness is VERY different than dancing…

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how to get into pole dancing

How To Choose A Safe Pole Dancing Pole For A Pole Dance Workout At Home

Pole dancing for exercise is the new “favorite” dance workout for women.   It helps you get those sexy, toned muscles in ways other dance workouts don’t. In addition, it reshapes your attitude toward yourself and your body so that you actually learn to FEEL sexy about yourself while you are working out! What’s even cooler…

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home pole dancing pole size, diameter, and length

Determining What Pole Dancing Pole Size Is Best

Buying a dance pole (AKA stripper poles) to learn pole dancing at home for fitness or competition can be a large investment for some people so you will want to know you are making a wise purchase. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you decide what pole dancing pole diameter and…

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pole dancing to reduce stress

Managing Stress, Fat Loss, and Cortisol Levels by Pole Dancing

We all have stress in our lives and could use any stress reducers available, thank God for pole dancing! Pole dancing alone in my house, to my favorite music – is my favorite stress reducer. But just to back up a bit, it’s not just general everyday stress I am talking about reducing; it’s the…

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get fit pole dancing

Does Pole Dancing Really Make You Fit?

Many woman wonder exactly how effective pole dancing is for a workout. Does it make you fit? Will it help you lose weight? What makes it so much better than any other exercise workout on the planet? Learning to pole dance at home is an expensive investment in comparison to other home workouts like free…

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detoxing the body with salt to burn fat

SALT – The Secret Fat Blasting Weapon

Did you know that salt can actually help you get rid of fat on your body? Yup salt. We always think of salt as that white grainy stuff sitting on the kitchen counter used to enhance the flavor of our meals. Many actually say to stay away from salt because it caused the body to…

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health and nutirition diet for pole fitness

Overcoming The Challenges Of Eating More Healthy To Be Fit For Life

I don’t talk about nutrition and diet much on my blog and I realized that it’s a huge mistake. You see, 80% of anyone’s success in any fitness regimen is what you eat. As my hair dresser said, “You can’t out work a bad diet”. It’s very true. I want woman to enjoy pole fitness…

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Pro Fit Portable Pole dance pole

Pro-Fit Dance Pole Review

If you are thinking about buying the Pro-Fit Pole to use in your home, then you will be interested in this review. Depending on what your individual needs are, you may or may not want to invest your money in the Pro-Fit. We all have different needs when we are learning to pole dance from…

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X Pert X Pole Review

X Pole X Pert Review VERSUS other Types of Pole Dancing Poles

Many people ask about the differences between the No Brand Pole sold at and the X Pole. In this video Review, I give an overall review regarding the features of the X Pert X Pole and it’s differences when compared to other types of pole dancing poles. Hopefully this will help you decide which…

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Intermediate straddle pole dance spin

Why Posture And Form Are Critical To Your Pole Dancing Success At Home

It is even more important for people learning from home to study good posture and form than a person learning in a local pole dancing class because there is no live teacher in your living room telling you what to do or correcting you. When you go to a live pole dancing class, a good…

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