the flatline pole dance move

Lessons & Tips To Help You Prep for Advanced Level Tricks

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that hold us back from progressing to the next level, especially when it comes to more advanced pole tricks. Often times your heart will desire to do more extravagant pole tricks but your mind will give you an onslaught of reasons why you can’t, like “I’m too heavy”, “I’m too…

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one legged crucifix pole dancing move for intermediats

Leveling It Up | Pole Lessons For Beginners to Excel Into Intermediates

Learning to pole dance for fitness is progressive. In a basic sense, by progressive I mean that you must complete the pole dancing lessons for beginners before you can work on intermediate pole lessons. But don’t take that statement lightly. Often time’s people get bored with beginner lessons and want to skip ahead, especially if…

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supported hip lift and shoulder stand pole move tutorial

More Pole Dancing Lessons Online |New Intermediate Floor Work Tutorials

When you start learning to pole dance at home, the focus quickly becomes learning to do beginner pole spins and things ON the dance pole. This is quite normal because swinging on a dance pole at home is a lot like kid on the monkey bars in a playground (and yes, the husbands swing on…

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pin up girl pole dancing lessons online

New Intermediate Pole Dancing Video Tutorials For Transitions And Floor Work

Pole dancing for fitness is a progressive process. Once you learn the beginner pole dancing moves, then you will want to move on to intermediate pole dancing moves and then advanced. Until the beginner pole dancing moves are mastered, you can’t move on to the more advanced pole tricks. It is important not to push…

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girl pole dancing for fitness at home

True Challenges About Learning To Pole Dance For Fitness & How To Overcome Them

I have had many questions from girls buy their first pole dancing pole for home and start their pole workout but get discouraged to the point of giving up. Don’t worry, it’s worth the journey and completely normal to feel a moment of discouragement, especially in the beginning.  There plenty of reasons why you should…

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pole dance ab workout routine

Pole Dance Workout Routines For A Stronger Core

The core of your body, the abdominals, is the most critical part of a dancers success. It is the central point for balancing the body, stacking the bones, and proper posture in all dance positions. A strong core isn’t just essential for pole fitness dancing either, it’s essential across the board no matter what type…

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women pole dancing at home on a portable dance pole

Breaking Emotional Barriers Through Pole Dancing At Home On A Portable Dance Pole

Pole dancing at home can be one of the best ways to start using pole dancing as a workout tool in your daily fitness routine. The reason it is a great place to start is because many women are afraid of pole dancing in front of other people, male or female. There is such a…

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learn pole moves at home safely

Learn Moves On Dance Poles Safely When You Have NO Spotter

Safety during your pole fitness workout is important. Period. Regardless of whether you are taking a pole dancing class at a local studio or if you are solely learning to pole dance through online pole lessons, there will be a time when you want to try a more advance pole spin, move or trick at…

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pole dancing workout at home move

Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home

Pole fitness dancing is beautiful to watch and somehow elevates the feminine soul when it’s actually performed. Every woman wishes she could move with grace and elegance. Every woman wishes to walk with confidence, dance with incredible power and seduction, while connecting to a higher part of herself she has somehow convinced herself she has…

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pro tips pole dancing for beginners ebook featured image

LAST CHANCE To Get Pro Tips Ebook & Video Lessons for 7 Bucks!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the price is rising on the Professional Tips For Beginner Pole Dancers VBook. We will no longer be selling this VBook for $7 to non-members.  For those of you who already have the ebook with video tutorials (hence the word Vbook rather than Ebook), you know…

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