pole dance ab workout routine

Pole Dance Workout Routines For A Stronger Core

The core of your body, the abdominals, is the most critical part of a dancers success. It is the central point for balancing the body, stacking the bones, and proper posture in all dance positions. A strong core isn’t just essential for pole fitness dancing either, it’s essential across the board no matter what type…

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women pole dancing at home on a portable dance pole

Breaking Emotional Barriers Through Pole Dancing At Home On A Portable Dance Pole

Pole dancing at home can be one of the best ways to start using pole dancing as a workout tool in your daily fitness routine. The reason it is a great place to start is because many women are afraid of pole dancing in front of other people, male or female. There is such a…

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learn pole moves at home safely

Learn Moves On Dance Poles Safely When You Have NO Spotter

Safety during your pole fitness workout is important. Period. Regardless of whether you are taking a pole dancing class at a local studio or if you are solely learning to pole dance through online pole lessons, there will be a time when you want to try a more advance pole spin, move or trick at…

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pole dancing workout at home move

Why You Should Start A Pole Dancing Workout At Home

Pole fitness dancing is beautiful to watch and somehow elevates the feminine soul when it’s actually performed. Every woman wishes she could move with grace and elegance. Every woman wishes to walk with confidence, dance with incredible power and seduction, while connecting to a higher part of herself she has somehow convinced herself she has…

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pro tips pole dancing for beginners ebook featured image

LAST CHANCE To Get Pro Tips Ebook & Video Lessons for 7 Bucks!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the price is rising on the Professional Tips For Beginner Pole Dancers VBook. We will no longer be selling this VBook for $7 to non-members.  For those of you who already have the ebook with video tutorials (hence the word Vbook rather than Ebook), you know…

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removable pole dancing kit

Is A Removable Pole Dancing Kit Suitable for Pole Fitness?

There are two major fears people face when they contemplate starting #polefitness at home. The first fear is that they can’t do it mainly due to being overweight or lack of upper body strength (which is no reason why you can’t enjoy pole fitness at home by the way). The second fear of the pole…

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winner of free home pole dancing kit

Win A Home Pole Dancing Kit!!

This Giveaway Has Ended, Didn’t Win?  Don’t worry, I still have a surprise for you too! The pole kit in the giveaway contained the Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole and pole dancing lessons for beginners.  I am also included the “Home Pole Lessons For Everyday Women”   Read The Official Rules Here >>     Congrats…

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pole dancing move for beginners floorwork

Pole Dancing For Beginners Lesson in FloorWork

When you first start to learn pole dancing at home, you begin by learning the basic pole dance spins, move, grips, and holds. Pole dancing for beginners can get taxing on the arms very quickly. Often times, a beginner can completely fatigue their arm muscles within 10 minutes by repeatedly practices new pole spins and…

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FINALLY! Natural Low-Carb Desserts That ACTUALLY Taste Good & Burn Fat!

So, as you probably already know, eating low carb and ditching sugar is a great way to burn fat quickly and lose weight. That’s no secret. The problem with no sugar and low carb diets are the unhealthy sugar substitutes and substitute recipes that just taste Grose! Sorry, sometimes health food just doesn’t taste good!…

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portable pole dancing pole on popcorn ceiling

The Scoop On Using Portable Pole Dancing Kits On Popcorn Ceilings

I think the all-time #1 question I get asked regarding the topic of installing portable or removable pole dancing pole kits is “Is it ok to install the dance pole on a popcorn ceiling?” Most people wonder if it is safe. Will the pole ruin the popcorn texture? And if they are renting, they are…

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