enter to win a free home pole dancing kit

Win A Home Pole Dancing Kit!!

A new contest is live and you can enter to win a free Home Pole Dancing Kit. The pole kit contains the Pro Quality Pole Dancing Pole and pole dancing lessons for beginners. Read The Official Rules Here >>   a Rafflecopter giveaway

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pole dancing move for beginners floorwork

Pole Dancing For Beginners Lesson in FloorWork

When you first start to learn pole dancing at home, you begin by learning the basic pole dance spins, move, grips, and holds. Pole dancing for beginners can get taxing on the arms very quickly. Often times, a beginner can completely fatigue their arm muscles within 10 minutes by repeatedly practices new pole spins and…

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FINALLY! Natural Low-Carb Desserts That ACTUALLY Taste Good & Burn Fat!

So, as you probably already know, eating low carb and ditching sugar is a great way to burn fat quickly and lose weight. That’s no secret. The problem with no sugar and low carb diets are the unhealthy sugar substitutes and substitute recipes that just taste Grose! Sorry, sometimes health food just doesn’t taste good!…

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portable pole dancing pole on popcorn ceiling

The Scoop On Using Portable Pole Dancing Kits On Popcorn Ceilings

I think the all-time #1 question I get asked regarding the topic of installing portable or removable pole dancing pole kits is “Is it ok to install the dance pole on a popcorn ceiling?” Most people wonder if it is safe. Will the pole ruin the popcorn texture? And if they are renting, they are…

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ab workout on a pole dancing pole for home

Pole Dance Ab Workout on a Pole Dancing Pole For Home

Core strength is the foundation of graceful looking pole dance moves that are executed with ease. If you ever wanted 6 pack abs and the best “at home ab workout”, then a pole dancing ab workout is what you need. You will need a pole dancing pole in your home to do these exercises. Your…

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home dance pole kits with free online pole dancing workouts

The Xpert Pole by X Pole | Is It Worth The Extra Money?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is if the Xpert Pole by X Pole is worth the extra money. Many people are on a tight budget these days. No doubt everyone wants the best pole dancing pole for home but when there are cheaper no brand dancing poles on Ebay and Amazon, it’s…

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upper body pole dancing workout at home

Upper Body Workouts For Women On A Dance Pole

When women start to learn pole dancing at home for fitness, they frequently have challenged with upper body strength. It is common for most everyday women to be unable to complete one pull up on the pole dancing pole. This can frustrate most women who want to try online pole dancing lessons or a pole…

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hot pink stripper pole by Peekaboo review

Hot Pink Spencer Pole Dancing Pole Review

It is important to research the types of pole dancing poles you can install in your home before you begin any good pole dancing workout. You want your pole to be safe and sturdy. The last thing you want to be is the next funny YouTube video of a woman who was learning to pole…

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feeling sexy during a pole dancing workout

Life Changing Way To Feel Confident While Pole Dancing For a Workout

Pole dancing for a workout has a way of putting the pressure on a woman to feel sexy. Just looking at a stripper pole make many women feel inadequate. Some people won’t even try pole fitness dancing because they don’t thing they are sexy or strong enough. Those negative feeling toward their bodies prevent them…

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sexy pole dancing leg workout for women at home

Pole Dancing At Home Workouts For Women (and Men)

Pole dancing for fitness is a great addition to any gym routine or other current fitness regimen. The down slope is that short of just learning individual pole dance moves until you are good at them, there aren’t many “workouts” you could do at home to tone the body in under an hour. At home…

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