ceiling structures dance pole install

How To Install The Affordable No Brand Dance Pole

Be sure to install your pole underneath a supported structure as shown in the above photo.

Disclaimer:  Removable Exercise Poles
As with any removable, portable pole that uses pressure between the floor and ceiling to keep it stable, possible damage could
occur to the ceiling. The ‘affordable no brand’ pole is no different from any other pressure supported pole in this regard.

The fact that damage could occur must be fully understood and accepted before use. PoleFitnessDancing.com, Vital Pole Expression LLC,
their distributors, sales persons or any other persons or associated companies can not be held responsible for any
damage to property or injury to persons or third parties during the use of this product.

If you do not accept that damage can occur:
– DO NOT Remove the “Affordable No Brand” Pole from its packaging
– DO NOT Assemble the “Affordable No Brand” Pole
– DO NOT Use the “Affordable No Brand” Pole

IMPORTANT: The “Affordable No Brand” Pole CANNOT be used with false, suspended or non-rigid ceilings.


How To Use The Stud Finder To Install Your Pole

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