pole dancing shoesPole dance shoes are typically known for thick platforms and spiky heels. However, there is pole fitness dancing shoes that are more for the athletic type pole dancer. So really, it depends on whether you are practicing for competition or just a home user who loves to be sexy while getting in shape or maybe both!

If you already know you want to pole dance in heels, then I suggest starting with boots and then working up to heels. Start with thicker heals at first and then you can work into dancing in thin spiky heels.

Safety is so important when doing this as you don’t want to twist an ankle. Use the sturdiest shoes you can find, especially if you are a beginner. Remember you are dancing in these shoes so they need to stand up to some use that is beyond the average user.

A good pair of pole dancing shoes with heals will cost you at least $50 or more (hopefully more). You don’t want to go cheap and skimp; you could seriously be hurt if the shoe fails mid performance.  Remember to get a shoe that straps on the ankle like shown in the picture above.

There are all kinds of fun pole dancing shoes, from lighted ones to all colors imaginable. You can even get a pole dance shoe with a slit for tips!

While pole dance shoes are a fun way to express yourself when pole dancing, they are not always good for a woman’s back, nor appropriate for fitness reasons.

If you are more into the athletic end of pole then you already know that bare feet is the most common way to dance. But what if your feet are hurting? There is a solution.

pole fitness shoesThat solution is Foot Undeezmade by Capezio. Dancers have long used this dance sandal to protect the feet against blisters, sores, and other wear and tear of being a dancer.

This shoe fits Pole fitness dancing as well. They will give you the feel of bare feet while protecting your feet during turns, foot drags, pirouettes, and the like.






They also come in different colors and printsas well!

pole dance shoes

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