Welcome To Day Twenty Seven!

fade-leftfade-rightStep 1

Us the above video to warm up your muscles and preparation to do so strong muscle building.

This is another dance routine you will learn, however it is very fun, easy and repeatable so give it time.

fade-leftfade-rightStep 2

Learn how to do the above exercise PROPERLY.

Then with good form do three sets of 12 on each side of the pole.

By now you should be able to increase the amounts in your sets.  For example, if you were do 12 sets of three, try doing 15 sets of 3.

Start working you way up to higher repetitions, do not create any more sets - 3 is enough.


fade-leftfade-rightStep 3

Stretching can be a workout and a relaxing experience if done correctly.

By now you are used to my style.  Please feel free to turn down the volume on my video and follow along to your own music of choice!  Enjoy the movement and feeling of health running through your body in a stretch!

Get your body moving today to prevent any soreness building in the muscles today because you will need to be back on top of your game tomorrow!

Use the stretch video above and if you have time, do some more stretching.  Extra videos are found in "The Home Course for Everyday Woman".

fade-leftfade-rightStep 4

Use 2-3 cups of epsom salts in your bath, depending on the size of your tub.

You will know when you have saturated the water enough when you have tiny granules at the bottom that don't completely dissolve.

My Secret TIP:  My personal favorite is to add 1/2 cup of organic pink Himalayan salts in addition to the epsom salts for better health benefits and detoxification.  I also add a few drops of lavender essential oils and ylang ylang for a romantic aromatherapy spa.


Good Job!!  You are finished for today.  Take a breather, drink lots of water and I will see you here tomorrow!