upper body strength exercise on dance pole

Pole Dancing For Fitness When You Lack Upper Body Strength

I hear it all the time and its very common for women to feel discouraged or worry about how their lack of upper body strength will impact their decision to use pole dancing as exercise, especially when they are exercising at home. It is very normal to make the assumption that you need good upper…

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dance poles on sale

4th Of July Sale!

The Pro Quality Dance Pole is on sale! Dance pole includes FREE beginner pole dancing lessons in the kit. Save $30 now!  Sale ends on July 5th! No coupon code required. Limitations: Sale cannot be combined with other discount coupons. Shop Dance Poles On Sale Now  >>

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splits in pole dancing routine

Week 8 | RECOVERING Letting Go Of The End Goal & Embracing The Journey

As this recovering series wraps up for week 8, I can’t help but feel like it’s not over.  And it’s not; there will be another series with step by step video instructions on how to do a pole dance routine for beginners coming up next.  However, the main reason it’s not over is because a…

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45mm vs 50mm dance pole sizes for home use

45mm VS 50mm Dance Poles For Home Use

When you are buying your first dance pole for your home then wondering which size of pole is best for you is a VERY common question.  A pole dancing pole can be an expensive investment and you want to be sure you are getting the right size so you will be very happy with your…

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pole dancing fat loss results

Week 8 RECOVERING | Reflecting Back, Getting Real, And Adapting

This week was a lot more regular and consistent.  There is comfort (for me at least) in a somewhat normal or regular feeling workout routine.  At this week in the process, I have really grown to understand myself better, to understand my own needs on a deeper level, and get clearer about what I really…

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feeling sexy on a dance pole

Tapping The Power Of Feeling Sexy On A Dance Pole | Getting Comfortable In Your Own Skin

There are two types of powers or currency in this world > Sex and Money.  One of the biggest underlying reasons all woman are so driven to feel sexy, have a beautiful body, and be as fit as possible is because of this underlying power that sex gives a woman in this world.  We don’t…

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memorial day sale 2016 on dance poles and pole dancing lessons

Memorial Day Sale!!

We Are Having a HUGE Memorial Day Sale on ALL Pole Dancing Poles For Home and The Home Pole Dancing Lessons For EveryDay Women!!! Buy ANY Brand of Dance Pole and get $10 OFF, just enter coupon code MEMORIALDAY at checkout. In addition, everyone who purchases a new pole will get an exclusive offer to…

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online pole dancing lesson for beginners video

Week 6 & 7 RECOVERING | Developing Consistency After Getting Off Track Several Times – Video Pole Lesson Included

Sorry on the delay for week 6, I was traveling and caught a terrible chest cold….. I wasn’t feeling very….  Normal, let’s just put it that way. When I knew I was going to miss writing the week 6 Recovering blog post, I felt my perfectionism kick in and worried that I was a bad…

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relaxing after pole dancing for fitness

WEEK 5 RECOVERING | Taking A Week Off Without Losing My Fat Loss Results

This week I actually took a break from pole dancing because I had company in from out-of-town.   Most of the time I practice my pole dancing alone and kick anyone in my house out for a while so I can do my thing for about an hour. I was really enjoying myself and felt like…

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fat loss results from pole dancing workout at home

Week 4 – RECOVERING | Fat Loss Results And Practicing Body Awareness

The focus this week is practicing body awareness.  This week has been good, my abs are starting to show through and flatten really nicely again, my upper body is definitely slimmer, and I have lost a few pounds of body fat so I am thrilled things are moving in the right direction.  I will be…

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