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20-30 Minute Bikini Body Pole Dancing Workout At Home

If you have remained consistent working out for 2 times or more a week, you should notice you are considerably stronger and hopefully thinner if you have been following a healthy eating plan to promote fat loss.  I have lost about 3 inches off my hips and thighs so far. In the 4th week, staying…

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Week 8 | RECOVERING Letting Go Of The End Goal & Embracing The Journey

As this recovering series wraps up for week 8, I can’t help but feel like it’s not over.  And it’s not; there will be another series with step by step video instructions on how to do a pole dance routine for beginners coming up next.  However, the main reason it’s not over is because a…

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pole dancing fat loss results

Week 8 RECOVERING | Reflecting Back, Getting Real, And Adapting

This week was a lot more regular and consistent.  There is comfort (for me at least) in a somewhat normal or regular feeling workout routine.  At this week in the process, I have really grown to understand myself better, to understand my own needs on a deeper level, and get clearer about what I really…

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feeling sexy on a dance pole

Tapping The Power Of Feeling Sexy On A Dance Pole | Getting Comfortable In Your Own Skin

There are two types of powers or currency in this world > Sex and Money.  One of the biggest underlying reasons all woman are so driven to feel sexy, have a beautiful body, and be as fit as possible is because of this underlying power that sex gives a woman in this world.  We don’t…

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Week 4 – RECOVERING | Fat Loss Results And Practicing Body Awareness

The focus this week is practicing body awareness.  This week has been good, my abs are starting to show through and flatten really nicely again, my upper body is definitely slimmer, and I have lost a few pounds of body fat so I am thrilled things are moving in the right direction.  I will be…

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Week 3 | RECOVERING – Staying Motivated Through Life’s Changes

In week 3 I started to feel off track a bit. I traveled, work overloaded me, my relationships were a bit stressful, and I started my period so I was really grouchy! Ugh!  (Sorry if that’s TMI)  This week is that bump in the road you wish you never hit.   It’s that feeling you get…

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pole dancing workout to gwen stefani make me love you

WEEK 1 Recovering Through A Pole Dancing Workout

First step in my journey, getting real with where I am at with how my body looks, how it physically feels, and how I emotionally feel about life on the inside. I find the most of the time (at least for me) when I fall off the wagon so to speak and find myself abandoning…

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pole dancing for beginners at home

How To Use Pole Fitness Dancing To Recover Physically and Emotionally

We have all had things happen to us in life that have set us back.  Traumatizing events in our lives such as divorce, moving, death, and just the stress of daily living can be enough to put the fire out on the best intended fitness goals. For me personally, it has been a divorce and…

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pole dancing routine for exercise

Getting Rid Of Boredom In Your Daily Pole Dancing Workout

When it comes to a daily workout it can become very monotonous and BORING. Doing squats, lunges, and bicep curls in your workout year after year can get…. Well….. I guess I already said it very boring.   Yet we keep doing them because they are effective exercises when you are trying to get fit and…

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pole dance ab workout routine

Pole Dance Workout Routines For A Stronger Core

The core of your body, the abdominals, is the most critical part of a dancers success. It is the central point for balancing the body, stacking the bones, and proper posture in all dance positions. A strong core isn’t just essential for pole fitness dancing either, it’s essential across the board no matter what type…

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