Gimme More Pole Dance Routine

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<< The video shown here features a PART of the routine.

WARNING** This is a single choreographed beginner level pole dancing ROUTINE.  If you do not know how to do beginner pole dance spins it is recommended that you buy the "Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Woman" to get detailed instruction regarding how to do individual pole spins and moves step by step before attempting to perform this routine.

When you take this ECourse, you will get detailed, step by step instruction for what you see in the video PLUS the rest of the approximate 3 minute pole dance routine.

Please note that the routine lessons are taught to Royalty Free music as to respect the artist and copyright laws.

Once you learn the routine, you can perform it to whatever music you love! Give your friends a performance, have a good time, get in shape, and enjoy!

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