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Home Pole Dancing Lessons For The Everyday Women

Transform yourself from out-of-shape and awkward “Jane” into a fit, sexy, and confident vixen in a few short months.

This Is A ONE TIME OFFER you will Never See Anywhere else but Right Here!

“The PoleBody® Complete Home Edition” + 3 FREE Bonuses

Here’s What You Get:

  • Unlimited, Lifetime, Instant access to more than 130 online pole dancing video lessons (worth more than $600 of private ballet and pole dancing classes)
  • Ultra Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pole Dance Routines broken down in easy-to-follow video tutorials, so you can start dancing tonight, no matter your fitness level, weight or body shape
  • Step-by-step tutorials for learning pole and ballet moves and techniques like the Fireman, Pirouettes, Hooks, Spins, the Corkscrew, Hollywood, Planks, Butterfly, Crucifix and many more!
  • Warm up routines, stretches and strengthening exercise to further tone and sculpt your body.
  • Learn Individual Pole Moves and Spins like the Fireman, Pirouettes, Hooks, Spins, the Corkscrew, Hollywood, Planks, Butterfly, Crucifix and many more.
  • Learn To Invert In Positions Like The Extended Butterfly, Outside & Inside Leg Hangs, Knee Holds, Hip Holds, and many more!
  • PLUS 3 FREE Bonuses – Amazing Legs Video, Flat & Sexy Abs Video, Plus Updates for LIFE!
  • Direct access to me through private email to help you get the most out of these videos.
  • Viewable On All Mobile Devices – take your pole lessons with you anywhere you go!

Thats a Wopping $1414.83 VALUE!

That’s right! Just $20! Why?
You deserve to enjoy life and your workout! And It’s my way of saying thank you for being a valued customer!
But that’s not all! We want to give you more : )


We strive to keep the lessons up to date and add new lessons based on what our current customers requests.

BONUS #2 – Flat & Sexy Ab!

Buy Now and get an extra video that shows you insider tips to get those coveted flat and sexy abs!


BONUS #3 – Amazing Tush & Legs!

Buy Now and get a 3rd video bonus!! This one will show you exactly how to work those legs into Amazing shape like never before!

Your tush will thank you when it lifts into a well rounded eye catching magnet that everyone is sure to notice!


It’s Everything You Need To Excel Beyond The Basics For The Very Best Price We Can Offer.
Get Instant Access To The PoleBody Complete Home Edition Course PLUS the Bonuses
For An Additional One-Time Secure Payment Of
100% Satisfaction 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
I firmly believe that these videos will help you meet your fitness goals.

If you don’t absolutely love them and feel you have gained absolutely nothing after purchasing the set then send me an email within 60 days of your order and I will give you a full refund

Wondering What’s The Difference Between Your Beginner Pole Kits Lessons & The PoleBody Complete Home Edition?
These Beginner Pole Lessons
  • No Warm Up Routines
  • 2 Beginner Leg Stretches For Beginners Only
  • 2 Beginner Stretch Routines For Beginners Only
  • 2 Beginners Strengthening Tutorials For Beginners Only
  • 1 Complete Beginners Pole Dance Routine For Beginners Only
  • Only Beginner Videos for Grip, Spins, Moves and Turns To Get You Started

Total Value Combined $47.00

The PoleBody® Complete Home Edition
Lessons Include:
  • 3 Warm-Up Dance Routines. Easy-To-Follow -Sure To Get Your Heart Rate UP! $59.97 VALUE
  • 2 Flexibility Routines & 3 Flexibility Training Tutorials for the entire body (Beginner through Advanced Level), splits included! $99.95 VALUE
  • 7 Strengthening Tutorials For Your Entire Body & 2 Muscle Building Routines! $179.91 VALUE
  • 5 Pole Dance Routines For ALL FITNESS LEVELS, Sure To Fire Up That Metabolism! $400 VALUE
  • OVER 108 Step-By-Step Tutorials On Pole Spins, Pole Positions, Transitions, Turns, Climbs, & Dance Technique for Beginner through Advanced Levels! $675 VALUE

Total Combined Value $1414.83!! 

Copyright – ( A Product of Vital Pole Expression LLC) – All Rights Reserved

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