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My first pole purchase

I’ve always been interested in pole dancing/fitness because of the fluidity, sexiness, grace, athleticism, and elegance that come but because of the association with strip clubs, I never really pursued it like I wanted to (stupid I know). At the time it was a loss on my part because I was still passing judgment on something that I knew nothing about even though I was and showed interest in it. It wasn’t until my sister’s friend invited us over to her house one day and showed us the basics of pole dancing and how it incorporates the entire use of the human body and crushed all stereotypes associated with it. At that moment I was 100% interested but due to my living arrangements at the time I just left it alone and didn’t pursue it. How was I going to explain it to my kids was the main question that floated through my mind (I told them it’s a way for me to work out when I’m not in the gym if you’re wondering). Fast forward 3-4 years later and I finally purchased my first pole and boy am I glad I did! I received my PFD chrome pole on 9/26/23 and just used it today (9/28/23) with lessons that were included in the purchase and I am so proud of myself for doing so. I’m excited about this fitness journey and most likely I will take some classes at a studio for further in-person instruction when that time comes. I was also a bit hesitant before purchase because my ceiling is a popcorn/textured ceiling, but with tons of research, proper installation, and following the directions (both paper and video), I haven’t had any issues with the ceiling so far. I also will just have to check the stability of the pole every few days. There apparently is stuff out there at hardware stores that can fix the ceiling if the popcorn ceiling does get pushed in, if that becomes a concern in the future. But make sure you do purchase a stud/joist finder. That is very important or your ceiling will get damaged and you can and will get severely hurt. If you’re wondering I got my stud finder at Home Depot for $10 after taxes. As a single parent money is always tight, so for the price, this pole is worth it. When I had questions or needed assistance, I got feedback right away. Super helpful. I would recommend this to anyone first starting off.

Stephanie Hardin

great product, even better customer service

While my pole was in great, every part came in as needed. Although my base was slightly defective, Customer service was a HUGE and AMAZING help in providing support to me so I could get up on my pole! For my first pole purchase, i am extremely pleased with this site, especially for the price! I am an intermediate pole dancer and can confidently say that this pole lives up to it’s expectations.

Up and beyond with what Pole Fitness Dancing provides! highly suggest their products and no fear when it comes to needing extra assistance.


Keira was so much help

Keira was so much help to me for the problem I was having with my pole. She was very patient and reached out when I hadn’t responded in a while. She helped me fix the problem (which was a simple fix that I was missing) and was so friendly and helpful through the whole thing. I really appreciate the help! Thank you so much!

Kaylen Fields

Keira went out of her

Keira went out of her way to seek out very specific information to help me find the right pole for my home. She took great care of me. Thank you!!

Anna Grills

Quick and Friendly Service

I had a question about getting an extension piece for my pole, so I sent an email and got a quick (within 24 hours), detailed (with links), and friendly response from Keira. So happy with PFD online customer service! I’m a pole newbie and everyone I meet in the pole community has been so awesome and welcoming. Even PFD is able to provide that sense of community through email! xoxox

Kat Tru

Your home workouts have changed my life

Hey lovely! Just stopping by to let you know your home workouts have changed my life ❤️ I have been suffering from severe anxiety, and my partner went ahead and bought me your program, an X-pole, and classes here in regional Australia, I follow along with your classes everyday!

It has given me confidence from my anxiety and as a warrior woman! ??? I went from laying in bed with a tight chest for months to spinning around a pole! ? Thank you, your work really is medicine! Blessings from Australia! ?

Sigrid Wharton

Great lupit pole

Customer service was great. Shopping was fast and easy. I’m very happy. Just remember to measure your ceiling! Thanks

Tata w

Incredible customer service!!!

I had a small problem with my pole, so I reached out to customer service. They responded very quickly to each email and helped me solve my problem as quickly as possible!

And my PFD pro quality dance pole is amazing!

Alex Williams

She really seems to know

She really seems to know what she is doing and always careful to encourage good technique and postures.There are so many different videos with exercises, stretches that are very informative. The only thing that is missing is a handful of 20-40 minute sexy workout routines that incorporate all those exercises. Reps are boring and having to go to each video for each exercise is time consuming. I know eventually I’d remember them all but definitely not at first and that’s when it’s hardest to get motivated.

Diane Zahorodny

5 stars

This pole is perfect for practicing. It was easy to install and fits perfect in my sisters studio. We love it!

Camille Pollard

Highly recommend

I’ve purchased several online pole lessons and this is one of my favorites. Customer service is excellent as well. You won’t be sorry you ordered!

Kat mckenna

These pole dancing lessons have

These pole dancing lessons have been so fun and valuable, and the pole it came with has been great! I recommend polefitnessdancing.com to everyone!

Savannah Miller

I received my pole months

I received my pole months ago and I really love it . I bought it from you and listen to the tutorial on how to find a great pole. I also ordered your lessons on line and you are a great teacher. I get discouraged with myself there is sooo many kool looking moves that I am not strong enough to execute. I need more patience with myself. Thanks again for everything you really care about your customers aloha lika

Lika knight


I am so excited about my new pole but unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to use it under certain circumstances. When I do I will put up a review of the use of the pole…

Louise Varela

High quality pole at an affordable price with top-notch personal customer service

I purchased the Pro-Quality Dance Pole and am very pleased with my purchase. This pole is sturdy and is ALL metal–no plastic anywhere. It arrives well packaged. I feel confident about its quality and strength. It was important for me to find a pole that was easily and quickly removable because I would be putting it up and taking it down a couple times a week. Once I found the stud where I wanted to have my pole, I just made little marks on the ceiling and floor. When I want to put the pole back up again, I just look for the marks and reinstall it in the perfect place again. It is a matter of a few minutes to put it up and take it down.

My only issue with the pole is the small set screws at the base that you need to put it for the static mode of the pole. The screws stick out a very tiny bit–maybe a millimeter. Even that millimeter can scratch the skin or snag your clothing if you are gliding down the pole. I contacted Dana and she responded right away and sent me a new couple of set screws. She is responsible, very professional and very committed to giving the best possible customer service. Unfortunately, the new set screws are the same length and I still have the same problem, though I tighten them down as much as I can.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. This is a high quality pole, that is also affordable, and is extremely easy to put up and take down quickly. The customer service cannot be beat. I have already recommended this pole to all my friends who are interested in purchasing one.

Daniella Schmidt

Working on the apple bottom

Unfortunately my pole isn’t installed yet but I haven’t been asleep at the wheel. I keep up with the daily posts and I continue to study these video`s in anticipation of my pole installation!
I cant wait to make my follow up review!!

Linda Bumgarner

Exactly what I needed!!!

There are so many lessons available that I haven’t been able to complete them all. The online classes and articles are a good supplement to my weekly pole classes. I am very new to this and having the additional information helps tremendously! I feel like I have a personal tutor. It’s really good for my confidence and motivation. I am so glad I found this course!

Andrea Lochan

I came across this website

I came across this website after reading a heartfelt and in my opinion honest review at http://justlearntodance.com/learn-how-to-pole-dance I want to urge anyone that is on the fence about this program to go read the review as it gives you a nice outline as to why this is the best place to learn to pole dance. My health, fitness, flexibility and confidence has grown enormously because of this course! I truly recommend it to all! Happy poling!

Sarah Villegas

#1 pole, #1 company to conduct business w/

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the product and company. First off, I purchased the ‘build a pole’ (spinning), approx 12ft tall, stainless steel, dance pole a couple months ago. It has well exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed how the upper extension and lower pole mounted together seamlessly. Being a technician and working on high end cars I am more than familiar w/ quality parts and what works best. There is no compromise in the design of this product. The upper bearing is stout and spins amazingly smooth. And the process of disassembly and reassembly are a cinch. (Follow the YouTube video the first go around).
So after installation, for its very first use, I gave it a couple hard shakes, backed up across the room and ran full speed at it, quickly grabbed hold and spun around FAST about 4 times!. Very solid w/ little flex, absolutely no disappointment there.
I hired 4 experienced dancers for a party, and they commented that it was “perfect” and made their jobs that much easier. (Picture attached of one of the dancers feeling as confident as ever.)
Moving on to Danna and her company. The professionalism and energy she has invested in her business is easily seen. From the time she spends deciphering multiple pole brands and informing the customer in her YouTube videos, to making her customers and clients feel comfortable, to instructing lessons in her studio. She will help you figure out all the key details for your purchase and your journey and is ‘excited’ to help you meet your goals. It is her passion, and we’re fortunate to have business folks of this caliber to deal with.

Daniel Cifers

So well packaged and detailed!

Wow! My pole came so incredibly well packaged and had tons of instructions and directions all over the packaging to ensure I didn’t miss a thing with the set up and use. I am so excited to start pole!

Rayzel lam

Quick to Respond & Very Helpful

Dear Future Customers,

Can I just say, I had the best experience with purchasing from PoleFitnessDancing.com! The owner, Danna was very quick to respond and eager to help when USPS lost my order in transit. She held my hand (metaphorically) the whole way through the process to track down my package and though it was an unfortunate circumstance for all parties involved, I would purchase again from her in an instant! So appreciate of her customer service!
I had ordered the silkii pole attachment meant for pole aria fitness and I’m thrilled with its function and design as well!
Best wishes on your pole journey!
-Satisfied customer

Paige Abegg

Danna’s Lessons Are Great!

I purchased a membership to Danna’a web lessons last fall, and have really benefited from them! Although I own a pole with both static and spinning capability, I belong to a studio that only has static poles, so I’ve had to rely on online material to learn how to use the spinning mode. Danna’s tutorials have been super helpful, and I find that I actually prefer the spinning mode. I’m getting ready to compete in the Southeast Pole competition in Florida as a Level 1 amateur, and I’m going to use both the spinning as well as the static pole, largely thanks to Danna’s videos. I’m 56 years old and competing in the oldest age group, so I figure if I just show up without a heart monitor I’ll get some applause. ?


Emily Wells-Perritt

Because of this pole, I got my happiness back!

Because of this pole, I got my happiness back! I’ve been a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical) for 20 years. After college, I lost all opportunities to continue with dance and just went through life without doing anything that made me TRULY happy. My husband and I like to go to clubs and after watching these girls dance I thought “I want to learn this form of dance but I don’t want to be a stripper.” (not that there is anything wrong with being a stripper, I just don’t have the mentality for it:) ) I did A LOT of research and found this pole.

My husband bought it for me and installed it with a friend. It is AMAZING and my stress reliever. It works on carpet and it is really sturdy. I had a male friend test it multiple times and I can climb to the top and do tricks without it being wobbly. I am always working to be a better dancer and it has brought back my happiness! Thank you Danna, for your fabulous videos and for being a great teacher! It is a great exercise for my body and mind, plus my husband doesn’t mind watching me learn new tricks : )

This review was originally posted on the Pro Quality Dance Pole KitView original Product review here =>

Megan Zavadsky

All of her videos give me inspiration to pole dance!

All of her videos give me inspiration to pole dance! You can tell her passion is genuine and it is so great that she gives these videos for such a low price. As someone who can not find a pole lesson even two hours away from where I live, she has taught me in the comfort of my own home. I’m so glad to have come across all of this just by watching one youtube video. Pole dancing has given back to me in more ways than one.


There’s so much I appreciate….

I’m really pleased with this purchase. There’s so much I appreciate – first, the informative videos that helped me decide this was the best place for me to purchase a quality, affordable pole that I could trust; the speedy delivery; the incredibly helpful video on how to set up my pole in less than 30 minutes (and most of that was looking for where my husband put our tape measure and level!); the exceptional discount on the massive library of additional video lessons to help me along the way; and the emphasis on safety and proper dance form. Danna’s advice is practical and relevant for someone like me who doesn’t have any former dance experience but loves being in touch with my sensual side and staying fit in fun and unique ways. I installed the pole in my living room as it had the most space, and with our hardwood floors it is so easy to lower it a bit and slide it out of the way when we have people over. I also subscribed to the newsletter, which provides a generous stream of helpful tips and inspiration. I’m so glad I purchased my pole here because I feel I’m getting the kind of guidance I would want from a coach if I were to attend a class, but I have it right in the comfort of my home, and at the time I want.

Highly recommended !

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My whole family loves the pole.


Marion here! I am so pleased to report that thus far things have been great. My whole family loves the pole. My place is small, it’s right smack dab in between the living and dining areas. Every uses it as a fitness tool. When the kids are sound asleep or at Nana’s I practice the sexy.. otherwise I just exercise. the stretches you can do with a vertical pole are amazing.
I bought it because I have wanted one for years and because it will help me with my grips and upper body strength. I train Bazillian Jiu jitsu.
For my big girls, please know that I am 5’7″ and 222lbs (229) a few weeks ago. It is so secure. I followed Danna’s video to install. I installed it with the help of my guy. We rent and no risk to the security deposit -because we followed the guidelines and it’s secure on joists! I am so so pleased. I can do very basic spins… it’s nothing fancy but girls… it’s liberating and aweome. I never thought I’d love me so much at 32 years and a mom of 3.. I researched for a long time. Danna’s service is awesome. Thank you girl!
If you are on the fence… Hop off! Just do it! One life. Make the rest of your years the best of your years. Xo

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Marion J. Blow

Loving My Pole And Workouts!!!

Great pole and instructions! Dana really cares that she gives the correct information and proper dance instruction.
Loving my pole and workouts!!!

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A Fogg

I love the product and Dana’s super supportive advice at 53……

Perfect for entry level polesters. Sturdy and high quality. I ordered this for the basement but it was so attractive and fun I moved it to the formal living room no one ever used – now it is known as the pole studio and used often. I love the product and Dana’s super supportive advice. At 53, I would never have had the courage to try pole if it were not for her acceptance and encouragement. Heart you Dana! Now having so much fun and working my way to a rocking body!

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I am so happy that I purchased this program!

Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy that I purchased this program. I just started watching some of the videos and totally love your teaching style!! Thanks so much!!

Angela Okeefe

I just started taking a few classes and watched some instructional videos and I like yours the best by far…

I just started taking a few classes and watched some instructional videos and I like yours the best by far, especially how you emphasize good form and dance background, dancing makes it much more fun 🙂 looking forward to more videos

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I absolutely love your lessons!!

Thank You so much!!! I absolutely love your lessons!! I purchased an ab exercise routine. I really appreciate your teaching style. 1st you gave the tutorial on how to learn the routine and then did the routine with the verbal promptings for each position/exercise. Not only is it a Fabulous ab workout BUT it is easy to follow!!

Felicia Tew

Your pole fitness lessons have completely altered my life.

I just wanted to let you know how your pole fitness lessons have completely altered my life. I had gained quite a bit of weight after I tore a tendon in my foot. The pain and weight gain made me spiral into a depression and funk that I could not get away from. I came across one of your videos on YouTube because I have always been fascinated with pole dance. Since I have been doing the pole dance I no longer have severe pain in my foot, I am beginning to gain confidence and I have lost almost 10 lbs.! I wanted to thank you for all of your videos and lessons and let you know how pole dance has changed my life!

Rosalynn Voight

I never met Danna a day in my life, but being a sensative, I immediately sensed her genuineness, her passion for the dance life,

ok.. So my comment is going to sound like a story.. lol my name is Cassi Moore aka Karma Amillie, I came across this YouTube video approx. 2 weeks back, as for a few months I’ve been debating on purchasing a pole online, but had so many doubts and concerns, as a friend of mine (who recently passed away) purchased a pole online and it was completely not what she suspected to be, and pretty much unusable.. I use to dance for years, and stopped that lifestyle a few years back, living in sobriety and made major changes to my life. I missed the workout, the confidence, the overall mental and physical stimulation you get after each work out. I also have trust issues, I know you are going to think how does that have anything to do with purchasing a pole!?! lol it has a lot to do with it. when I saw this video, I never met Danna a day in my life, but being a sensative, I immediately sensed her genuineness, her passion for the dance life, and not only that her concern for safety and trust in the pole you are working with. THAT was a MAJOR concern I had, again I didn’t won’t to waist my money on a pole I had absolutely no use for. I reached out to Danna after ordering online, she quickly responded, we even had a little typo in my email that she said she was happy I contacted her because of this, that she was trying to touch base with me to inform me that it was sent out. she sent me updates, and also tracking number and site to ups. she is VERY professional, VERY responsible, and VERY trustworthy. (reminder: this coming from someone who doesn’t trust anyone but herself) not only that, omG I am in love with my new pole. I just received it today and assembled it, it has all the pieces she described, the great dome, and good rubber and not only that it doesn’t move at all! (I do have a flat service ceiling and hard wood floors) all my concerns were cleared. I tested it out as well, and it is very sturdy, heavy duty metal. ?????? I just wanted everyone to know, as for the last few years I thought on it, but the last few months was looking and thinking more, I couldn’t be happier. ??

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Karma Amillie

I would recommend you and your business even above x pole itself.

Danna I wanted to tell you thank you I thought you have done a wonderful job. i reviewed alot of websites about buying poles and when i watched your site i committed to buying one right away. I believed what you said which in turn made me believe in myself. i would recommend you and your business even above x pole itself.

View original comment on blog post titled “How To Use Pole Fitness To Recover Physically and Emotionally, read it here >>

Melissa Kate Lubovich

I’m brand new at pole fitness but I’m already absolutely addicted,

Thank you!  I’m brand new at pole fitness but I’m already absolutely addicted,  and loving every second of it! By far one of the best things I’ve done,  and very pleased with your company,  my pole,  and all the support you offer along the way. Can’t wait to keep learning,  and if I don’t say so myself,  I seem to be picking it up with some ease so far 🙂 Thanks for your help!


I’m having a complete love affair wih my pole!

“Your pole setup video was so helpful, I managed to do it all by myself without my husbands help. I’m having a complete love affair wih my pole! Thanks for everything!”

Sarah R

This is fantastic!

 This is fantastic! I am a very beginner and I am feeling confident already after watching your lesson! Thanks, I will  definitely be watching more

Angeliis Hoops

I’m a beginner, just set up my pole today, this video was a perfect start!

“Thanks for the tutorial. I’m a beginner, just set up my pole today, this video was a perfect start! Please keep making more videos!!!”

– YouTube MakeUPFanatic


Just installed the pole last night

Omg, Just installed the pole last night a soon as it arrived, if it weren’t for ur tutorial I probably never would of been able to do it !!! THANK YOU – Original Comment Here

Sherry A

service is incredible!

“Thank you soooo much! I’m so glad I ordered from you, the service is incredible!”

Deanna Gagnon

Thanks for answering all of my questions.

“Thanks for answering all of my questions. Too bad your gym is in NC and not in NJ. I’m sure you are an awesome instructor. But I’m sure your lessons online as as thorough as your e-mails. I look forward to getting my pole and to your online lessons!”

Jeannie Rojas

Love the tips!

“Thank you. Love the tips! Will help me a lot in my profession.”

Trina Linne

i love mine so far!

“… polefitnessdancing.com. They have a good PFD brand dance pole. I just got mine last week. It’s really sturdy and it can change from static to spinning with 2 little screws. i love mine so far! I ordered mine when it was on sale. It may still be on sale and it ships super fast plus you get access to a free months of online pole tutorials where it teaches you all kinds of spins, grips, techniques, and routines!”

Denise Davis

The pole is amazing

“The pole is amazing, exactly as expected 🙂 love it!”


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