What is an Ecourse?

Here at PoleFitnessDancing.com, we have different kinds of video instruction on pole dancing lessons for fitness.

There are only two ways to buy the video instructions, through an Ecourse or Lifetime Access.

The difference between the two are this:

  • ECOURSES: These are a series of video instructions in which you have a limited time to access.  For example, if the advertising Ecourse gives you 6 months access, that means you have 6 months to learn the lessons and then course ends.  You receive all your lessons for the 6 months and you can learn at your own pace, moving as quick or as slow as you feel is right for you.   Once the course ends, you will no longer be able to view the videos.  The videos may or may not be downloadable after purchase depending on the Ecourse your purchase.  ALL Ecourses are always available for digital streaming.
    • Some Ecourses have a re-occurring payment option with a set time frame.  For example, an advertised Ecourse may break down that cost of a course over a period of set months.  For example, if an advertised Ecourse says it’s a 6 month Ecourse for $120 with a monthly payment plan option, then your PayPal account will be automatically charged $20 per month for a period of 6 months.  Once 6 months ends, so do your payments and your online access to the lessons.  Every month you will log in to receive new lessons for that individual month.  These are one set of re-occurring payments that end and unlike a membership, they don’t continue forever until you cancel.  It’s a lot like take a college class online.  You have a set period of time to learn your lessons and then the course ends.  The cost of the course is broken down and billed monthly for affordability.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: When the material advertises lifetime access, that means that you can stream the videos and access them online for a lifetime.  There is no deadline like an Ecourse.   Occasionally Lifetime Access digital products allow video downloading, but not always.  Be sure to read the advertised material to find out if those videos are downloadable after your purchase is complete.

Why Ecourses?  Because it’s easy, affordable, AND it boosts your commitment to your health.  Most people don’t have the motivation to put themselves on a time frame.  In addition, they don’t like wasting their money.  With an Ecourse, you must login on a regular basis to get your lessons and you must commit to learning the lessons because if you don’t, then you will lose access to the educational material at a certain deadline.

We find that Ecourses are better to motivate you and provoke you to actually use the material to commit and get fit!  It’s human nature to procrastinate.  It’s harder to procrastinate when you know there is a deadline.

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