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(Last Updated On: August 25, 2018)

With the growing numbers of women that are smitten by pole dancing, it’s also inevitable for pole dance products and accessories to be in demand on the market, but one important question is, what sets apart a good product from the rest? Or are they just the same kind with different brandings?

This is where reviews come in handy, and in this case we are going to take a look at and compare two pole dancing accessories that are very helpful especially for beginners who want to improve their pole dancing skills without punishing their thighs with bruises from the pole.  This is when inner thigh protector grip wraps come in handy.

Developing your  pole dancing skills

Learning new skills definitely needs a lot of practice and getting used to, and pole dancing or pole dance work out being a full body workout (and a resistance training and cardio in one) needs every muscle on your body to work and your skin also plays a big role. It is the very key in gripping the pole and being able to do basic moves such as mounting the pole and spinning, to advancing your skills and being able to do more advanced moves like cross-leg climb, superman-roll and the likes.

Every pole dancer started with probably  little to none in terms of skills and developed into the strong and graceful dancer they are now, for sure they have had their fair share of bruised body at some point of their early training days (and maybe even now every once in a while!)

If you want to learn how to pole dance longer with your inner thigh bare skin, use these pole exercises = >

What is an inner thigh protector and what they do?

With all the climbing and spinning, it’s the inner thighs that take the most beating from the pole that results to bruises, now thankfully there is a product that will help protect you against it and helps you grip the pole at the same time, the inner thigh protector!


Our first Inner Thigh Protector Review:  “The Mighty Grip Thigh Protector”

pole fitness dancing inner thigh protectorThe Mighty Grip Thigh Protectors are a very simple design. They wrap around your thigh and are held firmly in place by Velcro strips. High quality pole dancing gear to protect the skin from bruises and extend your pole dance workout! It’s soft on the inside too making it more comfortable for your thighs as you grip the pole and dance away!

The mighty grip thigh protector Features:

  • They are sold as a pair
  • It has built in tack strips that help provide extra grip on the pole
  • It’s a grip aid, making it easier to do climbs and routines
  • It helps protect your thighs from bruises and pole burns


  • perfect for beginners giving them more confidence in doing more advance tricks
  • helps improve grip while you work on your upper body strength
  • the optional tacky strip help provide extra grip on the pole.


  • The horizontal tacky strip can get worn, and occasionally rips off.
  • The sweaty feeling when you take them off after wearing for a long period of time.
  • Has a soft red fabric inner lining that has the tendency to slip down the leg and move while you’re practicing and sometimes even falls completely off the leg while dancing.
  • Due to the slipping of the thigh wrap on the skin, an extra grip aid is needed to help keep them up, this is an added hassle that may or may not work depending on your skin type and grip aid of choice.
  • Price: $27.99 USD

The mighty grip thigh protector …

This piece of accessory will give you the help that you need in protecting your thighs to not bruise a lot, but the product has its biggest down side: the mighty grip thigh protector is not so mighty at all, not with its grip since the thigh protector can slip, or move a lot while practicing or even fall off.


Our Second Inner Thigh Protector Review: Pole Fitness Dancing Tacky Inner Thigh Protectors

pole fitness dancing tacky inner thigh protectorThis next inner  thigh protector looks so much like the previous one , but two words to note: it’s NEW and IMPROVED! Made from high quality material, sexy and fashionable pole dancing gear to protect the skin from bruising and grip that will help you do more advance pole dancing moves .

The pole fitness dancing Tacky inner thigh protectors feature:

  • Each pair has strips of tack on the inner thigh for ultimate and strong grip
  • Very soft and comfortable grip dots on the inside but tacky on the outside
  • Strong hold Velcro system for a comfortable fit for a various thigh shapes and sizes.
  • Helps protect you from bruises and pole burns


  • Perfect for beginners giving them more confidence in doing more advance tricks
  • This brand has grip dots on the inside that stop the slipping. (This is a brand new feature you can’t find anywhere else)
  • No more slipping, means more extended time of training and less frustrating moments!
  • Good Breathable sports material to avoid too much sweating
  • Vertical Stitched Tacky strips for better grip and thread strength
  • Price: $24.99 USD


  • It looks a lot like the Mighty Grip inner thigh protector you will think they’re just the same.

We have these two great products that can help you become better in pole dancing moves and routines, but however good they might be one should not fully rely on these products for long- term because in Pole dancing it will be a lot about you and your skin majority of the time! But then again if you are a beginner you will really appreciate these pole dancing wearable gear, a little tip on deciding which one to get: buy the one that will give you your money’s worth  and will help you practice and train with little to no interruption, and continue practicing until you reach your goal and improve to be the strong and graceful pole dancer that you want to become.


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