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Below you will find a list of recommended diet plans, cookbooks, and nutritional products.

These products that I have personally used, are high quality, actually WORK, and will aid you in accelerating your health, energy, fat loss, and wellness on your pole fitness journey. 


If you are thinking about doing the very POPULAR Ketogenic Diet, then there are some very important things you might want to know about Keto before you start this diet plan in order to ENSURE YOU SUCCEED on the ketogenic diet plan.  The Keto Diet isn't an easy diet to follow, but it works.


half day fat loss diet planProduct Comments:  This is my favorite everyday diet and it's not just a diet, it's a way of eating.  What I mean by that is that timing when you eat your carbs and when you eat in general makes THE BIGGEST difference in my ability to keep the weight off without doing hours of cardio.  (And I don't believe in doing hours of cardio by the way). When I am not pole dancing, I am usually sitting in my office for long hours or painting - both are sedentary activities.  The Half Day Diet way of eating has literally allowed me to stay lean while doing hardly any exercise at all.


OK, So You're In A HURRY to lose FAT!  I Get IT, been there many times myself!

3 week diet planProduct Comments:  Ok, so this one is my fallback diet plan.  What I mean by that is there are times in life where I have either gotten REALLY far off track because I traveled and ate a bunch of junk food I shouldn't have OR I need to get a little more toned (beyond my normal everyday toned state) for a photo shoot or video recording.  When I feel like I need a RAPID boost to drop fat, this is my go to.   It's not necessarily an everyday diet plan for eternity that I religiously follow, but The 3 WEEK Diet is a rapid fat blasting plan I keep in my back pocket for raining days.


Already On Your Favorite Diet like Paleo or Keto But Can't Stay Away From The Desserts?

(Happens to me too every day!)

healthy dessert recipesProduct Comments:  I use this one religiously in my kitchen because I have a sweet tooth.  We all know that sugar is the devil when it comes fat loss.  If you really want to make a permanent dietary change that creates fat loss, the #1 thing you can do is ditch refined sugars.  I love cupcakes too don't worry!  AND I want to enjoy life.  Eating cookies, cakes, and pastries is part of enjoying life, so this  is the way I eat my deserts everyday and love them!  I don't miss store bought items at all after baking these recipes.  I have tried lots of "health" desserts and Guilt-FREE Desserts is THE BEST so far.

healthy superfood green powderProduct Comments:  I use this almost everyday because I don't like to eat vegetables!  Yup, I said it out loud.  I am a firm believer in getting in your greens, especially detoxing ones like chlorella, spirulina, and wheat grass.  The problem is that most green powders that are good quality taste NASTY.  If it tastes nasty I won't drink it everyday and then it does me no good in the long run.  Oranifi actually tastes good - I can drink in water if I have to on the run.







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