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Below you will find a list of recommended diet plans, cookbooks, and nutritional products that we have found valuable in accelerating your health goals during your pole dancing journey. Diets, Healthy eating and supplements are key to getting the maximum result at the fastest pace. Enjoy!

Simple “rice method” Liquifies Flab Into Nothing


Lean how LivPure can boost metabolism and fat loss with organs in image Product Comments:  New Science reveals how naturally cleansing and boosting the right organs with the right foods can cause naturally easy weight loss and health.   This is the latest trending data and it’s SUPER HOT!
best diet meal delivery serviceTrifecta Is the all time best meal delivery service for prepared meals.   They have prepared meals for every diet so no matter if you are into Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Allergy Sensitive, or Just low calorie, they have prepared meals ready for you to use shipped directly to your door.    Not sure what diet you want to do?  Trifecta can give you a visual of the meals along with a menu of items so you can pick a diet that encompasses your favorite foods!  Huge Time Saver and very well priced. Save 40% or more by checking trying Trifecta Delivered Meal Plans Here =>
If you are thinking about doing the very POPULAR Ketogenic Diet, then there are some very important things you might want to know about Keto before you start this diet plan in order to ENSURE YOU SUCCEED on the ketogenic diet plan.  The Keto Diet isn’t an easy diet to follow, but it works.

OK, Cooking Sucks and Searching for Recipes is too time consuming, been there many times myself!

fat burning cook book

Product Comments:  I actually don’t like cooking and if you do, then this cookbook will only put you ahead of the game.   If you are like me and just need tasty meals that are not boring, give you energy and are easy to cook yet effective in burning fat then this cookbook is the best : )  Not all diet plans come with cookbooks (which annoys me) but this one does.


Already On Your Favorite Diet like Paleo or Keto But Can’t Stay Away From The Desserts?

(Happens to me too every day!)

healthy dessert recipesProduct Comments:  I use this one religiously in my kitchen because I have a sweet tooth.  We all know that sugar is the devil when it comes fat loss.  If you really want to make a permanent dietary change that creates fat loss, the #1 thing you can do is ditch refined sugars.  I love cupcakes too don’t worry!  AND I want to enjoy life.  Eating cookies, cakes, and pastries is part of enjoying life, so this  is the way I eat my deserts everyday and love them!  I don’t miss store bought items at all after baking these recipes.  I have tried lots of “health” desserts and Guilt-FREE Desserts is THE BEST so far.

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