conditioning exercise routine for pole dancing workout at home

5 Minute Whole Body Strengthening Exercise Routine For Pole Dancing

Sometimes we get busy, sometimes life is just too much to handle and sometimes, we just FLAT OUT don’t have the energy to put in a long workout.   But deep down, we know we can’t skip a workout or we won’t get the results we want. Well, there is a quick 5 minute workout I…

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eating healthy for fat loss

Are You Eating For Health OR Fat Loss While Learning To Pole Dance At Home?

Sometimes in the world of fitness, weight loss, and nutrition, even the best of us can feel confused about what to eat to get the results we want. The fitness industry is a trillion dollar industry.  Marketers are working hard to make you believe that their product will give you better health, burn fat, give…

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Different Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Online Pole Fitness Dancing Lessons

I’ve heard a lot of people rave about the benefits one can get by doing pole fitness dancing at home. I really am not surprised though because as a pole fitness practitioner and instructor I have reaped the benefits that pole dancing gives. Not only did I lose weight and tone my body through a…

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Girl showing her pole dance flexibility skills with an extended butterfly move

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Flexibility When Doing Pole Fitness Dancing at Home

As a pole fitness instructor and dancer, I always get asked by my students how to increase their flexibility. It may seem like a mundane question for some people especially those who have movement in their arms and hips, but this is a valid question and one you should be asking if you want to…

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ensuring fat loss for pole dancers by checking hidden toxins in the kitchen

Hidden Toxins In Your Kitchen That PROMOTE Fat Cell Storage

Toxins, I bet you have heard of toxins before, but NOT LIKE THIS. No matter what your current unique health symptoms are, chances are, toxins are the root cause of why your health is not in “peak” condition. In fact, many health experts believe that it really doesn’t matter what kind of health problems you…

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Paleo Diet for Pole Dancers

A Peek into My Diet… Because Paleo is Life Like Pole Fitness!

In one of my series in my blog post on how to Lose Weight and Get Bikini Body Ready with a Pole Dance Workout, I was able to share the kind of diet I am currently following. On Part 2 of the series, I was able to mention that I do intermittent fasting and the…

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Glute Busting Workouts for Pole Dancers

Glute-Busting Pole Fitness Routines that Will Get You Bikini Body Ready

As a woman, one of my biggest insecurities was my bottom. Growing up my pants would often go down as it has nothing to hold on to. And with the rise in popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, this didn’t do any good to my flagging self-esteem. Can you even blame me? There are songs…

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athletic pole dancer on a dance pole

Pole Fitness – The New Face of Pole Dancing

A while back I was researching on the internet about topics to write regarding pole fitness. I feel that sometimes it’s also nice to look around and see what people are actually looking for regarding the topic instead of writing what I think might be a good angle for my business and patrons. (There’s a…

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woman struggling to lose weight on a pole dancing workout at home

What To Do If You Aren’t Getting The Weight Loss Results You Want

At this point in this article series, you should be roughly 8 weeks into any plans to lose weight with a pole dancing workout at home that you might have made.  Or – maybe you didn’t do a New Year’s Resolution, but you did make some decisions to get back into shape for the summer…

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pole dance workout at home conditioning exercises for legs

Dance Technique Conditioning Exercises For Slimmer Legs & A Sexy Walk

So you have been doing your strengthening exercises and learning your pole dancing routines to burn those extra calories and now you need to learn how to feel as confident and sexy as you can.  Feeling sexy and confident is an inside job, something you exude outwards regardless of your body size. People can sense…

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