benefits of pole dancing for fitness

There are many benefits of pole dancing, many of which are secretly hidden in a pole dancing classes where they rarely get talked about since most everyone in the class is busy trying to learn a new move.

While there are obvious fitness and health benefits to pole dancing, there are also others like the empowerment of woman and self-confidence building that happens behind the scenes.

These benefits don’t have to be experienced in a class either, they can be gained in the privacy of your own home, regardless of age or pant size.  You can even get these benefits through online pole dancing lessons as well.

As a pole fitness dancing instructor, I can tell you that the greatest benefits are achieved on the emotional level of a woman, the exterior benefits such as a lean and fit body, for example, is just the icing on the cake.

Here are the biggest benefits of pole dancing:

  1. Fat burning!  Yes, you do burn off lots of calories and lots of fat.  This happens because as you are pole dancing, you are challenged to use muscles that you normally don’t use in everyday life. Think about it, we don’t spend much time gripping or climbing a pole (unless you are a fireman of course).   Over time, you start to strengthen these underused muscles along with the rest of your body.  The added increase in muscle mass causes you to naturally burn more calories during the day to maintain the newly toned physique. It’s a great workout for a woman to burn fat!
  2. Weight Loss & Muscle Toning.  You may or may not lose weight pole dancing depending on your body type.  Pole dancing challenges to muscles so much.  While you may be losing weight (fat), it may not reflect on a scale right away because you are also gaining muscle tone.  Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore and exchange of fat for muscle may be taking place within the body and the scale may not budge as a side effect.
  3. Self Confidence Building!  This is a hidden secret that many women don’t speak of much.  When you are pole dancing, you are challenged to dance in a sexy way.  If you don’t feel sexy on the inside or if you have a low self-esteem, then you may not feel comfortable dancing on a pole at first.  This is totally normal!  The cool think is that through continued practice, you will start to give up that attitude of hating your body and adopt a new loving adoration for you sexy self while dancing.  This new found sexy confidence gets stronger over time.  The longer you practice, the more confidence you will build.  Feeling sexy is a state of mind, not a body type!  Even skinny girls don’t feel sexy!
  4. Flexibility and Coordination.  In order to execute most of the pole dancing spins, you must learn balance and coordination.  If you have always felt off balance, pole dancing will help you find the stability you have been looking for.  Pole fitness dancing requires the use of momentum.  When using momentum, you must learn to control your own body weight with grace and ease.  This process naturally causes you to gain flexibility and coordination.

There are many more benefits of pole dancing but truly the only way to experience these things as your truth is to give pole fitness dancing a try.

Pole fitness dancing is not just for strippers anymore.  It doesn’t make you trashy or disrespectful.  In fact, many pole dancers have never stripped a day in their life and never will.

Pole exercise is a fun and sexy way to get in shape while building self-confidence.  You can buy your own dance pole for use in the privacy of your own home if there are no pole dancing classes near you.

Learning how to pole dance at home is easy.  So give it a try, you won’t regret it!

What are the benefits of pole dancing you asked?  LOTS as you can tell, start at home today!


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