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Tips For Beginners To Learn Pole Dancing At Home

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Tips To Get The Right Pole Dance Fitness Equipment

The first thing you need to know about how to learn pole dancing at home is to get the right pole dancing equipment.  A dance pole for home use is a critical part of your success in learning to dance on a pole because if you get the wrong one, then not only can you jeopardize your health, you will be limited on how you can dance on it because there are weight limits and other things to consider regarding safety.

How do you pick a dance pole?  Good Brand name dance poles are always best, but in the event you are considering a knock-off brand, here are some things to look for.  Don’t get plastic parts because they break.  These poles are not meant for athletic purposes.  Don’t buy a pole that is spring loaded, they are made to dance “around” not “on”.  Look for thick study metal, wide domes and a pole that is both a spinning pole and static pole.

Here is a video that will help you go deeper into picking the right dance pole for home use:

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Grip Aid Tips For Beginners

Once you have a good spinning dance pole, next you will need a dance pole grip aid for your hands, especially for beginners, like PFD Grip Tac for example. When you are first leaning to dance, you won’t have the strongest grip and a nice grip powder or cream will help you dance better while your natural hand strength improves.

The type of grip aid that works best for you will depend on your skin type, dance pole finish type, and the environment you live in.   You can go here to learn how to choose a grip aid for beginners =>


Other Safety Tips For Beginners

Things like crash mats and other gear are not necessarily needed for ultra basic beginners because you won’t be inverting right away.  Those things come into play later when you begin intermediate pole dancing lessons.

Grip gear like tacky gloves and inner thigh protectors are very handy for beginners because you skin in very sensitive when your first start to learn.  Grip gear can prevent bruising and allow greater lengths of time dancing without the pain on the skin.

When you have the pole set up at home and you have some grip aid handy then the next step is learning about safety.

Main Safety points are as follows:

  • Never have lotions or oils on your skin when you pole dance. 
  • Frequently clean your pole to reduce the buildup of natural occurring oils from your sweat as you dance.
  • Learn all your pole moves from the ground FIRST!
  • Always know your exit before getting into a pole move to avoid injury.


Home Pole Dancing Lessons and Fitness Training Tips For Beginners

You can get these in video format either through a DVD or online pole dancing lessons.

You will want to start in the beginner pole dancing lessons where you will learn about proper dance form, ways to hold your shoulders, hips and bones in proper alignment first.  Once that is learned, and then you can add in the actual pole dance moves like hip rolls, sexy walks, body rolls, spins and other fun tricks.

Picking a pole dancing lesson for you fitness level is critical.  If you choose the wrong teacher or wrong lesson then you could get easily discouraged or jeopardize you safety.  The is  a progressive way of learning to pole dance at home then allows you to start dancing right away and then graduate up into more advanced moves as your strength improves.  You strength will naturally improve by getting fluid with the beginner pole dancing moves.

If you advance too quickly you can cause yourself injury or create ugly pole dancing habits. 

Learning fun pole dancing routines for beginners is very important in the initial phases of training.   It really helps you body get into the groove of the music, teaches you to string your moves together, and plus gives you the great joy of expressing yourself when you dance!

It doesn’t matter if you are just learning to pole dance for fun or for exercise, learning the correct way from the beginner and going at your own pace is key.  Your pant size doesn’t matter either, everyday woman can learn to pole dance too!

If you want more details, click the link for some great tips on where to take pole dancing lessons.

Understanding how to learn pole dancing at home seems frustrating when you begin, but I promise you that it’s worth it because the benefits you gain from pole dancing are enormous!  So grab some fun pole dancing fitness clothing and get started today!


  1. Sib

    I can see you are very good and you are so flexible and comfortable around your pole, how long have you been pole dancing… so much strength is needed isn’t it? i guess it all comes with more practice, i love your site, great tips for pole dancers.

    • Danna

      Thank You : ) Ive been dancing for years, but you joy for what you are doing makes you comfortable, not necessarily the experience alone.

      Good upper body and arm strength are good to have for pole dancing, however, many woman don’t have a lot when they are beginners AND THAT’S OK : ) Learning to pole dance will give you the upper body strength you need. Here is a good article that talks about strength:

      Thanks for the compliments : )

  2. Crystal/Teresa

    Hey just liked your Facebook page/subscribed to your YouTube and ordered my pole thanks for everything!

    • admin

      You are very welcome my lady!! If you need anything just let me know!! You are going to have the time of your life 🙂

  3. Michelle Ormsby Krischlunas

    Pamela Joy Slavin, I wish we could take the class together. ?‍♀️

    • Pamela Joy Slavin

      That would be fun!!!


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