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Learning how to choose a pole dance pole for exercise is one of the most important decisions you will make.  People often wonder what are the best dance pole brands to buy.  Brand name dance poles versus affordable off-brand poles like the ones found on Ebay or Amazon  are common concerns, especially when you have a tight spending budget. It’s important to understand what your money is buying, especially when your buying your first stripper pole for  home fitness because not all dance poles that look alike are built alike, knowing what to watch for in a good quality pole is paramount to avoiding scams on cheap poles and getting your mony’s worth.  Watching a reading various dance pole video reviews is a great way to compare and figure out whats right for you.

We all know that brand name poles like X Pole, Lil Mynx, and Lupit, are the industrial standard for good dance pole brands that bring the best quality to the pole fitness industry because they are used in things like pole dance competitions and have been around for years.

  • X-pole is a reputable supplier for professional pole dance competitions around the world.
  • Lil Mynx is similar and has been around selling quality dance poles longer than X-Pole.
  • Lupit is a new brand to the scene, but boasts upgraded technology that is some ways is superior to X Pole and Lil Mynx, depending on what your needs are in a pole.  (By the way, you can find individual pole dance pole video reviews on the brand name poles here =>)

Only Interested In Brand Name Dance Poles?

Cool!  Let’s break it down so you can read and watch individual in-depth video reviews for each brand:

Can’t Afford Brand Name Dance Pole (Or don’t know if they are worth the extra money)?

When I first started teaching pole dancing classes, I simply couldn’t afford a good brand name pole so I had to start with something more affordable yet I didn’t want to compromise the health and safety of myself or my students by doing so.  So just kept asking myself…… 

“What’s the difference between all those the no-brand screw together friction fit dance poles sold on Ebay or Amazon?”

The BEST way to decide which pole dancing pole is best for you and your situation is watch and read a lot of reviews.  When I first started shopping, there were no video reviews on the no brand dance poles, just the verbal ones from previous buyers which really didn’t help me in the end very much because I was using the pole everyday for commercial use while most people were using it once or twice a week for a 20-30 minute pole dance workout at home (or something like that). 

So what happened?  I bought several different no brand pole dance poles off Ebay and Amazon that looked good, looked identical in the pictures, and appeared trustworthy based on verbal reviews and made a TON of costly mistakes.

I did find there is a difference in quality and if you find the right off-brand pole, they can be just as sturdy (or sturdier) than your name brands depending on your needs.

In this pole dance pole review, I will share everything I learned by purchasing all these different no brand poles that look alike while giving you tips to buy a dance pole that is safe by educating about what to look for in a qood quality no brand dance pole that will last for years.

Here is a pole dance pole review video where I show you everything I discovered about buying a No Brand dance pole versus other name brand poles:

GO HERE >> to buy a good screw together brand pole with all the good qualities listed in the above video.
This pole is safe and sturdy enough to be used to learn pole dance fitness in your own home.

Off brand removable or portable dance poles come in both static and spinning form.  Static poles remain stationary 100% of the time.  Spinning dance poles can be static or spinning.  Usually, there are screws at the bottom of the pole that allow you to lock the pole into static mode, or loosen the screws for a spinning mode.

Not all brand name pole are safe or good quality.  There are also what I call “party poles” which are good to stand by and dance around but are not meant to hold a lot of weight and therefore are not suitable for exercise purposes or pole tricks like fast pole spins and inverting.  These types of poles you will find in a local adult store or Spencers.  I bought one once just to try it out and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone for safety reasons.  Some come spring loaded and can come loose from the ceiling if too much tension is put on the pole.  They also usually come with plastic parts … and that says it all.  I’m not even going to try and spin on a pole with plastic parts …. plastic breaks, end of discussion.  You can read that Spencer Hot Pink Stripper dance pole review here =>

Another brand name pole that is popular but not safe for fitness or inverting is the Carmen Electra Dance pole – you can read that review here:

When purchasing an off-brand portable pole, watch for these clues to avoid a scam and get the best dance pole for your home:

  • A dance pole made of good thick steel, avoid spring-loaded poles and anything with plastic parts.
  • Smooth high quality bearings if it is a spinning pole (you don’t want it to stop spinning after 6 months)
  • Wide base and Dome with White soft, flexible rubber
  • Chipping Chrome – this can cut you! Good customer service and warranty.  No brand or “screw together” type dance poles are never completely flawless 100% of the time so it’s important to buy from a company that has great customer service and is easy to reach in case you need a new replacement part.

If you want to avoid the hassles of finding a pole on your own, then check out the Sturdy PFD Pro Quality Brand Pole  or shop all the good quality and best dance pole brands in the shop by clicking the link.

Need the best recommended quality dance pole for a budget?

I have used the PFD Pro Quality brand pole kit in my pole fitness studio for years and recommend it to anyone getting started on a budget.  I hope this pole dance pole review has helped you make a good decision and I wish you best in your pole dancing journey!

Looking for more?

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