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A Full Guide On The Best Spinning Dance Poles For Home Use

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(Last Updated On: June 20, 2023)

What is the best dance pole for apartment or home use? This article is a great source to know about all the best spinning dance poles and where to get them.

There are two things to consider in order to choose the best spinning dance poles or removable dance poles for home and studio use:

1. The quality of the upper bearings which is located in the dome.
2. The lower bearings which is located in the base of the pole.

There are several different brands of dance poles you can choose from, but not all spinning dance poles have bearings made of equal quality.

We have purchased and used all the spinning dance poles recommended (and not recommended). In this review we will share our thoughts based on the results.

What is a Spinning Dance Pole?

A spinning dance pole is a rotating pole used for dancing or fitness. This type of poles has two modes, spinning and static (stationary). Spinning dance poles often come with both spinning and static options. In order to switch between the two functions, there is a hex key or lock to twist on the base. This key helps to switch the pole from spinning to static and vice versa.

What Makes A Spinning Dance Pole The Best Option For Home Use?

Static dance poles are often said to be a good “beginner” dance pole. And that is because It’s safer to learn in static before attempting to dance on the pole in spinning mode. However, this is a matter of opinion throughout the pole dancing industry. In my experience from teaching pole fitness classes, all of my beginners prefer spinning mode. Most my pole students believed it is easier to learn on a spinning dance pole. So I suggest before your pole purchase, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dancing on a spinning dance pole.

Despite the type of pole, every beginner at some point will want to progress forward into more interesting pole tricks. For example: Inverting tricks, Spinning pole moves, Pole sits, and many other pole dance moves that look more beautiful (and fun I might add) on a spinning dance pole.

Check out our new blog on What Pole Is Best For Pole Dancing? Static | Spinning | Dual Function, to help you identify the right choice of dance pole.

The Best Spinning Dance Poles For Home Use

Based on our experience (no, we didn’t just write a “dance pole review” about the best dance poles for home use by reading other people’s materials). These were our top 4 best spinning dance poles for sale:

What is the Best Spinning Dance Pole? Below is the list of the top 4 spinning dance poles for home use;

  1. Lupit Classic Dance Pole
  2. X-Pole Xpert Pro Dance Pole
  3. PDF Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole
  4. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole

Here are our review and reasons behind the above ratings:

1. Lupit Classic

Lupit Classic Spinning Dance Pole uses top notch aerospace and automotive technology

You have to admit, the better the technology, the higher the quality. Technology moves fast, even in the world of manufacturing dance pole bearings and the most current technology usually trumps outdated versions.

In addition, the Lupit Classic is the easiest pole to put up and take down. This feature is super important if you want to install a dance pole in an apartment and it must be taken down often. You can learn more in depth details about the Lupit Classic in this video dance pole review:

YouTube video
The Lupit Classic pole has the most updated and advanced bearing technology here in the USA. After dancing on the Lupit Classic and feeling how smooth the bearings rotate, I think it’s the very best.

click to shop lupit poles

2. X-Pole Xpert Pro

X-Pole Xpert Pro is the most versatile spinning dance pole

The X-Pole Xpert Pro model is a favorite due to its X-Lock technology. The X-Lock function with a simple twist provides an easy way for putting the pole in spinning or static. The bearings seem to have the same spinning smoothness and actions as their standard Xpert model dance poles.

Moreover, X-Pole has been a leader in providing dance poles for home and studio use. As a result they have the most adaptable poles. This means you can choose from a wide variety of pole finish types including; brass, silicone, chrome (which is most common), stainless steel and powder coated colors. If you haven’t had the time yet to decide which finish type is best for your skin type, check out this article here.

Here is a video review on the standard X-Pole XPert Model that may help you see some comparisons to other types of spinning dance poles:

YouTube video

Additionally, X-Pole is also the most adaptable dance pole to various ceiling heights. This is a great function in case you ever change your mind and decide to live in a different location. Here is a great article about the best dance poles for various ceiling height here.

click to shop xpert x-pole

3. PFD Pro Quality Spinning Dance Pole

PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole is the best quality on a budget dance pole in the market

The Lupit and X-Pole Brands are two of the highest quality poles in the market. However, they are very expensive and not everybody can afford it. Commonly people start with a cheaper dance pole and then save for a better-quality.

That being said, buying a cheaper dance pole can actually be unsafe. So you need to know what to look for in a good quality dance pole that is cheaper. Although many cheaper poles look alike on Ebay and Amazon, however they aren’t necessarily made with the same quality.

When I opened my first studio, I couldn’t afford the name brand poles. So I bought various cheap brands from Ebay and Amazon. Here is a video that will show you everything I encountered buying cheaper dance poles and all the mistakes I made doing so:

YouTube video
The PFD Pro Quality Dance Pole has all the good qualities you need to look for in a dance pole for a cheaper price.  (Plus is comes with free pole dancing lessons online). If you are looking for the powder coated version we have the PFD Black Powder Coated Pro Quality Dance Pole Kit .

I still use my PDF Pro Quality Dance Pole (I used to call it the “no brand” dance pole) till this day in my home. It’s 8 years old and still spinning just fine!

click to shop PFD dance pole

4. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole

Lil Mynx Rotator Dance pole is the best single piece dance pole among the best spinning dance poles listed

Lil Mynx is a very stable and old brand. They have been around a long time (maybe longer than X-Pole) and the spinning quality of the Rotator Model has proven itself over years.

When I used the Lil Mynx Rotator in my home, it was easier to install because it is in one long piece. The other top 3 dance poles come in pieces that you have to put together during the installation process. The down slope is that shipping one long dance pole is very expensive.

Here is an in-depth video review on the Lil Mynx Rotator so you can see the details for yourself:

YouTube video
The bearings and spinning quality of the Rotator is smooth and good. At first, I noticed a little rubbing noise but it didn’t affect the spinning action at all. However, Lil Mynx assured me this was normal and once the inside parts broke in better through use, the noise would go away. They were right, it did go away and it spins great!


Best Spinning Dance Poles Summary:

We hope you enjoyed this article and understand why we rated the best spinning dance poles the way we did. Buying top quality spinning dance poles is especially important to help ensure you get good quality bearing in the dome and base parts.

By the way, in case you have limited budget then check out our blog on best Affordable Dance Pole.

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Additionally, if you have any question, you can also comment below as well.

Happy Poling!


  1. Christie Anderson


    • Danna

      Completely Agree! FUN, that’s the most important part! : )

  2. Lorena Romero-Cabra

    Lil Minx is not the only single piece pole out there, there’s also my personal favorite Platinum Stages brand. They’ve been around for as long as Lil Minx (maybe longer?) and are super sturdy. I’ve performed and trained on them and loved every second of it. XPole *bought* Platinum Stages a few years ago but they still manage this brand separately (my understanding is they are a big supplier to clubs and studios, that’s probably the bulk of their clientele).

    • Danna

      Yes you are correct, X-Pole did buy them out and Heydi over at X Pole is in charge of re-building that brand. Platinum Stages are good, BUT they are super expensive for the everyday person looking for a pole a home. The shipping on one piece poles is almost always over $300 per pole plus the cost of the pole itself. When there are alternative options that work equally well for a way less cost, most people don’t choose a one piece pole like a platinum stage.


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