plank scissor pole dancing lesson online

Learn How To Do Plank Scissor Leg Pole Move | Online Pole Dancing Lesson

One of the toughest parts for beginners when they are learning to pole dance at home is the inner thigh grip.  It’s painful when you first learn! In fact, it’s so painful that some woman wonder if they should give up on their pole fitness dreams and Im here to say DON’T!! Just like working…

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difference between chrome pro quality and xpert x pole dance poles

Whats The Difference Between The Chrome X Pole XPert and The Chrome Pro Quality Pole?

When you start shopping for a dance pole for your home, you will consider many things like “How easy is it to install?”  “Will it damage my ceiling or floor?”, “Is it safe to install in my home?”, and “Is the dance pole a right fit for my ceiling height?”, “What size of dance pole…

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Pole Dancing fitness clothes - Pole Dance Bra top and Pole Dance Booty Shorts

How to Find The Right Pole Dancing Fitness Clothes for Women

For some people who are looking to lose weight and work out in a traditional gym, finding clothes to wear is a walk in the park.  Any average store like Target or Wal-Mart carries fitness clothing.  You can always start exercising with a pair of shirt, sweatpants, leggings, or bra top. However, when you go…

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girl being herself pole dancing for fitness at home

Are you REALLY being YOU? | Pole Dancing Can Help

Life may be short, life is precious.  It’s vitally important to have a strong and deep understanding of ourselves and I’m not talking about how your friends of family perceive you but rather an understanding of the unique YOU. It’s common for each and every one of us to get caught up in feeling good…

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Online Pole Fitness Dancing Shop Expansion

Pole Fitness Dancing Online Store and Online Pole Fitness Dancing Lessons Expansion!

It has been a while since I have contemplated on expanding my online pole fitness dancing store. I have applied before to be a distributor for XPole in Asia but I never got to updating the site and opening up to customers coming from other countries besides the U.S., Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico because…

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passe flag hold move on a removable friction fit dance pole

What are Friction Fit Dance Poles and Are They Safe to Use At Home?

For those who are looking into buying a dance pole for home pole fitness, it is vital that you do some research first because there are a number of dance poles available in the market. It is important to know what kind of dance pole would suit your needs as well as space so you…

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eating healthy for fat loss

Are You Eating For Health OR Fat Loss While Learning To Pole Dance At Home?

Sometimes in the world of fitness, weight loss, and nutrition, even the best of us can feel confused about what to eat to get the results we want. The fitness industry is a trillion dollar industry.  Marketers are working hard to make you believe that their product will give you better health, burn fat, give…

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Different Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Online Pole Fitness Dancing Lessons

I’ve heard a lot of people rave about the benefits one can get by doing pole fitness dancing at home. I really am not surprised though because as a pole fitness practitioner and instructor I have reaped the benefits that pole dancing gives. Not only did I lose weight and tone my body through a…

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Managing dizziness while learning the carosel diamond leg pole spin at home snapshot

Managing Dizziness When Learning Pole Dancing At Home On A Spinning Dance Pole

I have had a lot of people asking me questions recently on how to deal with dizziness when learning how to pole dance for fitness, especially for beginners. This is a very common concern and some beginners fear that they will never be able to enjoy doing pole spins for the long term because of…

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butterfly pole move in apartment

Tips For Putting a Dance Pole in Your Apartment

If you are one of the many who rent an apartment or condo, the dilemma of putting a dance pole for home use is real. As a tenant, you are bound by the rules of the landlord which is to keep his place intact. Any damages incurred while under the contract would mean forfeiting the security…

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