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The History Of Pole Dancing & How It Became Pole Fitness

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Traditionally the history of pole dancing has been known as an exclusive activity that strippers do as means of employment and male entertainment.

However, due to a large body of woman collectively using it for different purposes, it has grown to become a more widely accepted “sport” than contradicts is traditional roots. Even through its roots are more on the naughty and erotic side, pole dancing didn’t originate in strip clubs in case you didn’t already know.

The History Of Where Pole Dance Started

Pole dancing history has been traced back in to an ancient fertility dance called Maypole where Celts were known to dance around a pole to ensure a fruitful season. Maypole is still re-enacted today in Renaissance festivals where they use ribbon tied to the pole and dance around it.

Woman have historically used dance in an erotic and sexual fashion for many reasons and these practices date as far back as Greek and Roman sources noting feminine dancing like belly dancing.

“Fertility was the primary dance theme of early people and fertility rites were believed to control the spirit world. The fertility theme included both human and plant reproduction.”(History of Dancer: Interactive Arts Approach by Gayle Kassing)

Men also have a history of pole dancing long before the sport ever entered strip clubs and is traced back to the 12th century. Mallakhamb was an Indian sport where men perform on a wooden pole. This type of Pole Gymnastics later grew into Chinese Pole. Both the Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole are covered in rubber to allow performers to stick better and are still practiced today as well.

The More Recent History Of Pole Dancing

While it is difficult to pin point exactly where the western world took over, it is clear that pole dancing was used in the circus during the 1920’s and then made its way back into the erotic form when burlesque dance gained popularity. From there it graduated into strip clubs in the 1980’s in US and Canada.

Today pole fitness is born out of the strip club popularity.

Pole Fitness is a clean sport but it isn’t entirely honest to remove the eroticism from the sport. By doing so, it would lose its appeal. Woman have danced sexually for ages. Being sexual and feminine is a part of who a woman is by her very nature. Enticing men with our inner and outer beauty is part of the fertility game in which nature plays.

Many cultures have not allowed a woman to fully embrace her sexuality for many years and pole dancing give a woman a healthy way back to enjoying herself while getting healthy; both inside and out.

So what is Pole Fitness Today?

Its 3 parts creating whole….


a healthy way for a woman to express her inherent sexuality in a non-offensive way. To dance and too feel that inner connection to her own ability to “call a mate” or “be desired”. The very act of pole dancing will challenge any inner insecurities you have to vanish and deepen your ability to grow strong in both your body and mind. This process leads to the diminishing of low self-esteem.

Fitness Workout:

A healthy body, sleek, sexy, desirable …. A healthy body helps a woman and man learn to love themselves more deeply.   The very act of dancing on a pole will challenge all the muscles in your body giving you the ultimate whole body workout!   In my opinion, it’s better than a gym workout.

Learn a pole dance routine at home and that pole dance routine can be you “new” fun workout at home!

Health – Nutrition:

You cannot separate what you eat from pole fitness just like you can’t separate the act of eating healthy from anything fitness in general.  They go hand in hand.

To be fit and healthy is to eat healthy as well. Eating well helps your mind stay sharp and your body fueled. 80% of your success in fat loss, weight loss, or muscle gaining goals is your diet. What you choose to eat makes a big difference!

When you learn to love and value your body as a temple and blessing, you will naturally want to nourish and support it through healthy supplementation, good organic food, and exercise.

Pole Fitness, it’s about making the attitude sharper in its ability to say no to low-self-esteem, it’s about re-sculpting your entire body in a fun way – no more forcing yourself to go to the gym and run on a treadmill, and about committing to your health by eating better for wellness and for life.



  1. Sarah mau

    Hi there I was wondering if any of the poles are safe to install under a plaster ceiling? I’m pretty sure it’s a solid structure ceiling.

    • Danna

      As long as there is a solid structure like a ceiling joist behind the plaster it should be ok. Plaster can crack if you don’t install the pole correctly so I would check with a qualified carpenter to be sure there is proper support behind your plaster ceiling : )


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