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Supplements To Treat Your Unique Symptoms For Quick Fat Loss & Abounding Energy

The last article, we have talked about how understanding your symptoms can lead you to the root of your health problems and once you are at the ROOT then rapid fat loss, an immediate abundance of energy and permanent life/body transformation takes place.

Treating your symptoms while you are learning what underlying root problem(s) exist is a great first step in your journey to optimum health and peak performance.

However, many times, treating the symptoms becomes a never-ending and frustrating process that leads to failure.  Here’s why:

There are two reasons treating your symptoms may fail:

First, you must believe your supplements will work.  Most of the time we don’t heal because we don’t get results fast enough and we think they are not working when they are.  When you understand how and why your supplements are working inside your body, you are more likely to keep taking them for the length of time needed to get relief from symptoms.

The other reason supplements fail is because people don’t understand how to buy good quality supplements and fall prey to fraudulent supplement manufacturers who are looking to make a quick buck rather than genuinely heal the human body.   When you ingest poor quality supplements, your body can’t utilize it at all and then you don’t get the results you were hoping to get.  It’s important to get good quality, nutrient dense super foods.

My favorite way is to eat a high quality green organic super food powder because I don’t like to eat my veggies.

Deeper healing through natural remedies can produce immediate symptom relief at times but the truth is that deeper healing takes dedication and time because the symptoms you are experiencing are the RESULT of a deeper problem that you are working to uncover over the next several months or even years.

Yes, years can sound daunting but remember I told you this would take a dedication to progress- not instant gratification.

Instant healing can happen but the reality is that most of us have let life and our symptoms go on for way too long before we decided to do something about it. 

For example, most people will wait till they are 50 lbs or more overweight before they decide to do something about it.  Rarely will someone start to panic over 5 or 10 lbs. of extra weight and consider that a symptom to be dealt with at the time.

It took months or even years for you to develop your symptoms and health issues; it will take some time to heal it as well.  If you want fast results, then more the reason to dedicate yourself to preventative health care rather than constantly fighting symptoms as they arise.  Cleaning up the aftermath of symptoms is much harder than preventing illness and weight gain from happening in the first place.

Energy is the first symptom you should attempt to correct because, without physical and MENTAL/Emotional energy, you will give up on everything else in your healthy fat shredding diet plan.  Without good energy, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything but take a nap.  And, if you have zapped ALL your energy trying to get through the work day and attend to kids, then you just won’t be able to help yourself get well.  REMEMBER – you are number one now so you don’t slack on this topic.

Your energy can come from several different sources so it isn’t as easy to find one reason you don’t have good energy.  Emotional stress can zap physical energy and the same is true in reverse – Physical Energy can create mental fatigue and lack of motivation to perform tasks like a good morning workout and exercising on your home dance pole.

The number one reason most Americans suffer from low energy is that of STRESS and adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal fatigue is directly related to a high cortisol level, under-active thyroid, low immune function, and hormonal imbalances causing low libido, depression, and mood swings.

In the next article in this series, we will dig deeper into low energy caused by stress and adrenal fatigue, why it’s happening and how you can find the right treatments to solve the problem – for good!

 The result will be an over-abundance of energy to actually WANT to exercise and supercharge your fat loss results.




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