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We help anyone wanting to cultivate and nurture the feminine side of their soul through pole dancing for fitness. We welcome those who want to gain powerful internal confidence and their version of a sexy body image by providing processes and tools to release inner feelings of self-doubt, change negative self-talk as well as home pole dancing workouts to create a rapid increase in body reshaping strength through sensual musical expression.   We are a transformative, non-judgemental, non-competitive, non-discriminating authority space that uses pole dancing as a catalyst to gain physical strength and sexy empowerment from within.

PoleFitnessDancing.com and our PoleFitnessDancingShop.com was founded by Danna Rossi in 2010 and has grown over the years to be a leading provider of high quality products, unique content, and a full oasis for all things related to pole fitness. With over 20,000 dance poles sold and counting, thousands of members taking lessons, and a dedicated team staffed to help you every step of the way, we are ready and prepared to help you on your next pole or aerial journey.  We have the broadest range of Professional High Quality Dance poles and Aerial Equipment in the USA with the best warranties.

You are welcomed and you belong here : )

Once you are here in our Pole Fitness Dancing Oasis, we ask everyone to leave the drama, negativity, and all differences aside. We come to this safe place where we can all agree on this one thing, and while you are here it is the only thing that matters. We are all here to nurture our feminine side through pole dancing for fitness and that is what we must use our time and energy for!

Our team is dedicated to bringing the joy, light, and love of pole dancing into the world of fitness!   We created a “Pole Dance Fitness Oasis” for everyone in every walk of life that is largely centered around the improvement of feminine self-confidence, health, and wellness, as well as the inner feeling of sexiness – regardless of your pant size or gender.  (Everyone wants to feel sexy and we welcome you here!).

Dance is not only a physical activity but a soul healing spiritual experience.   There are many mental benefits that pole dancing can offer your daily life including a better sense of self-worth, extremely elevated confidence that radiates itself out naturally into your home, work, and family life, as well as facilitating the release of ugly, hidden emotions that are holding you back from feeling and being the best YOU you can be!

All the articles on this site are written with great care, devotion, and love.

Our products are the best we can find. We don’t sell or recommend ANY items that have not been tested through our personal use for safety and effectiveness.

Everyone is welcome here, but we would like to be upfront in stating that the style of pole dancing lessons we teach are more contemporary and not exotic. Our lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movements are taught feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.

This company is amazingly down-to-earth and inspiring.  It invests money to build a more positive world and social environment, as well as encourages consumers to know about who and what they are buying – to be an informed consumer.  That may not sound very amazing to you, but it’s important because you as the consumer have the power of purchasing choices and YOUR CHOICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   Every purchase you make supports the future growth of that business and its values, it’s not just about buying a product without considering where it came from and who or what it will impact in the future.

When you purchase anything here, read the articles and interact, you are supporting the joy of pole dancing for fitness.

As Danna originally quoted many years ago: “My favorite thing to talk about is how the energy that we are and the energy that we hold inside ourselves creates a blissful life or one of complete hell, the choice is yours. I love to change the world for the better. I feel that making positive products make people feel better while they live a life on this planet.

Life can be short and it can be negative out there. Even if I am in an ignorant and dreamy place, I still think that surrounding myself with fun, childlike, and playful things (like pole dancing) makes life fun. When life is fun, I smile. And when I smile, the stranger on the street will smile back at me and maybe have a better day.

My family laughs more when I smile and life is just better.

I believe that getting to know yourself deeply and intimately is the key to finding happiness in life. The more you can support yourself in who you really are and make yourself smile, then the whole world and everyone in it benefits.

There is no better gift you could give the world than to learn to be deeply happy and in love with yourself and your body.

I believe in telling the truth and selling quality products, not crap. It bothered me that there were so many junk poles out there for sale that look alike, but were downright dangerous. There was little information to help consumers sift through the lies, so I made a video and shared all my mistakes in buying the wrong poles – while giving them a way to get a good one without the headaches.

I am passionate about what I do and really feel the need to help anyone genuinely and deeply feel better about their bodies and who they already are! Pole dancing regardless of your size helps clean up all those negative emotions anyone has about themselves, whether they realize it or not. The moment you start to pole dance, you are faced with how you genuinely feel about yourself. Think about it for a minute or two. …… when you think about pole dancing, don’t you start to think things like “I could never do that move!” “Oh lord I’m not that flexible” “I’m too heavy.” “I’m too old” OR “I want to try it, but I better lose some weight!” and so on?

If you just pole dance regardless of how you feel, then you are, in essence, defying those limited beliefs within yourself and soon they lose their hold on you because you stop believing them.

If you don’t try something new, something exciting, something you think you can’t do on a regular basis, then those ugly beliefs win and rule your life!

I believe dance is spiritual.  Dance saved my life and dance brought me back from the dead….

I believe pole dancing is a start to healing, not a trashy sport, and I am here to share that with you. ”

When you buy a product from PoleFitnessDancing.com, you are abundantly supporting us, so we can go on and get the message out to others. We don’t do this just to be cute (although we are cute you must admit), we do it because we all care about you, about our planet, and every soul on it.

Join us and help get the word out by supporting this website. Together we can smile and we will!

Each purchase is a vote for what you stand for and what you support in life.

Here, you are voting for health, for confidence to be you from within, and pole dancing as a way of health and emotional well-being, however you want to express it.

Things That Matter In Life:

Being impassioned about something.

Being playful about something.

Telling the Truth.

Loving what you do.

Not being afraid to fail.


Now get out there and start dancing!  To your happiness and ours, we are happy to see you here and hope you come back soon!

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