dancer riverton wyomingHi, my name is Danna Rossi and I own, a product of VPE LLC.

VPE (Vital Pole Expression) is an LLC and is best described as an “Exotic Fitness Oasis”.  VPE is largely centered around pole dancing for fitness and the improvement of feminine self confidence, health and wellness, as well as the inner feeling of sexiness – regardless of your pant size.

Today I decided to finally sit down and write a real and genuine note to my readers about myself. I haven’t written this way in a while because I think about business too much and what needs to be said or done instead of just being me.

If you have ever owned a business, then you can understand how it can run you over sometimes. It’s a complete joy and a maniac at the same time to run!

It was a coffee bag that inspired me to write today. Yup, a coffee bag. I was reading about this company called Larry’s Coffee on a bag of coffee my husband brought home from Earth Fare. He said it’s a hot seller and I now know why.

This company is amazingly down-to-earth, inspiring, invests money to build a more positive world and social environment, as well as encourages consumers to know about who and what they are buying – to be an informed consumer. That may not sound very amazing to you, but to me it was everything I wanted to be as a business owner and everything I stand for. This bag of coffee inspired me to stand up in a more real way and tell you about me, in case you feel the need to be informed and know who and what your hard earned money is supporting with your purchase.

I’m nobody out of the ordinary. You will find me at the local organic grocery shop and having deep conversations about manifesting positive things in life with a stranger I met on the street.

My favorite thing to talk about is how the energy that we are and the energy that we hold inside ourselves creates a blissful life or one of complete hell, the choice is yours. I love to change the world for the better. I feel that making positive products make people feel better while they live a life on this planet.

Life can be short and it can be negative out there. Even if I am in an ignorant and dreamy place, I still think that surrounding myself with fun, childlike, and playful things makes life fun. When life is fun, I smile. And when I smile, the stranger on the street will smile back at me and maybe have a better day.

My family laughs more when I smile and life is just better. I believe that getting to know yourself deeply and intimately is the key to finding happiness in life. The more you can support yourself in who you really are and make yourself smile, then the whole world and everyone in it benefits.

There is no better gift you could give the world than to learn to be deeply happy and in love with yourself and your body.

I think I went off on a tangent there for a second! Sorry I do that a lot lol.

Back to my coffee I am now sipping as I write to you. I started dancing when I was in middle school but couldn’t go to classes that cost money because my family didn’t have any money to spare. I grew up in poverty.

By the time I graduated high school I had made a clear mental choice to leave my heart’s desire to dance behind and get a real job – any good job making money. Dancers don’t make a lot of money and studio owners typically struggle financially. I wanted to be a millionaire! Seriously!

So I went out into life and did many things, successfully I might add, but I didn’t make the millions.

Danna Bronze sulptureI made bronze sculptures and sold them at art shows.

I airbrushed graphics on cars for a while.  They were beautiful. danna - flames on a mustang

Then I got into investing in real estate because the starving artist things was getting old.

I made really good money doing that but I worked long hours and had no fun in life. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. Soon divorce took its toll on my life and I lost all the construction equipment and houses I once had invested my entire life in.….. Now very overweight and miserable I asked myself “Now what?”

I wasn’t going to lie down and die, although I thought about it in all honesty.

So I went back to college at the age of 28 and took a dance class while I got my AAS degree in entrepreneurial studies and computer science. I danced and I danced and I danced. The more I danced the more I got inspired to never let dancing out of my life again. The more I danced, the more I lost weight without trying.  The more I danced, the more I SMILED.

I felt like I was having the time of my life taking ballet class and beating the odds.  You see, they told me I was “too old” for a career in dance and that I would never get my splits because my bones were too set.

I was also told I “didn’t have the right body type”…. a nice way of saying “your fat”!  And I was overweight when I started but I didn’t give up….

I got my splits at the age of 30 AND took first place multiple times in statewide dance competitions!

But as fate would have it, I injured my back in a dance rehearsal (lyrical jazz) and herniated 2 discs in my lower spine….. L4 & L5 🙁

I laid in a chair for two week unable to straighten my left leg and terrified that I would never feel my bare feet on a dance floor again. I had no family and luckily between the help of my neighbors I was able to get food and get carried to the bathroom until I could walk on crutches. My doctor said I should think about not dancing anymore………… I can never tell you how painful it was to hear those words.

I did re-gain my ability to walk after about 6 months and heavily relied on pole dancing during that time as exercise and to fill my need to dance. It’s the only thing I could do for exercise that took the weight off my spine.  In addition, I learned that pole dancing kept my spirit alive.  It somehow kept me feeling confident just to BE a woman, to see the incredible gift that woman ARE, just because they are a woman.

As a result of my recovery, both spiritually and physically, I decided to share my love for pole dancing with the world and started this website. I wanted to defy the odds, do what I love anyway, and make a living in the dance world. So, I paired my knowledge about building websites and Internet marketing with my love for dance and created a way for me to live my American dream.

My dream of being abundantly supported by what I love to do in life ……. Dance.

Now I am 36 years young, a Certified Pole Dance Teacher, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and I still dance – a lot. My intention is to encourage all women, regardless of their age or pant size, to get up and dance.   It can change your life spiritually and physically. There is a sense of freedom and confidence that comes with learning to dance. I don’t know that you could ever get it any other way, it’s certification and approvals

I believe in telling the truth and selling quality products, not crap. It bothered me that there were so many junk poles out there for sale that look alike, but were downright dangerous. There was little information to help consumers sift through the lies, so I made a video and shared all my mistakes in buying the wrong poles – while giving them a way to get a good one without the headaches.

I am passionate about what I do and really feel the need to help woman genuinely and deeply feel better about their bodies and who they already are! Pole dancing regardless of your size cleans up all those negative emotions a woman has about herself, whether she realizes it or not. The moment you start to pole dance, you are faced with how you genuinely feel about yourself. Think about it for a minute or two. …… when you think about pole dancing, don’t you start to think things like “I could never do that move!” “Oh lord I’m not that flexible” “I’m too heavy.” “I’m too old” OR “I want to try it, but I better lose some weight!” and so on?

If you just pole dance regardless of how you feel, then you are, in essence, defying those limited beliefs within yourself and soon they lose their hold on you because you stop believing them.

If you don’t try something new, something exciting, something you think you can’t do on a regular basis, then those ugly beliefs win and rule your life!

I believe dance is spiritual.  Dance saved my life and dance brought me back from the dead….

I believe pole dancing is a start to healing, not a trashy sport and I am here to share that with you.

When you buy a product form me, you are abundantly supporting me so I can go on and get the message out to others. I don’t do this just to be cute (although I am cute you must admit), I do it because I care about you and about our planet. Most teachers I know do it for the egotistical attention and while it is a nice benefit to be desired in a sexy way, pole is so much more than that!!

Join me and help me get the word out by supporting this website. Together we can smile and we will!


Each purchase is a vote for what you stand for and what you support in life.

Here, you are voting for health, for confidence to be you from within, and pole dancing as a way of health and emotional well-being, NOT the overuse of sexuality or stripping (no pun intended for ladies who do). We don’t sell “stripper poles” here, we sell dance poles.

As it says on the side of my coffee bag:

Things That Matter In Life:

Being impassioned about something.

Being playful about something.

Telling the Truth.

Loving what you do.

Not being afraid to fail.