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How To Choose The Best Dance Pole For Home Use

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If you’re wondering what is the best dance pole for home, read on to know how to choose the best dance pole kit for your home practice.

So you are shopping for a dance pole for your home. Maybe you are getting started in pole fitness for a workout. Maybe you are getting ready to start a new stripper practice. Or maybe you are just a guy who wants a dance pole in your living room for an upcoming house party. Whether its a bachelorette or bachelor party or simply pole dance fitness at home, it’s essential to learn how to buy the best dance pole for you home based on your unique needs.

Pole dancing poles widely vary. They come in all different shapes, sizes, strengths, and brands. Not all name brand poles are safe for home fitness or pole tricks like inverting. Some poles are designed for fun in the bedroom or party poles. So you walk around the pole and look sexy but you don’t actually dance on it.

So how do you sift through all the available dance poles for home to choose the right one. Especially the one that is actually SAFE and meets your needs without breaking your budget?

It’s easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or plan to be an advanced performer. A person should always buy a sturdy safe pole. Even if you plan to have a party pole where people walk around it for show. It’s best to buy a good quality sturdy dance pole.  You don’t need any accidents or body damage from a crappy pole. Most cheap pole easily break under the pressure.

Tips On Choosing The Best Dance Pole For Home Use

If you aren’t buying a pole for a party, remember, working out, losing weight, dancing, and getting into shape should be fun! The last thing you need running through your mind is whether or not that pole is going to come loose from the ceiling.

Safety is a priority when learning how to choose a dance pole for home use and there is no reason to neglect this issue.

How do you pick a dance pole for home? 

So how do you pick a safe and sturdy pole? Here are a few tips that I have discovered while teaching pole fitness classes:

  • You can get a sturdy pole without paying brand name prices.
  • Not all brand name pole dancing poles are safe like the Spencer’s dance pole and the Carmen Electra Dance Pole for example.
  • Off brands (usually made in China) can be unsafe so you have to know what to look for and yes, most brand names are made in China too.
  • Don’t buy spring loaded poles; get a pole made of good steel.
  • Avoid dance poles with plastic parts
  • Watch out for chrome pole with chipping or peeling chrome.
  • Look for quality bearings in a spinning dance pole.
  • Learn how to properly set up the pole you choose.

To start things off, here is a great video that will give you some pointers about what to look for in a good no brand dance pole for home use:

Step #1: The first step to learning how to choose a dance pole for home use is to decide if you want a static or spinning pole?

Every beginner I have ever taught prefers a spinning pole. They are just plain easier to dance on. A static pole will develop your strength more quickly since you have to really push to get the momentum you need to dance.  Most spinning dance poles can be both static AND spinning – you get the best of both worlds with a spinning dance pole

Step #2: Secondly, does that pole need to be removable or permanently installed?

Most home users will opt for a removable pole. They are easier to set up and you can change your mind about its location without damaging the surface of your ceiling or floor. Not to mention that you can take it down if company arrives or you happen to need the extra space.

A permanently installed pole will damage the surface of the ceiling and floor; however, they are sturdier. If you have a spacious place in your house and you are comfortable with the permanency of a pole, then this option might be best for you.

Step #3: Do you have a budget for your dance pole?

A good brand name pole starts at about $400. When most home users are just using pole dancing for exercise, this equipment cost is a lot. Sturdy off brand poles are for about $200 and are just as safe as your brand names when you know what to look for as shown in the video above. There are cheaper poles, some as low as $60, but they may have flaws that jeopardize your safety.

Some of these flaws include chrome that chips off the pole that will cut you, steel that bends easily when inverting, spring loaded poles that come loose from the ceiling while dancing, bearings that go bad quickly, and so on.

Step #4:  What size, finish type do you want?

This is where things can get tricky.  Dance pole sizes range from 40mm all the way up to 53mm in size with various finish types like chrome, gold, silicone, brass, and stainless steel. There are also powder coated poles that come in colors like pink and black!  The options can feel overwhelming and complicated but don’t worry, you can learn how to choose a dance pole for home use in great detail here =>

Step #5:  Know your ceiling height and available dance space

Not all types of dance pole can fit all types of ceiling heights. In addition, it’s important to set up your dance pole space so you can buy the right pole to fit your unique room. Here is a great article on knowing what type of dance pole will fit your ceiling height:

Other things to consider is the right pole for the flooring type in your home:

Those are the basics of choosing the right dance pole for you : )

I hope this article has helped you and if you have any further question, please just comment below : )

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  1. serena

    Got a question… do you recommend a 45mm or 50mm pole. I see that you sell 45mm pole kits but I don’t see the 50mm. I was told that both have pros and cons. 45mm easier grip and 50mm better to get your legs to hold you. Do you sell the 50mm in a home kit?

    • admin

      I do sell the 50mm kit upon request as well as the different finished for the X-Pole. The 45mm is better for grip than the 50mm pole. The 50mm is a wider diameter. If you are a beginner I recommend the 45mm but it’s basically personal preference.


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