There is huge popularity in pole dancing for exercise but there aren’t studio’s in every town yet. You can take a ballet or Zumba class in most cities, but pole dancing is a different story. In order to run a pole dancing class, it takes quite a bit of an equipment setup and not all people have that kind of facility to open up classes.   Not to mention, there aren’t a lot of teacher who know how to pole dancing for fitness reasons yet either.

So if there are no classes in your area, then that might be the reason you have opted to learn pole dancing at home on your own. Another common reason people learn at home is because pole classes can be super expensive. A private class can be as high as $75 an hour and regular classes in California are as high as $260 a month (for 4 classes in a group). You can take pole dance classes at home for under $20 a month!

Many FEAR learning how to pole dancing in front of other woman publicly. “What if I look bad?” “I think I am too out of shape?” “Maybe I will get ready by learning at home and then go to class so I don’t look bad?” These are all common and normal concerns woman have.

In addition, if you don’t have a flexible time schedule or you have family duties that are higher priority, then pole dancing at home seems like an easier, more comfortable, cheaper, and more convenient way to learn.


Whatever your reason, learning to pole at home can be unsafe (if not done RIGHT).  When careful consideration has been done to be safe, then pole dancing for fitness at home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!!

beginners pole dancing guide


The Very best way to get all the JUICY detail about EVERYTHING you need to know to get started pole fitness dancing at home is by downloading our free pole guide.

This free guide called “Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Pole Dancing At Home” is FULL of more details and juicy tidbits than I can possibly cover here in this article.

But if you don’t want to download the free guide, here is a basic Step by Step summary of how to get started pole fitness dancing at home:

Step1: Be Sure That Learning How To Pole Dance At Home Is Right For Your Individual Situation.

You can use learn pole fitness from home – start to finish.  However, there are many benefits to attending class, even if you only go for a short time.

For example, there you learn to climb up on the pole, do pole spins, tricks, or do something like a pole sit and your teacher can spot you. He or she will be able to physically help you and show you what to do.

When you watch a teacher, you pick up a lot of extra tips about how to do things that aren’t always said in an online lesson (unless they offer detailed videos you can watch at home like the free online beginner pole lessons included in the pole kits.).

In addition, having a spotter is the safest way to learn. You can buy crash mats for home but having the teacher there will help you physically execute moves in a specific way to prevent a fall from happening to begin with.

affordable portable dance pole kit reducedWhen you learn at pole home you don’t have that luxury and a fall off the pole can be dangerous so it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you choose a teacher that offers proper posture, form, dance techniques, and other safety details in their online lessons as a means to prevent injury while practicing at home.

If you have considered the risks and are certain you want to begin your lessons at home then the next step is  buying a safe pole dancing pole for home and learning how to dance safely when you have no spotter.


Step 2: Getting Good Online Pole Dancing Lessons.

The first step is to consider where you will take your pole dance classes online.   Assuming you are learning from home, the best way to get started is to get a kit containing good quality video lessons and a safe dance pole for your home.

The pole must be sturdy and suitable for exercise purposes as well.

You want to choose pole lessons that have detailed instruction regarding how to do moves with proper posture and dance technique so you can prevent injury from happening to you.


There is a certain way to hold your shoulder position, your feet, your neck, knees, elbows, hips, and so on while you execute pole spins. This posture is shoulder blade engaded snapshot 2important for beginners to learn so they don’t get injured AND so they actually look good while they are dancing.


pole dance classes stretchingStretching and flexibility training is also critical in good online pole dancing lessons because it will get your muscles warmed up properly before your pole lessons begin. It has been proven that exercising with cold muscles leads to serious injuries. Not only that, when your body temperature is cold, it is a lot harder to grip the pole dancing pole which in turn can cause you to slip and fall – not what we want.

Everybody loves to skip the stretching and warm up section. Inevitably they feel like they “don’t have time to do it” and this is a huge mistake if you want to learn pole at home.

In addition, some pole moves require a certain level of flexibility to execute.  If you don’t stretch, you won’t be able to do ALL the pole moves available to you.

The best online pole dancing lessons will make these critical points known to you in advance, before you begin.

Aside from the critical posture and stretching points made above, always be sure to learn every bit of information you can about a move before you attempt to do the move.

Good online pole dance classes will strive to help you understand where to place your hands and legs and at the proper angle on the pole. You will also need to know points of contact on your skin for grip.

The teacher will help you learn the move as close to the ground as possible for that move. Almost all moves that are done really high up on the pole can be learned from the floor first. Always learn from the floor first.

You should also learn how to exit the pole spin, trick, or move in the beginning of the lesson is possible.

Lastly but not least important is to use crash mats and get a friend to act as your spotter for more dangerous tricks as you advance from the beginner stages to intermediate and advanced levels.

All the pole video lessons in our shop are taught with these safety, posture, and dance techniques in mind.

Step 3: Buying a Safe Dance Pole and Other Pole Supplies.

metal thickness of Carmen Electra PoleThere are a lot of different dance poles available to purchase on the market.

Some are not made for exercise and are not safe to invert on. They are poles made to dance around, not on. If you are going to learn pole dancing at home, you need to pick a very safe pole so you don’t hurt yourself.

It simply isn’t worth putting your health at risk over saving a few bucks to get a cheaper pole. Look for quality and don’t skimp because of the price.

As seen in the picture to the left, some poles (in this case it was the Carmen Electra Professional Pole) have been made with thin metal which can bend easily and are not recommended for fitness purposes.

A good sturdy pole will be made of thick heavy duty parts that are ALL METAL.

Plastic parts is a sign of a cheaply made pole. Why? Simply put, plastic breaks.

torn plastic threads on carmen electra poleTo the left you will see a picture of a plastic pole part. It’s the adjuster bar and the wrench provided in the package actually ripped away the plastic threads when I tried to tighten the pole to the roof!

For only $20-$40 more you can buy a good, sturdy, and affordable dance pole for home that is sturdy enough for professional and fitness use.



Here is a great video to watch regarding what to look for in a good, sturdy removable and portable pole dancing pole:

GO HERE >> To get a good no brand pole with all the good qualities shown in the video.

Watching many dance pole reviews is a great way to pick a pole for your home as well.

You will also want a pole with a spinning mode. This will come in handy as you advance and spinning poles for pole dancing  make most beginner pole moves easier to do as well.

A good quality pole will support you when inverting (going upside down) and swinging or spinning on it.

Here is a list of pole dancing poles I consider cheap due to the use of thin metal and/or plastic parts that ARE NOT suitable to learn pole dancing at home for fitness reasons for your own research: My Sexy Little Pole, Pro Fit Professional Portable, and the Carmen Electra Professional Pole Kit.

Here is a video review on the Carmen Electra Pole by Peek A Boo:


Here is my list of professional grade pole dancing poles suitable for exercise use and inverting at home:

The Pro Quality 45mm Spinning Pole Dancing Pole , the X Pole X Pert, and the Lil Mynx Rotator.

Reasons I think they are sturdy is due to personal use or experience in my classes, thick solid metal parts, firm and sturdy attachments, quality warranty and strength for safe home dancing

Once you have your new pole dancing pole at home and have chosen your online pole dance lessons, then you want to study how to set up the area in your house and how to improve your grip and clean the dance pole as well.

It is best to use a grip aid when you first begin to learn your pole moves. It takes time for your and muscles to improve and you may not be able to hold your entire body weight up right away.

Grips aids will help you learn and in later stages, help you safely do more advanced moves.

Each grip aid is different and you will choose a different product depending on your skin type and climate.  Here is a video that will help you choose a grip aid.


Depending on the pole you choose, you may have other options like different finish type, different pole diameters, and of course poles for different ceiling heights and angles.  Click the “How To Choose” button below for more details about how to choose the right dance pole for you.

how to choose dance pole button

Crash mats are a nice addition to help improve safety when learning to pole at home.

Crash mats are especially useful for home pole dancers because you don’t always have someone there to spot you. When you are learning alone at home, these mats can help protpole dancing crash matect you in so many ways and are well worth the investment.

You don’t need a crash mat right away if you plan to stay grounded, but as soon as you decide you want to climb the pole, invert, do pole spins, or learn more intermediate spins or move, getting a mat down can help you avoid unnecessary bruising and other injuries.

Crash mats are not a substitute for a spotter in fact, having them and a spotter is best. We all love soft landings!

You can shop for good pole dancing crash mats of various sizes here >>

Studios are required to be at least 4” thick so I recommend you use that thickness at home as well. You can buy thinner crash mats, but they are not as safe in my opinion.

Step 4: Continued Learning with the Right Pole Teacher for YOU in pole dance classes.

Teachers all have different teaching styles and some use heels while others do not. You have decide what you expect to get out of your lessons and then find a teacher that has a similar style to what you want to learn.  Go HERE for a good article about whether or not to use heels. 

A great way to find a good teacher is to watch them dance. Also read their material on their website so that you can better understand how they go about teaching class.

Also, find out if they are certified. Certified pole dance teachers have a better understanding of how the muscles in the body work and this will always help you avoid injury.

Teachers with a background in ballet and other dance forms such as contemporary, jazz and hip-hop can allow them to create very fun routines and in many ways are better than certified pole dance teachers.

Why? Because anyone with a strong dance background, especially in ballet knows the critical value of proper posture, dance technique and stretching. Just because a person is certified in teaching pole dance doesn’t mean they were taught about good dance techniques or how to create good choreography – a VALUE you don’t want to miss!!

Not all dance routines will be sexy either. Some are mainly for fitness reasons. Others are very sexy, are generally danced in heels and are a lot more exotic.

It is safer to dance in bare feet and not use heels, especially when dancing a home. Exercising in heels isn’t good for your back or posture. A good pole dance teacher will be all about good posture and balance muscle structure when you are learning. Heels work against this concept.

There are also pro polers out there who teach and if you aspire to go to elite competitions then choosing them as your teacher will be a good idea.

Here are some good recommendation for getting started with online lessons:

If you are an aspiring competitor who wishes to compete in top athletic competitions try then Open Academy’s Complete Pole Dancing Course is top notch with lessons from world champions you can do in your own home.

If you are an everyday woman looking to get started using pole dancing for fitness at home for fun and exercise try the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Woman.

If you don’t have a pole yet, you can get free online pole fitness lessons for beginners in a pole kit here >>


Step 5: Finally, How To Get The Most From Your Home Pole Dancing Experience.

The very best way to get the most is by joining other woman like you on Facebook. Pole dancing at home can be a lonely experience and leave you in a rut as far as knowing how to continue on.

The pole dancing community is full of loving and supportive woman who will gladly help you along the way and help you to keep going.

Try several different teachers and play with different dance styles. Enjoy the bonding experience with other people you meet online!

This is an important piece to help you keep going in your pole journey. Enjoy!!

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