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How To Start Pole Dancing At Home Using A Dance Pole

Pole fitness at home has been trending and many women want to learn pole dancing at home. Here is all you need to know to learn using your home pole dance pole.

There is a huge popularity in pole dancing for exercise. Many women want to learn to start pole fitness at home. Because unfortunately there aren’t pole dancing classes in every town yet. You can take a ballet or Zumba class in most cities, but pole dancing is a different story. In order to run a pole dancing class, it takes quite a bit of an equipment setup. Moreover not all people have that kind of facility to open up classes. Not to mention, there aren’t a lot of pole dance teachers who know pole dancing for fitness.

How to start pole dancing at home? To start pole dancing at home, first, ensure you have a sturdy pole designed for home use. Choose a suitable space with enough room for movement. Access online tutorials or classes for beginners. Warm-up before each session, focus on your upper body strength and progress gradually while maintaining safety and proper form.

You might have opted to learn how to teach yourself pole dancing at home; especially if there are no classes in your area. Another common reason people learn at home is because pole classes can be super expensive. A private class can be as high as $75 an hour and regular classes in California are as high as $260 a month (for 4 classes in a group). You can take pole dance classes at home for under $20 a month!

How to start pole fitness? There are several ways to approach this but the best way is to have your own dance pole installed at home. In addition to the help of online and in person pole classes, you could advance much faster in your pole dancing journey. This is also considered a great way to start pole dancing at home.

Why Many Prefer to Learn Pole Dancing At Home?

Many FEAR publicly learning how to pole dance in front of other woman. Because they are worried “What if I look bad?” or “I think I am too out of shape?” and “Maybe I will get ready by learning at home and then go to class so I don’t look bad?” These are all common and normal concerns woman have.

In addition, if you don’t have a flexible time schedule or you have family duties that are higher priority, then pole fitness dancing at home seems like an easier, more comfortable, cheaper, and more convenient way to learn.

It is absolutely doable to learn pole dancing at home. And it might even be more fun since you will eliminate the need to be present at a particular time and place to be able to dance. Instead you dance at your own flexible time and learn at your own pace anytime of the day. For example there are some that prefer to exercise and do pole fitness early in the morning and there might not be any pole studio open by then.

Whatever your reason, its important to know learning how to pole at home for fitness can be unsafe (if not done RIGHT). 

When the proper steps have been done to get started safely, then pole dancing at home can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of your life!!

Online Dance Pole Lessons

free pole dance ebook guide everything you need to get started pole dancing at homeIn order to start pole dancing there are many juicy detail you need to know. One great way is by downloading our free pole ebook. This ebook goes over everything in more detail than what this article covers, include different How to:

  • Buy the right pole dancing pole for your unique situation at home.
  • Use emotional and spiritual growth to get better at pole dancing as you get started learning to pole dance for fitness at home.
  • Get started with grip aids for beginners including custom tips for your unique skin type, environment, and dance pole finish.
  • Get started using grip gear to avoid excessive pole burns and bruising which are common for beginner pole dancers.
  • Choose the BEST home pole dancing lessons for your fitness goals.
  • Get started losing fat the quickest way possible while pole dancing at home.
  • And much more!

This free ebook and pole guide called “Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Pole Dancing At Home“. It is FULL of more details and juicy tidbits than I can possibly cover here in this article.

But if you don’t want to download the free guide, here is a basic Step by Step summary of how to get started pole fitness dancing at home:

Step #1: Is Learning Pole Dancing At Home Is Right For Your Individual Situation?

You can start pole dancing for fitness at home – it’s easier than you think.  However, there are many benefits to attending class, even if you only go for a short time. For example, there you learn to climb up on the pole, do pole spins, tricks, or do something like a pole sit and your teacher can spot you. He or she will be able to physically help you and show you what to do.

Is pole dance hard for beginners? Well like almost everything else, as a beginner there is always a stage of getting familiar to the pole and gaining strength through drilling basic moves, but overall pole dancing tend to be fun through out even as a beginner. Most pole dancers will share that they enjoy the journey even as a complete beginner especially when the sport is combined with music and learning dance choreography. This way, before you know it, you will find yourself flowing and performing some tough looking tricks on the dance pole.

When you watch a teacher, you pick up a lot of extra tips about how to do things that aren’t always said in an online lesson (unless they offer detailed videos you can watch at home like the free online beginner pole lessons included in the pole kits.).

How to learn to pole dance? There are two main ways to learn pole dance; at home using online pole lessons or in class with an instructor. Both have its own pros and cons, although online pole lessons are good as an addition to your in class lessons as they improve and speed up your learning process.

Having a Spotter and a Crash Mat

In addition, having a spotter is the safest way to learn. You can buy crash mats for home but having the teacher there will help you physically execute moves in a specific way to prevent a fall from happening to begin with. Click here to get to know some tips to follow if you don’t have a spotter during your practice.

How can I practice pole dancing without a pole? There are multiple practices for preparing your body for the dance pole. Our favourites are stretching off pole and upper body workout to work on the shoulders, arms and chest muscles as they are very useful in most beginner and intermediate moves. Once you are more advanced then you need to focus more on your core muscle as that is where you can level up your practice fast.

When you learn pole dancing at home you don’t have that luxury and a fall off the pole can be dangerous so it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you choose a teacher that offers proper posture, form, dance techniques, and other safety details in their online lessons as a means to prevent injury while practicing at home.

A girl is doing pole fitness at her house

If you have considered the risks and are certain you want to begin your lessons at home then the next step is choosing the best online pole dancing lessons for you and  buying a safe pole dancing pole for home.

Step #2: Start Pole Dancing At Home with the Right Pole Dance Class Teacher for YOU.

Teachers all have different teaching styles and some use heels while others do not. You have decide what you expect to get out of your lessons and then find a teacher that has a similar style to what you want to learn.  Go HERE for a good article about whether or not to use heels. 

Who can teach pole dancing?  To find out if your pole teacher is qualified to teach, find out if they are certified to teach pole dancing and have a dance background. Certified dance teachers have a better understanding of how the muscles in the body work and can guide you better especially to avoid injury. A great way to find a good teacher is to watch them dance to see if their style resonates with you. Also read or watch their material on their website so that you can better understand how they go about teaching their class.

How do you start pole fitness? Pole fitness, similar to other sports requires the user to have its own equipment which in this case is a dance pole and a crash mat for beginners. The next stage would be to focus on choosing and attending the right classes to gradually build up strength and practice different flows and choreographies to enhance your experience with pole fitness.

Also, extra tip in looking for pole dance teachers, teachers with a background in ballet and other dance forms such as contemporary, jazz and hip-hop can allow them to come up with creative and fun routines and in many ways are better than a teacher with just a pole dance background.

Dance Pole Routines for Fitness

Why? Because anyone with a strong dance background, especially in ballet knows the critical value of proper posture, dance technique and stretching. Just because a person is certified in teaching pole dance doesn’t mean they were taught about good dance techniques or how to create good choreography – a VALUE you don’t want to miss!!

Contrary to popular opinion, not all dance routines will be sexy. Some are mainly for fitness reasons or have a more contemporary style. Others are very sexy, are generally danced in heels and are a lot more exotic.

It is safer to dance in bare feet and not use heels, especially when dancing a home. Exercising in heels isn’t good for your back or posture. A good pole dance teacher will be all about good posture and balancing muscle structure when you are learning. Heels work against this concept.

Besides. there are also pro polers out there who teach and if you aspire to go to elite competitions then choosing them as your teacher will be a good idea.

Step #3: How To Choose The BEST Pole Dancing Lessons Online To Start Pole Dancing At Home.

The first step is to consider where you will take your pole dance classes online. Assuming you are learning from home, the best and easiest way to get started is to get a pole dancing kit that include online pole lessons and a dance pole for home.

You want to choose pole lessons that have detailed instruction regarding how to do moves with proper posture and dance technique so you can prevent injury from happening to you.

Take if from somebody who has already been through dance injuries and knows better.

There is a certain way to hold your shoulder position, your feet, your neck, knees, elbows, hips, and so on while you execute pole spins. This posture is important for beginners to learn so they don’t get injured AND so they actually look good while they are dancing. This proper technique is EXTREMELY important if you plan to learn how to pole dance from home.

Stretching and warm up are the important parts of pole dancing. And it should not be dismissed. 

Stretching and flexibility training is also critical in good online pole dancing lessons because it will get your muscles warmed up properly before your pole lessons begin. It has been proven that exercising with cold muscles leads to serious injuries. Not only that, when your body temperature is cold, it is a lot harder to grip the pole dancing pole which in turn can cause you to slip and fall – not what we want.

How to get into pole fitness? To get into pole fitness, find a reputable studio offering beginner classes. Wear comfortable clothing, and don’t be discouraged by initial challenges. Focus on building strength and flexibility through regular practice. Embrace a positive mindset and supportive community to enhance your progress and enjoyment in pole fitness.

Everybody loves to skip the stretching and warm up section. Inevitably they feel like they “don’t have time to do it” and this is a huge mistake if you want to learn pole at home.

The Importance of Stretching Before Pole Practice 

In addition, some pole moves require a certain level of flexibility to execute. If you don’t stretch, you won’t be able to do ALL the pole moves available to you.

It is important to know pole moves are mainly based on the poler’s body weight. which means unlike other sports such as power lifting, you are not dealing with extra weights. But this does mean there is no warm up needed. Stretching and warm up are mainly a way to secure your joints and muscles.

The best online pole dancing lessons will make these critical points known to you in advance, before you begin learning pole dance from home.

Aside from the critical posture and stretching points made above, always be sure to learn every bit of information you can about a move before you attempt to do the move.

Moreover, good online pole dance classes will strive to help you understand where to place your hands and legs and at the proper angle on the pole. You will also need to know points of contact on your skin for grip.

Learn Pole Moves Safely 

Although the teacher and instructor will help you learn the move as close to the ground as possible. However, almost all moves and tricks that are done really high up on the pole can be learned from the floor first. Always learn from the floor first.  You would be amazed that how many online teachers and trainers don’t practice this.

You should also learn how to exit the pole spin, trick, or move in the beginning of the lesson is possible.

All the pole video lessons in our shop are taught with these safety, posture, and dance techniques in mind.

Check out are good recommendation for getting started with online lessons:

As an aspiring competitor who wishes to compete in top athletic competitions, I recommend to try Open Academy’s Complete Pole Dancing Course is top notch with lessons from world champions you can do in your own home.

If you are an everyday woman looking to get started using pole dancing for fitness at home for fun and exercise try the Home Pole Dancing Lessons For Everyday Woman.

And on the event you don’t have a pole yet, you can get free online pole fitness lessons for beginners in a pole kit here >>

a pole dancer is doing a split on a dance pole at home using her free pole dancing lessons

Step #4: Buying a Safe Dance Pole and Other Pole Fitness Equipment Needed To Start Pole Dancing At Home.

Buying The Right Dance Pole

metal thickness of Carmen Electra Pole

There are a lot of different dance poles available to purchase on the market.

Some are not made for exercise and are not safe to invert on. They are poles made to dance around, not on. If you are going to learn pole dancing at home, you need to pick a very safe pole so you don’t hurt yourself.

It simply isn’t worth putting your health at risk over saving a few bucks to get a cheaper pole. Look for quality and don’t skimp because of the price.

If you are on a budget for your next dance pole and considering to buy a used dance pole or a secondhand dance pole, then I highly advise you to read the following content; read more.

As seen in the picture to the left, some poles (in this case it was the Carmen Electra Professional Pole) have been made with thin metal which can bend easily and are not recommended for fitness purposes.

Use A Safe Pole For Pole Dancing At Home

A good sturdy pole will be made of thick heavy duty parts that are ALL METAL. One sign of a cheap pole is the use of plastic parts.  Why? Simply put, plastic breaks.

torn plastic threads on carmen electra pole

To the left you will see a picture of a plastic pole part. It’s the adjuster bar and the wrench provided in the package actually ripped away the plastic threads when I tried to tighten the pole to the roof! Obviously, plastic is a wrong choice of material to use in the pole.

You can buy a good, sturdy, and affordable dance pole for home for only $20-$40 more. Regardless of the pole use; whether if it is for fitness or dancing purpose; the material use in the pole s crucial for the safety. In conclusion, plastic should not be in any part of the pole as it is not a durable product. To know more about affordable dance poles you can read the following article.

What do you need for pole dancing at home? Well to begin with you will be needing a sturdy dance pole and preferably a dance pole with dual function (spinning and static). Once you have that it would be great to add some other additional piece to your dance pole set. Crash mat would always be a great addition as well as grip tac to help you with gripping.

I also have a great video to watch regarding what to look for in a good, sturdy removable and portable pole dancing pole for your home:

YouTube video

GO HERE >> To get a good dance pole with all the good qualities shown in the video above.

Watching many dance pole reviews is a great way to pick a pole for your home as well.

The best choice is a dance pole that is both static and spinning. This will come in handy as you advance and spinning poles for pole dancing  make most beginner pole moves easier to do as well.

What type of pole is best for beginners? The best type of pole is one that is safe and comes with a Seller after-purchase support and warranty.  It is commonly known that the static pole is better for beginners however there are several advantages in owning a spinning dance pole. Due to that we always recommend the dual function dance poles as it allows you to practice on both modes and is superior to a static only pole.

Additionally, there are certain pole moves that is rather difficult to learn on a spinning pole and some moves are easier on a spinning pole. As a result having a pole with dual function can help learning process more efficient and fun.

A good quality pole will support you when inverting (going upside down) and swinging or spinning on it.

I put together a list of pole dancing poles that I consider cheap due to the use of thin metal and/or plastic parts that ARE NOT suitable to learn pole dancing at home for fitness reasons for your own research:

Below is a video review on the Carmen Electra Pole by Peek A Boo:

YouTube video

Here is my list of professional grade pole dancing poles suitable for exercise use and inverting at home:

Reasons I think they are sturdy is due to personal use or experience in my classes, thick solid metal parts, firm and sturdy attachments, quality warranty and brand.

Depending on the pole you choose, you will have other things to consider. Such as; different finish types, different pole diameters and of course poles for different ceiling heights and angles. Click the “How To Choose” button below for more details about how to choose the right dance pole for your home space.

click to find out how to choose the right dance pole


Mats are a nice addition to help improve safety when you start pole dancing at home.

The main reason Crash mats are useful is because you don’t always have someone there to spot you. When you are learning alone at home, these mats can help protect you in so many ways and are well worth the investment.

Topless man leaning on crash mat thinking Pole Dance Mat Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mat Review

It is commonly known that crash mats help by creating a safety during the pole moves. However, the safety purpose is not the only reason to own a crash mat. Moreover, crash mats known to create a sense of mental security. As a result, the beginner pole dancer can learn new tricks without being concern about falling down and mainly focus on learning the moves.

You don’t need a crash mat right away if you plan to stay grounded, but as soon as you decide you want to climb the pole, invert, do pole spins, or learn more intermediate spins or move, getting a mat can help you avoid unnecessary bruising and other injuries.

Crash mats are not a substitute for a spotter in fact, having them and a spotter is best. We all love soft landings!

You can shop for good pole dancing crash mats of various sizes here >>

Studios are required to be at least 4” thick. SIthko I recommend you use that thickness at home as well. You can buy thinner crash mats, but they are not as safe in my opinion.

Step #5: How To Set Up Your Home To Get Started Pole Dancing

Everyone has a unique space in their home. And it can be ultra fun to set up a dance space at home. There are few points to consider before setting up your dance pole space.

This is space for your fitness, fun, and play! A space to enjoy your pole dance routines, feel the music and let your soul soar all while. And above all this is a space for getting the fit and lean body of a pole dancer.

Is it safe to pole dance at home? Yes it is absolutely safe as long as you have a sturdy dance pole as well as some additional safety items such as; crash mat which will help you for moves that needs you to climb the dance pole as well as grip tac which is absolutely essential for most of your pole moves.

a girl practising pole fitness Install Pole at Home & Setup a Pole Dancing Workout Space

Step #6: How To Get The Right Grip Aid and Gear For Pole Dancing At Home

Your first challenge would be getting a good grip on the dance pole. Especially once everything is set up. Also you need to know this is normal so don’t panic. Grip always improves with time and everybody goes through it.

It is best to use a grip aid when you first begin to learn your pole moves. It takes time for your muscles to improve. As a result you may not be able to hold your entire body weight up right away.

Grips aids will help you learn and in later stages, help you safely do more advanced moves. Each grip aid is different and you will choose a different product depending on your skin type and climate.  Here is a video that will help you choose a grip aid.

How do I prepare my body for pole dancing? Upper body and core workouts can be considered as the main physical exercises to prepare your body for pole dancing. And second most important thing would be the daily stretching for two purpose; one to give you the flexibility required for pole moves as well as saving you from possibility of injuries.

A girl practising pole fitness while hanging from a pole using hand grip gel

Step #7: How To Do Pole Dancing At Home On Your Pole Step By Step

Warm Up

Warming up is the safety measure and should not be dismissed. Always ensure you are warmed up before using the pole. 

It’s always important to warm up the muscles before doing any pole dancing.  Cold muscles can be easily injured.  You can two  3 reps of squats as a warm up, a light jog in your living room, or do an active abdominal routine to get your body warmed up.

How do beginners dance on a pole? It is always recommended for beginners to mainly focus on their gripping on the dance pole at first and drill basic moves to condition and prepare the body. Finding the right pole lessons that allow you to gradually build strength and competency would be highly beneficial. The secret to dancing beautifully on the pole and performing tricks all lies in conditioning, conditioning and conditioning. Even experienced dancers continue to drill and condition basic beginner moves as they will remain essential at any level.

Warm up routines can very person by person. However you need to ensure to warm up all the main joints and muscles to avoid injury. Additionally, it is best to focus more on parts that are going to be used more often.

Watch our great video from pole dancing at home series tutorial where I walk you through an entire pole dance class online for free:

A girl is doing an invert on the dance pole thinking How To Learn Pole Dancing At Home | Self Learning Pole Dance

Pole Dance Moves

Can you teach yourself pole fitness at home? Yes it is absolutely possible to learn pole fitness at home. Though some people prefer to learn from in person classes, many pole dancers are self taught and learn to progress through online pole lessons and tutorials for tricks. Find classes and tutorials that can guide you step by step on mastering basic, intermediate and advance moves.

There are plenty of pole moves and tricks available. And every now and then a new pole move will get introduced to the list. However, the fundamental pole moves will mostly remains the same. As a result learning the fundamental moves are rather important, in order to develop pole routines.

Secondly, it is always better to list down the various pole moves. This will help you to develop various pole dancing routines. Pick 2 or 3 of your favorites and focus on getting the pole moves accomplished with ease and proper form. Here is a video where you can learn how to do the Scissor Plank Pole Sit Move:

a pole dancer is doing a plank scissor leg pole move on the dance pole at home

Pole Dance Routines

There are several basic pole moves and these moves are rather easier for beginners. Here I’ll list some of the moves for you to refer to; Fireman, Knee Spin, Back Hook Spin, Front Hook Spin and the Martini pole move. In order to create a pole routine you need to learn at least 2 to 3 moves. Once you understand those pole moves, then you can try to combine them into a fun pole dancing routine. Also music can help making the routines more fun. Make sure to find a song that you like and practice your routines over it.

But don’t worry If you aren’t a great choreographer. You can learn this pole dancing routine for beginner in this video step by step at home:

A female pole dancer is getting ready to learn Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners


It is important to not skip on stretching. And that is because the more flexible you are the better you will get at pole dancing because many of the advanced pole tricks take better flexibility to execute.

Here is a nice and simple Stretch video (P.S. you could use it for a light warm up too if you wanted):

Cool Down

It is important to cool down after every session. And this practise will help you to regulate your blood flow. As a result your body is reversed back to pre exercising mood. Please ensure to stay hydrated through out this whole process.

Can you get in shape by pole dancing? Yes, pole dancing is an excellent full-body workout that can help you get in shape. It improves strength, flexibility, and endurance while engaging various muscle groups. Combined with a balanced diet and consistent practice, pole dancing can be an effective way to achieve fitness goals and tone your body.

Step #8: How To Get The Most From Your Home Pole Dancing Fitness Training For Pole Dancing At Home.

The very best way to get the most is by joining other woman like you on Facebook. Pole dancing at home can be a lonely experience and leave you in a rut as far as knowing how to continue on.

Group activities are more encouraging. And help people to share thoughts and ideas. As a result, people have more incentives to dance and can boost each other’s mood.

How many times a week should you do pole fitness? Pole fitness is quite similar to other types of body building sports. It is best to be consistent to see results but ideally you would need a day or two as your rest days weekly. Most pole dancers find a minimum 3 to 5 times a week would be good frequency to see results.

Supportive community is an important aspect of pole dancing. And It will help learning process much faster and fun. Moreover, the pole dancing community is full of loving and supportive woman. They will gladly help you along the way and help you to keep going.

Try several different teachers and play with different dance styles. Enjoy the bonding experience with other people you meet online!

How long does it take to be good at pole fitness? It is totally dependent on the level of your commitment and background. Moderate sport background as well as dedication are two important elements. You can pass the beginner stage in less than 6 months. Around a 6 months to a year more you can start practicing more intermediate tricks and routines.

This is an important piece to help you keep going in your pole journey. Enjoy!!



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