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I now have access to the lessons. They are great! Your site, videos, and instructions are so thorough, it's so easy to follow.

Andrea Hanson

These Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Online Video Lessons can be instantly accessed and played on ANY mobile device, TV, Ipad, phone, or any place there is an Internet Connection!

  • Flexibility Training

    Full Body Stretches & Stretch Routines to Warm Up Before You Dance.

  • Abs & Leg Toning Routines

    These are Challenging toning exercise routines that you “dance” to music.  Sure to create those long lean lines of a true dancer and those flat and sexy abs you always wanted!

  • Pole Spins & Tricks

    Learn pole spins and tricks like climbing the pole, The SunWheel, The Mini Spin, Front and Back Leg Hooks, Pike Spin, Hook & Roll, Hollywood, The Fireman and Much Much more!!

  • 2 Pole Dance Routines

    Each routine is broken down into step by step lessons where you will learn to DANCE a complete song!  No dance experience required, these lessons will teach you the choreography the easy way.  You could start dancing tonight!

  • Posture, Positions, & Stands

    Lessons on how to hold correct dance posture, correct dance technique, and other tips that will boost your confidence in the way you present yourself during a pole dance routine.

  • Walk, Body Rolls, Slides, and Kicks!

    Learn to walk sexy, roll your entire body with fluidity, slide down the pole with grace, and kick with the strength of a Vixen!

  • Floor Work

    Learn  how to dance on the floor – without looking like a beached whale!!  (joking)  You will look great though!

  • Turns & Transitions

    You will learn how turn properly with strength, grace, and ease, pirouette, and tie it all together with hot transitions!

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