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Best Dance Poles to Buy for Home Use-Buyer’s Guide 2024

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How Do You Know The Best Dance Pole For Home When You See It in 2024?

Understanding how to buy the best dance pole for home use really depends on several factors like:

  1. How you plan to use the pole. Will you be using the dance pole commercially in a studio, at home for fun or fitness, or outdoors?
  2. If you need the dance pole to be removable and portable for a space such as an apartment or rental home.
  3. The current ceiling height of the room you plan to install the dance pole in. As well as any other ceiling heights if you plan to put it in more than one room.
  4. The skin type of your hands in order to get the best dance pole with the easiest grip for you.
  5. The size of your hands, this will affect whether you choose a 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm dance pole for home use.
  6. Environmental factors such as humidity or dryness both inside and outside you house or studio.
  7. If you plan to become a professional pole dance athlete, which will demand a more durable pole.

Dance Pole Kits

There is a growing community of pole dance fitness enthusiasts. Hence the need for home dance pole kits are now in demand. However, at the same time there are a lot of options and accessories available in the market. And they are all with the aim to make sure the pole dance community needs will be well provided. So the more options you have the easier it should be to choose the best dance poles for home or studio use that you need and want…or so we thought.

Turns out, the more options made it harder to decide, not easier as one might think……

This is where dance pole reviews and buyer’s guides come in handy.

So, before we review our top picks and review our favorites, it’s important to understand some things. It is about putting a dance pole in your home prior to buying a dance pole. Dance poles aren’t the cheapest items on the planet. However they are well worth the health and fitness investment. So it’s important to understand some basics before reading our top 5 dance poles for home use. The information can be found towards the end of this blog post.

Is It Safe To Install A Dance Pole In Your Home Or Apartment?

Of course you want to choose a safe dance pole for your home or apartment. Nobody want to start pole dancing at home with a pole that will come loose from the ceiling. Or a dance pole that breaks or cause any other scary problems.

There are many factors that make a dance pole safe for home use. These factors including dance pole quality, spacing when setting up your dance pole, and of course the type of ceiling and floor you have in your home.

This article below will go into depth about safety elements to consider. More specifically before installing a dance pole in your home or apartment:

Safety Tips For Installing a Dance pole in home or studio for beginner Pole Fitness training

If you are living in an apartment, you probably want to respect your landlord and get your deposit back. Don’t worry, it’s very possible and in the same sense, something you would want to think about in advance before deciding on which dance pole is best for your apartment.

Here is a great article on tips for putting up a dancing pole in your apartment:

a woman is doing a split in her house and considering the safe way to install a dance pole in her home

Best Dance Poles For Various Ceiling Heights & Textures

Homes and apartments all have various ceiling heights, most average around 8-9ft. However, there are instances where people have very low or very high ceiling heights to consider. Additionally, ceilings can be slanted or “vaulted” making the installation of a dancing pole more daunting. The good thing is that all good quality home dance poles will have dance pole extension options. So your dance pole can adjust to various heights as well as ceiling mounts to adapt to slanted ceilings.

There are several different types of dance poles for home. Although not all are equally adaptable to all ceiling heights and textures. Here is a great article that goes into depth on the best types of dance poles for various ceiling types:

a pole dancer with the heigh ceiling is doing an invert on her dance pole installed at home

Ceilings can can have various textures like drywall or popcorn for example. Most home dance poles work just fine on the average home ceiling texture. But some homes have popcorn and this is most peoples primary concern. You are probably wondering if dance pole can be installed on the popcorn texture. As well as if it is safe and will it damage the texture.

Check out our new blog on What Pole Is Best For Pole Dancing? Static | Spinning | Dual Function, to help you identify the right choice of dance pole.

Here is a great article that goes into depth about installing a dance pole on popcorn ceilings:

Portable pole dancing pole kit on popcorn ceiling

Best Dance Poles For Various Flooring Types

Just like ceilings, flooring types can be an issue depending on what type of dance pole you buy. You may or may not want the dance pole to be screwed into your floor. And you definitely don’t want to damage fancy floors like tile or hardwood. Especially if you are renting your home or apartment.

For your peace of mind, it’s pretty rare to find a dance pole that can’t be installed on a floor type. Most good quality dance poles work just fine on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors as well as many others.

What is the Best pole for pole dancing? The best pole for pole dancing depends on individual preferences and needs. Consider factors like material (stainless steel, brass, or chrome), diameter, and static or spinning options. Popular brands like X-Pole, Lupit Pole, and Lil’ Mynx offer high-quality options.

If you are looking for a budget dance pole with quality, then check out our PFD dance pole collection.

How the dance pole affects flooring types like carpet versus hardwood floors is different. And you probably want to be aware of these affects before making a final dance pole purchase.

Here is a great article about installing a dance pole on various flooring types:

safe flooring types and carpet for a home pole dancing pole installation and a safe Pole workout at Home

Best Removable and Portable Dance Poles For Home

Removable dance poles are the most commonly purchased dance pole for home. I would say that easily 90% of our sales here on go to removable dance poles. Removable dance poles are also portable in most cases but not ALL cases. The reason this happens is because it’s easier and they adapt well to changes. If you change your mind and want to put the pole in a different room. Or take it down when visitors come over, or you simply move to a different home or apartment. In all these cases the removable dance pole will adapt in most cases.

If you buy a one piece pole, it will only fit the exact ceiling height it was cut for. Also make transporting a lot harder, AND the shipping on these types of dance poles is VERY expensive. Mainly because they are shipped in one long piece versus several shorter pieces that can fit inside a smaller box. This makes the initial purchase price more expensive for you.

Some removable dance poles are more easily portable than others. So asking yourself how often you may want to transport your pole would be an important thing to consider. Especially, before purchasing a removable dance pole for your home. Additionally, some removable dance poles are easier to put up, take down, and store on a frequent basis.

Removable dance poles are also called friction fit dance poles. Here is a great article that goes into friction fit type poles. So you can decide if this option might work best for your home:

A pole dancer is posing on her friction fit dance pole which is installed at her house

Best Spinning & Static Dance Poles For Home Use

Spinning dance poles, which are dance poles that rotate, are also the most commonly purchase dance pole for home because you get both spinning and static dance pole features with a spinning dance pole.

Some people do say to start in static when you first start leaning how to pole dance, however, 99% of the time, people want to try the spinning dance pole.  Why?   It’s fun!!!  Chances are you will want to try the spinning mode very early on in your pole dancing practice.  You won’t want to miss this option.   Yes spinning dance poles are more expensive than those that don’t spin but you will be saving yourself money in the long run and increasing your fun factor during a pole dancing workout with a spinning dance pole.

If you don’t know the differences between a spinning (rotating) dance pole and a static one (doesn’t spin), or you are simply not sure if you should be dancing on one, check out this article that goes into depth on the topic so you can decide what works best for you:

A girl spinning on a spin pole

If you already know you want a spinning dance pole then you can also check out what makes the best spinning dance pole for home use here:

A girl reading our Full Guide On The Best Spinning Dance Poles For Home Use before buying a dance pole

What Size Of Dance Pole Work Best For Home Use?

The most common size that works best for most people is 45mm.   You can get other sizes like 42mm, 40mm, 50mm, and larger sizes that are usually silicone dance poles for advanced dancers.

The only reason you may want to choose a different size other than 45mm is if you want a pole tailored to your hand size for a better grip.   By doing that, you may also cause problems in the long run in the event you choose to do a pole dance competition for example.   Why?  Well most pole dance competitions use a 45mm dance pole and if you have been dancing on a different pole size, then you won’t be able to grip the competition dance pole as well during your performance.

If you want to explore the other various sizes of dance poles, you can do so in this in depth article that will help you choose a good fit for you:

a pole dancer is doing an invert on her dance pole at home with a crash mat

Best Brand Name Poles & Are There Cheaper Options?

This is a big one for most people because the best brand name dance pole are VERY expensive and with all the other cheaper dance pole on Ebay and Amazon, it makes you start to wonder if those will work, especially if you are on a budget.

When I first started teaching pole dance classes, I couldn’t afford the X Poles I wanted so I did buy dance poles from Ebay and Amazon that had good reviews, but there were a lot of complications I ran into and mistakes I wish I never made.

Here is a good article that goes into depth on the best major brands of dance poles versus other cheaper brand options in case you need a little help on a budget like I was when I started:

A girl inverting and thinking the Best Dance Pole Brands To Buy & How To Avoid Scams

When we talk about pole dancing probably the first thing you will think about is a good pole, especially if you are doing pole fitness at home. So what sets apart a good pole from the rest?  Quality, brand, function, portability, dependability, durability and price?  It’s most likely a mixture of all of those factors.

How to Choose the Best Dance Pole

In this article we will review a number of dance poles to choose from and my goal is to help you choose the best pole that will suit your needs and unique form of use, be it home use, or studio use.

There are many great dance pole brands available for fitness or a stripper practice (or both).  Some name brands are trustworthy and safe, while others are not……..

What is the best pole dancing pole? When purchasing a pole dancing pole, determining the ideal choice involves considering various factors aligned with your specific criteria such as; ceiling height, pole material, budget, and additional considerations.

Here in this blog we are going to list down the top 5 best pole for pole dancing available in the market for variety of reasons.

There are reputable name brands of dance poles (like the Carmen Electra Professional Pole or the Spencer’s Spinning Pole) that make “party poles” that are not safe for pole fitness where inverting pole dance moves are involved. They are good to dance around, for fun, but not suitable for more advanced activities like inverted pole spins.

Why is that you might ask? Well, let’s get into the details so you can decide for yourself…………..

The Top 5 Best Dance Poles for Home Use

Which pole is best for home? Here are the top 5 best dance poles for home use;

  1. X-Pole XPert
  2. Lupit Classic
  3. PFD Pro Quality
  4. Lil Mynx
  5. Lupit Stage

#1 X-Pole XPert – One Of The Best Dance Pole Brands For Home Use & Most Expensive

PX45CR Set PX model X Pole XPert portable removable dance pole

This name brand has been around from sometime and you’ve probably heard about this even before coming to this site.

Dubbed as the “ultimate dance pole” the Xpert X-pole is one of the most trusted poles in terms of stability and dependability with lot of features to boast:

Made with their patented X-joint technology, this X-pole XPert is one of the bests offered in the market with a nearly solid X Joint that expands & contracts to hold pole pieces together instead of screw-together-type threads. This technology is exclusive to the X-Pole brand and increases pole stability, especially for very tall ceiling heights requiring a removable pole.

The x joint withstands centrifugal force and horizontal strain better than screw together type dance poles.  Now bear in mind, NO pole was designed to withstand horizontal strain.   If a large person was to run at the dance pole and take a very large swing with a lot of force, you could bend the pole (especially if it is tall).  NO dance pole was designed to take that kind if impact, however, the X Joint by X-Pole is more tolerant to that kind of behavior which comes in handy when two people are swinging on the dance pole at once, like in doubles pole dance competitions for example.

X-Pole Height Adjustability

The X-Poles are also the most versatile and adaptable pole you can buy, hands down.  They have a very wide variety of extensions which allow the dance pole to remain removable and adapt to ceiling heights ranging from 7′ to 14’3″ tall!  If you changed building locations, the X-Pole has the greatest chance of adapting to extreme changes.

Additionally, X Poles have  a large variety of finish types available to suit a persons needs including brass, silicone, stainless steel, colored powered coated finishes, and titanium gold.   And, if that weren’t enough options, you can also get various sizes (circumference) like 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 48mm, and 53mm.   Not all sizes are available in all finish types.

You can learn how to choose the best size of dance pole for you here =>

You can learn how to choose the best dance pole finish type for you here =>

Long story short, X Pole has the most flexible options, however, there are so many, it can be very confusing.  You will need to do some research to find the best X-Pole fit for you.

Main features:

  • Best range of extensions to adjust to various ceiling heights.
  • Best range of finish types for skin and environmental living spaces.  Comes in six different finishes-  suits to whatever finish you want and need they have. Available in Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Silicone, or Powder-Coated Finishes.
  • Bottom loading feature– world’s first!  Allows a no-ladder-needed installation, you just need to install the bottom mount in place and extended the upper portion
  • Static and spinning functions – two settings in one pole! You get to do simple to more advance tricks with more freedom to choose between spinning and static pole function. A feature that not every pole has, two hex screws on the bottom allow you to change from spinning to static mode easily.   The XPert Pro pole has an easy X-Lock feature that turns on the base, eliminating the use of any hex keys!   You can get a static only X-Pole for a cheaper cost.
  • Comes in  40 mm, 45mm and 50 mm – 45mm is the industry standard and the most popular and reliable for strength and support when pulling off more advanced or rigorous tricks.  40mm is for smaller hands and the 50mm seems a bit large for most people and usually used in stripper clubs.
  • Adjustable for various ceiling heights Standard kit can fit ceiling heights ranging from 7’4″ to 14’3″.  For Ceilings TALLER than 9, there are extra extensions you can buy.
  • Completely portable – it breaks down in pieces for easy transportation.
  • Uneven floor friendly –It even features a Micro-Articulating Base for uneven floors.
  • Removable and portable – for easy transportation
  • Weight limit – 300+ pounds


  • There are many visible holes in the side of the dance pole due to the X Joints.  If you like a dance with NO holes and more seamless look, check out my #2 review on the Lupit Classic.
  • X-Pole has a LOT of options and you have to learn a lot in order to decide which purchase is right for you.   All the extension options stress people out.
  • Price, they are one of the most expensive poles you could possible buy.  Not affordable for most people and if you don’t know you want to commit to pole fitness yet, then starting with a cheaper dance pole brand would work better for you to get started and then you can upgrade to a better pole later on down the road.
  • No refund policy, all sales are final – no matter what you reason is.
  • There are no permanent pole options, only semi permanent by using a ceiling mount that screws into the ceiling.   X-Pole don’t screw into the floor.

This pole is undoubtedly highly recommended for its strong, top of the line features. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, for studio and home use.  It will be worth your money for sure if you can invest the money up front.

Now, plan to buy one!  (Price starts at $299.99 plus shipping)

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#2 Lupit Classic – Best Portable and Removable Dance Pole To Take Up And Down Daily

Lupit Diamond G2 Quick Lock Dance Pole

The Lupit classic dance pole is a stainless steel or chrome dance pole, removable and multi-piece pole making it easier to move from one house/room to another. Designed for quick installation no drilling and screwing required and can be set-up or dis-assembled in just a few minutes.

Easier and faster to install (or take down) than X Pole XPert and the Pro Quality Pole.  Quality rubber surface, unique upper disc Flex System and patented Safety Block Nut ensure maximum safety.

Lupit is a newer brand in the USA but the brand is highly dedicated to pole fitness with many world pole dance champions as ambassadors worldwide.   Their products are made from VERY good quality materials and practical and updated designs, in fact, it’s so good, it’s something we believe is a close rival to X Pole!

Other FEATURES include:

  • Spinning and Static mode
  • You can upgrade to get some BLING on the dome and with the Lupit Diamond G2 Dance Pole.
  • Quick Lock (easy switching between static and spinning) available when you purchase the G2 Quick Lock Lupit Classic Quick Lock Dance Pole or Lupit Diamond G2 Quick Lock Dance Pole
  • Smooth and Unique tube Joint system making it by far the easiest dance pole to get up and down.
  • Smooth pole design all the way!  NO HOLES in the dance pole as you will find in the X Pole Brand and Pro Quality Dance Pole.
  • Upper disc flex system absorbs bending force and distributes it equally. Upper Disc measures 8″ across (diameter) and works with a flat ceiling ONLY.  
  • Lower base articulates for uneven floors.
  • Diameter 42mm (1.65in) great for smaller hands or the 45mm is the perfect grip for most dancers and general use.You can find more info on determining what pole size is best for you.
  • Extendable for ceilings from 6ft 8.8in to 9ft 2.2in – basic kit.  An extra 500mm extension can be purchased separately to reach a maximum height of 10ft 5.9in.
  • Quadruple ball bearing system for a very smooth spinning experience and built to handle heavy pressure loads made with advanced automotive and aerospace technology.
  • Safety block nut blocks the pole against loosening
  • Pole is easy to clean and maintain
  • Weight Limit: Tested up to 440lbs.
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Chrome finishes.  Stainless steel inside and out –will stand up to rust in the long run far better than any chrome plated/finished pole.  Learn more about choosing a type of dance pole finish that fits you best
  • Smaller dome, easier to transport, more lightweight.
  • Adapts to a Lupit Vaulted Ceiling with a mount that can be purchased separately.
  • SAFE for pole fitness and advanced inverting tricks when installed correctly!
  • Longer Manufacturer Warranty
  • Lupit also makes the best crash mats for dance poles!


  • Separate Lupit Carrying Bag is not included – it’s $69 extra – but at least they have available: )
  • Limited finish type options, however they do have the most commonly used ones.
  • It won’t go higher than 10’5”.
  • No Permanent installation options, HOWEVER, since the upper and lower disc is made of metal, you an screw some holes in the base and/or dome and customize this pole yourself to become a permanent install with the help of a qualified carpenter without damaging the pole, something you cannot do with other poles that have a dome, like the X Pole for example.
  • Cost, it’s on the higher side of the price range, however considering the quality I feel it is well worth the price!

With Lupit as a brand name who is trust worthy and the way this pole was built and customized this product is highly recommended!

Here’s to a summary of the Lupit Classic dance pole review  (Price starts at $309.99 – $349.99):

Lupit classic steel dance pole review

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#3 PFD Pro Quality – Best Home Dance Pole Of Highest Quality On A Budget

portable removable spinning static home dance pole kit for sale for studio fitness workout exercise dancing with lessons online

The PDF Chrome Pro Quality dance pole is the best-seller for beginners, amateurs, and professionals of all age and sizes at and for good reason.   This screw together type dance pole isn’t made just like every other screw together type dance poles that look similar.

This dance pole is the best option for a safe, good quality dance pole when you can’t afford one of the better brands like X Pole or Lupit for example.

It’s proven to be a fabulous starter dance pole, we have used them to teach pole fitness classes for years and that stand up to commercial and home use very well.

Since we have already written an article regarding the details of this pole as compared to other brands, we won’t repeat it all again here, but you can click on the image below to read a review on the dance pole:

Woman dancing using a chrome pro quality portable removable dance pole kit

If you wonder what makes this dance pole different from other dances pole that look similar?
Go here for an in depth video dance pole review of the differences between these types of dance poles =>

The PFD Chrome Pro Quality Portable Removable Dance Pole Kit has the following features which are almost similar to what you will find (or even more) with other dance pole kits.


  • It is produced with the highest standards to bring you the best pole experience on the market featuring high quality – easy-to-grip chrome, smooth advanced bearings, extra wide dome, articulating base with strong stem support, screw together joints, and ALL metal parts.
  • Extra thick, soft rubber on dome and base.
  • Thick metal construction that will not bend during inverting or exercise. Screw Together Type construction.
  • Bearings that WON’T freeze up after a few months of use.  Upgraded removable bearing for smoother spinning action and longer durability.  All bearings can go bad over time depending on type of use, removable bearings are best so the bearing can be replaced as opposed to buying a whole new dance pole.
  • Reinforced metal joints.
  • 45mm (1.75in) CHROME that doesn’t chip or peels off.
  • All metal construction, no plastic parts.
  • Extra wide dome with soft flexible and wide rubber.
  • SPINNING & STATIONARY – easy lock on base for both spinning and static modes.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – the new 45mm contains all the parts needed for a dance pole ceiling height from 7’4″ (88″ or 2235mm) to 9′ (108″ or 2745mm).MAX height that can be achieved with this pole is 10ft with an added 500mm extension. Extensions to go higher than 9ft are sold
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 440lbs
  • Convenient portability with the black carrying bag (included in the dance pole kit)
  • Smooth installation
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Lower Cost without compromising quality.  To those who are looking for a good quality in an affordable price, this one is perfect for you! This product has a lot of positive reviews from users!
  • Longer Warranty.
  • Includes online pole dancing lessons for beginners at home.


  • Base of dance pole is bigger compared to other dance poles, however, that doesn’t bother most people.
  • Screw together type dance poles do take a little more time and effort to install and uninstall compared to the Lupit Classic Dance Pole the XPert Model X Poles which slide together.
  • You can take this pole up and down everyday, but if you have to unscrew all the pieces after it has been installed for several months or years, they can get pretty tight and stick together required some extra effort to get them apart.
  • No permanent installation options, just semi-permanent with an extra ceiling mount.

(Price starts at $189.99)

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#4 Lil Mynx – Best Home Removable Dance Pole For Easy Of Use To Take Down Daily

Lil Mynx spinning pole dancing poles in different colors

Lil Mynx brand has been around for a very long time, longer than X Pole (Im pretty sure but don’t quote me).

They have a patented design on there pole, they care about the pole dancing community, attend many national competitions to promote their products.

Their dance poles are made of stainless steel materials and are offered in a variety of colors, the Lil Mynx Rotator Stripper pole version is one that can be ranked with other good quality poles in the market.

Main Features:

  • This pole can be installed in rooms with 8 to 10 feet ceiling in height, package comes with ceiling mounts and an extra grip ring for secure installation (If you have rooms with ceiling below 8 feet, you can actually order a custom Rotator dance pole for shorter ceilings. An option you don’t get with all other dance pole brands)
  • Super easy to take down everyday, in fact, it’s probably the easiest pole to take down and put back up everyday with the Lupit dance poles coming in second for easy put and take down speed.
  • Made from High quality stainless steel and designed in a one piece unit.
  • Comes with a unique and highly functional ceiling mounts so no need to drill holes in areas you want to install this polished pole. (designed for carpeted floors but The use of non-skidding pad is recommended  in rooms with hard wood flooring,)
  • Light weight (weighs 20 lbs.) but can sustain dancers that weigh 200-250 lbs
  • Available in 45mm and 50mm in diameter
  • Chrome polished finish in a more affordable price.
  • Both a spinning and static dance pole. You have the option to use a stationary or a rotating unit, and this can be done by adjusting the lock that comes with this pole. This one is the easiest to put into spinning and static.
  • Long Warranty. They offer a longer 1 year Limited Warranty, but no returns are allowed unless it’s defective.


  • You cannot use the entire length of the dance pole to dance on because the top 12″ (roughly) of the pole is a spring mechanism that helps with the easy of installation. If you pull down on that mechanism, the pole will come loose from the ceiling – so don’t dance on it.
  • Not easily portable. While it is very easy to remove, it’s not as portable because it remains on long piece. It’s doesn’t break down into smaller pieces that can fit inside a carrying case for transportation.
  • It’s not easy to store, again, due the fact that it stays in one long piece. You would need a closet or space under the bed to accommodate a very long pole piece.
  • Carrying cases are an Extra cost, it is not included AND its super expensive.
  • Perfect for carpeted floor which not everyone has BUT a skidding pad is available for non carpeted room/hard wood flooring.
  • With features that give you ease and security, is dependable and durable this product can give other high quality pole a run for their money!

To make things easy, check the Lil Mynx Rotator review here (Price starts at $289)

A pole dancer is using lil mynx dance pole in her home

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#5 Lupit stage – Best Lightweight Freestanding Dance Pole For Extra Tall Ceilings

Lupit Portable Freestanding Dance Pole Stages

Now for those who do not want a permanent or semi permanent pole, this can be for reasons like extra tall ceilings. And in many cases you are renting a house. Or maybe you are the one who is always on the go (even with their poles haha), then this Lupit Pole stage is for you

Lupit pole stage is a portable dancing podium that is easy to assemble. And gives you the luxury of using the stage wherever you please – indoor or outdoor.

Main features:

  • The lupit pole quick lock- is unique fast locking system giving you easy transition as you can easily change from spinning to static and vice versa! No hex keys and screws needed, just the simple twist of the locking ring on the lower bearing system.
  • High quality stainless steel,45mm, with long or short leg options.
  • Very good spin quality (Even Marion Crampe would agree)
  • Easiest and Lightest Portable freestanding dance pole to carry around and install.
  • Usable pole height: 9’2”
  • Carrying Bag with wheels offer easy portability!!  Must be purchased separately.
  • Stage panels are made of extremely durable plastic making it a LOT easier to install and transport as opposed to other freestanding dance poles.


  • Since it’s not a ceiling to floor pole some find it shaky. And might not feel as secured as the regular poles they are used to. This is normal and some pole flex can happen in stage poles.
  • Cost, stages are VERY expensive, be prepared to spend $1000 plus.
  • It’s a very large piece of equipment and the set up and take down is harder than the standard friction fit dance pole kits you can put in your home.

Overall, for its sleek design and dependability I would highly recommend this brand. Especially for the always-on-the-go pole enthusiasts!

Guide for Lupit Pole Stage installation:  (Price starts at $999) *with carrying case: $1099

Compare The Lupit Stage to the X-Pole Stage Lite In This Video Review:

REVIEW Side by Side Comparison X Pole X Stage Lite & Lupit Freestanding Portable Dance Pole

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Why Cheap Home Dance Poles Aren’t Always The Best

You may think it is absurd because, “Why would I buy something so expensive when I can just buy the cheap ones?” think again! What are the pros and cons of buying cheap items? It may look nice like the expensive ones. However, durability may become as an issue in the long run. Cheap doesn’t always mean it’s safe either.

There sure are a lot of things you need to consider like “How it’s made?”, “Are the materials strong and durable?”, “Is it truly safe to install in your home?”, and “Is it safe for the type of activity you plan to do on it?”.

Being in love with pole dancing, you may want to think over and over again on buying your dance pole. You may want to check out how the other dance poles with ‘cheaper’ prices may serve you before committing.

Screw together type dance poles were first made by X Pole. And then replicated in China (where X Poles are also manufactured) for deeply discounted prices.

The original X Pole that screws together is no longer made or sold by X Pole. However, there are a host of other companies (including that sell similar versions of these dance poles.

But what REALLY sets them apart because they are look the same in the photos right? This video review WILL SHOCK YOU as it reveals exactly how these commonly made dance poles are NOT alike. Even though they may look alike:

YouTube video

The version of dance pole I talk about in the video that has all the good qualities in a screw together type dance pole is the PDF Pro Quality Dance Pole.

List of Frequently Asked Questions When You Want to Buy A Dance Pole

Is a 40mm or 45mm pole better? The 40mm grip size is commonly known to be an easier than 45mm. However, it is better to start your pole fitness with the 45mm which is an international standard. The 40mm is more suitable for kids and younger adults. Otherwise we would highly recommend the 45mm as it is mainly used in most studios and dance pole classes. Read More..

Is Chrome, Stainless steel or Brass a better for pole dancing? Chrome dance poles are the most popular finish type and that is why they make an awesome choice for pole dancers as this finish type is found in most pole studios and in pole competitions. It is also a very suitable finish for beginners and across more skin types. Some people do prefer Brass and Stainless Steel dance poles especially if they have a different skin type or live in a particular climate. However, the chrome dance pole is suitable for most climates types and it is known to be an easy maintenance dance pole. Read More..

Is Static or Spinning pole better? Both types of dance poles have their own advantages, as such it is ideal for a pole dancer to be able to train on both modes. Our best seller poles are the dual function dance poles so look out for dance poles that can switch easily between the two modes. Read More..

Are home pole dancing pole safe? Same as almost all sports, pole fitness has its own risks and possible injuries. However it is safe to say that if you purchased a quality dance pole from a reliable seller and followed the proper manufacturers installation and use instructions, then it is safe to have the dance pole installed at your own home. Read More..


Verdict: I would strongly recommend the first top 5 poles I reviewed above. Their more expensive prices are due to their better quality and dependability:

  1. X-Pole XPert Pro dance pole for home
  2. Lupit Classic G2 Quick Lock Dance Pole
  3. PDF Pro Quality Dance Pole
  4. X Pole X Stage Lite – Freestanding Dance Pole Kit
  5. The Lupit Freestanding Dance Pole Stage

Let’s admit it, the cheaper ones are more tempting to buy. Especially for those who are just beginning to practice or who are interested in pole dancing and does not have much budget to spend for a pole they can use at home. But you wouldn’t want to trade your safety for a cheaper pole that may not be very safe for home use. One large medical bill could have bought you a whole studio full of great quality dance poles!

Make a balanced and healthy choice for you and you only. You know your own budget best, you know what you want to do with the dance pole, and you know your own expectations better than anybody. I hope this article helped you decide what dance pole might be best for you and your unique situation 🙂

Is there something I haven’t covered here? If you have any questions at all just let me know in the comments below!

Happy spinning!


  1. Mariska R A Miles

    Helen Campbell
    Looks like I have some research to do ??

    • Helen Campbell

      Mariska R A Miles yes you do without breaking your neck ?

    • Danna

      Research is always a very good thing when buying a great dance pole!!

  2. Beccy Snell

    Bernie Lizzie for if we decide to get one.

    • Beccy Snell

      Bernie Snell not sure.


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