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The Xpert Pole by X Pole | Is It Worth The Extra Money?

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One of the biggest questions I get asked is if the Xpert Pole by X Pole is worth the extra money. Many people are on a tight budget these days. No doubt everyone wants the best pole dancing pole for home but when there are cheaper no brand dancing poles on Ebay and Amazon, it’s get tempting to go the cheaper route.

We all know that no brand or “off” brand home dancing poles are not as “professional” and not as good as the X Pert X Pole. X pole are leaders in their industry and have developed a pole that overcomes most of the common problems and makes pole dancing at home and professional easier for everyone.

The X Pert X Pole sports the following features:

  • Both Spinning & Static Mode
  • Exceptionally solid chrome finish
  • Bottom adjusting installation adjuster bar
  • Superior Hex nuts and keys
  • And bearings that practically never fail
  • Not to mention the X Joint, a very solid yet flexible design safe for everyone.

The question isn’t whether the X pert X Pole is worth the money because it clearly is, the real question everyone wants to know is if they can compromise by going a cheaper route in a safe way because they CAN’T afford the very best.

I know how you feel, I couldn’t afford X Poles when I first started teaching pole classes, and I bought cheaper poles off Ebay and Amazon and made a ton of mistakes.  I did learn how to buy a good pole and I still use my Pro Quality No Brand dance pole to dance on at home till this day.

Here is a video of what I learned during my pole buying experiences:

YouTube video

It’s ok to not be able to afford the X Pole, they are expensive but for good reason. It isn’t cheap to produce a good pole like that.

However, that doesn’t mean that cheaper models are not safe and NO GOOD.

You have options if you just can’t afford the X Pole, just know that there are cheaper pole dancing poles that are not safe to dance on at home. You need to know what to shop for in a good home dancing pole.

Buying the cheapest pole you can find can actually be hazardous to your health!

A good quality professional No Brand dance pole will have the following features:

  • Both Spinning and Static Mode
  • A good quality chrome finish that won’t chip or peel
  • Good bearings that won’t freeze up on you and stop spinning in a month
  • Solid steel construction that is thick and won’t bend during inversions
  • Soft rubber on the dome and base. Some model poles have upgraded from the Rubber to TPE Padding on the dome and base, namely the Pro Quality Powder Poles and Pro Quality Colorful poles to enhance gripping quality.

The disadvantages of going with a cheaper yet pro quality no brand home dancing pole are:

  • It will most likely screw together. The X Joints in the X Pert are faster and easier. I am not an engineer and it is unknown to me which one is safer. I have never had an issue with the joints in my cheaper Pro Quality dance pole or my Xpert Pole.
  • You will be adjusting the pole at the top and will need a ladder. The X Pert Pole adjusts at the bottom and no ladder is needed.
  • You will most likely not get a carrying bad with a cheaper dance pole. The X Pert X Pole comes with a nice black bag, making it easier to transport.

I hope this helps you make a good decision for you and your financial picture. In the end, you must decide what is best for you and your situation.

Good luck and take good care of you 🙂


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