Spiritual Growth For Dancers

Dance is Spiritual.

Dance is a form of spiritual growth and soul movement. 

You only reach your best potential and your best YOU when you let go and truly express yourself in dance.

The process of dancing in of itself is therapy for the individual and has the capability to help your soul ease damaging and limiting thoughts while simultaneously allowing space for new energies to reside like increased confidence, the ability to be the sexual being you ARE, the ability to be the unique YOU you are and relax, the ability to express yourself in a genuine and honest way without being stifled by the fear and judgments of others.

Dance is magical in this way!  Pole Dancing in particular is ESPECIALLY magical in this way for women.

The very act of allowing yourself learn to pole dance for fitness, fun, for your husband, or boyfriend will CHALLENGE your limiting beliefs about yourself.  Beliefs like > “I’m too fat and ugly”  “I don’t feel sexy”, “I look like an awkward dork”, etc, etc.   You know them, you have heard that voice in your head.

To get better at pole dancing and dance your fullest you must evolve on a soul level.  You must learn to let go of all those nasty negative beliefs about yourself and your current capabilities in order to TRULY enjoy dance and express yourself in a genuine way.

For the reasons above, I have created a page on this website for spiritual growth as a way for dancers to evolve, grow to their full happiness capacity, to finally feel comfortable in their own skin, feel the sexy self they already are, and walk through their dance and DAILY LIFE with a smile and confidence.  Whether you are pole dancing for fitness or fun it doesn’t matter, these spiritual growth principles and practices apply to you and can be beneficial if you allow it.

Below I will be sharing more tips and practices I use to elevate my life and strip away those limiting beliefs so that I can be all that I can be.  These practices will DRASTICALLY improve your dancing, reprogram your body for easy fat loss, and re-program your mind to be positive, confident, and healthy.   This means more happiness!  Yahy!!!

The first and most important step you can take to drastically improve ANY area in your life is mastering SELF LOVE : )  Doesn’t that make you tingle a little?  Or maybe wanna cry?  Just a little?

It does me.  

For now – check out the articles below to get started leaning how to use pole dancing to cultivate more love for yourself and begin your spiritual growth journey with pole dancing.


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