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Pole Dancing Workouts For Women | Escape Boredom & Negative Self-Talk

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All us women know that working out, being fit, and striving to be healthy is part of life. We also know that the regular gym workouts can get boring, yet we must keep dredging forward if we want to burn the fat and keep the progress we have created thus far.

Pushing yourself through a workout you hate is the worst feeling, but the good news is that there are many workouts for women that are so fun and so enjoyable that you forget you were even exercising for an hour.

Dancing has been the standard way for women to enjoy a new workout and escape the boredom of getting fit at home or in a gym. We love all kinds of dancing workouts including Zumba, Jazzercise, Step Aerobics to cool music and any other form of fitness that gives us an excuse to shake our booty to music. Women love to dance!!!!

I’m hopelessly addicted to dancing and it’s the ONLY way I will get fit. I just get too bored otherwise trying to do repetitive exercise routines that are not musically choreographed. Once I’m bored then I quickly fall back on that self-talk (sometimes negative I must admit) as a means to PUSH myself to go. I hear myself say things like “you better go or that fat will come back” “Those thighs are looking a little bumpy!” AHHHHH! Why do we talk to ourselves that way!? But it’s true, we all have this negative self-talk we use to make ourselves do something we truly don’t want to do in our hearts.

It’s not a crime to hate doing lunges one more day but boy do we PUNISH ourselves like it is a crime if we don’t do them! Yuck, join me and let’s escape this rut together …. AND DANCE!!!

A pole dancing fitness workout for women has always been my “negative self-talk” escape from the workout boredom black hole! More specifically, you guessed it; pole dancing workouts for women is an even better fix!

Why?! Well for those of you girls who already own a pole dancing pole for your home workout, you know how much fun it is and you know how time just flies by when you’re having fun pole dancing for fitness. Keep reading to learn how to expand your home pole dancing workout.

For those of you who haven’t got up enough guts to try any pole dancing workouts for women, then you are in for a real fun and sexy treat! Many women start by going to a local pole dancing class, however, even if a woman have access to a class, many women don’t like to go because they don’t want to learn to pole dance or move sexily in front of strangers. The good news is that you can do a pole workout at home just for yourself, for fun, for fitness, to prepare for a live pole dancing class in your town, or ALL of the above.

During a pole dancing workout, you can expect several things:

  1. You will learn beginner pole dancing moves one by one OR in a beginner pole dancing workout routine to music (which is the way I prefer to teach it.) Moves are learned as you learn to dance the routine, this makes class A LOT more fun.
  2. You will be given strengthening exercises that are ballet-inspired and dance oriented so that you get stronger, leaner, AND you start to learn to move like a dancer – gracefully & sensuous – hopefully J These pole dancing exercises are not your regular lunges or boring dumbbell routines. These strengthen while creating better balance amongst many other things.
  3. You will learn dance inspired stretches that work your muscles (yes I said WORK) and lengthen them back out for those long lean gorgeous muscular lines.

Of course, all of the above is what you can expect from my home pole dancing lessons; I cannot speak for every pole dancing class on the planet.

In the end, you must pick pole dancing lessons that are right for you, your home, and how you plan to use your dance pole.

To get started all you need is a good quality pole dancing pole for your home, some good “fitness oriented” pole dancing lessons for beginners (yes you can buy lessons that are not fitness oriented :/), and yourself in comfy workout clothes and bare feet!  (You can get both in a pole dancing workout kit)

Sometimes beginners will need things like grip aids for their dance poles or crash mats, but those are things that can be bought after-the-fact once you know you need them for your individual use and workout at home.

So, END the negative self-talk, get up off your tush and pole dance through your workout! Life is too short to hate your workout OR your beautiful bodies, no matter what size you are right now!

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