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Pole Dance Classes Or Online Lessons – Which Is Right For You?

by | Oct 21, 2013 | 8 comments

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2018)

There are many different ways to take pole dancing lessons including taking a local pole dancing class, online pole dancing lessons, or instructional’s like DVD’s, pole dance workout video downloads or Ebooks.

But which is right for you?

This is a common question and it really depends on what you need to get out of your pole dancing lessons.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself when preparing to buy a pole dancing lesson:

Do you feel intimidated about going to a pole classes with others or are you shy?

If so, you may not want to take a local pole dancing class.  Learning how to feel sexy is somewhat of an awkward and insecure process at first – that’s normal.  Many women prefer to go through this in privacy.  The intimidation of other women watching them try to act sexy in class is well …… awkward!

Learning how to pole dance through a digital media like a video, online pole dance lessons, DVD’s etc., are going to be a better bet for you.

Are you a full-figured girl?  Do you need to lose some weight?

Pole is a great way to lose weight and Square-BAnner-1exercise.  You can get a fit body and in the best shape of your life pole dancing, I lost 30 pounds!

Full-figured woman need pole dancing lessons that fit their needs.  You are not going to want to walk into a pole dancing class and feel out of place because all the other girls are doing fancy moves.  You will want something slower; lessons that will help you learn to feel sexy while you are getting in shape.  You will also want lessons that will help you do a pull up on the pole along with basic and easy pole dance moves until your fitness levels improve.  Your lessons should be tailored for fun, sexiness, sassiness, not overexertion.  Avoiding heels is also best.

The problem with this is most of the online pole memberships are pretty advanced and will be of no use to the full-figured woman.  It would be like sending a toddler to a marathon, their bodies are not ready and it isn’t even fun to try.

Most pole dancing DVD’s are the same, you will really have to shop hard to find easy pole dance moves suitable for you.  However, in our online pole dancing workout lessons, we have a Full-figured section just for you and when you’re ready, you can advance as your fitness levels allow.
Think Your TOO BIG To Pole? Think Again! Watch this video!

Are you a beginner pole dancer who started learning you your own, but got stuck trying to progress or create routines?

One thing is for sure, its fun learning all those pole dance moves, but after a while, you will want to dance.

Let’s face it; we are not all born choreographers.

Stringing all those pole dance moves into a dance routine can be the headache of your life.

In addition, taking a pole dancing classes in your town may not be feasible if you already know what you are doing to a degree.  Nobody wants to pay for a class to be taught what they already know.

Finding lessons that are largely based on pole dance routines will benefit you the most.

Try our online pole dancing lessons.  Here is a FREE POLE DANCE WORKOUT VIDEO LESSON:

We have several pole dance routines for all fitness levels.  You will get the break down of individual moves if you need them.   As your dance technique improves, you will naturally be able to execute those harder pole dance moves you have been working on.

Are you trying to become a professional pole dancer through online lessons?

I believe that good training should start in the beginning of your learning process. If you aspire to go pro, our lessons are a great start, however, adding lessons from recent pole dance competition winners is important as well.  You can get more training with winners like Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, and Jamilla Deville at Open Dance Academy.


Remember, you can take our online pole dancing classes everywhere there is an Internet connection including (but not limited to):

UK, Canada, Australia and US in every state!


  1. Roni

    What’s the difference between the monthly course ($20), vs the one time payment of $47?


    • Danna

      You get a lot more in the monthly membership AND the monthly membership is updated with new lessons and routines monthly so you never get bored!

  2. Natasha

    I have a question – Are the videos available to watch in europe? I come from Slovenia and i want to buy your training program and I just want to be sure.
    Thank for informations.
    I love your videos.
    Have a nice day.

    • Danna

      Yes they are available to watch ANYWHERE there is an Internet Connections. The lessons are streamed online and can be watched in any country 🙂 Thanks so much!! Danna

  3. ron

    can the lessons be written to a dvd

    • Danna

      Not at this time, they are only viewable on any mobile device for a lifetime 🙂

  4. jc

    Hi Danna,

    I’m that person that knows some pole moves but am stuck trying to create routines. Which of your programs would you recommend?

    • Danna

      Hi JC, This is a common problem. I would recommend the Home Pole Dancing Course For Everyday Women because it has several different pre-choreographed routines at different fitness levels. They are full routines that last up to (or longer than) 3 minutes each. You can always switch out your pole spins in the routine for other spins you like better. Doing this will help you feel how to tie different moves together. Choreography and routines are a bit of an art and don’t usually come naturally to everyone. Don’t feel bad if it feels difficult at first. It will get better with time 🙂


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