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How to Create a Pole Dance Routine?

by | Nov 2, 2013 | 1 comment

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2023)

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Learning how to create pole dancing routines or create pole dance choreography is an intuitive process for a dancer.  It is best to start practicing all the different pole moves, pole spins, transitions, and other tricks before you attempt to create your own routine.

The reason you want to do this is so that you have a library of information in your brain as to what you will put in that routine when you very first start to learn to choreograph a pole routine.  All that information about the different pole moves needs to be second nature as well.

If you have additional dance in your background of experiences such as hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary or other, this will lend to your “library” of information that you can use to create your own pole dance routine.

Just because a dance movement exists in another form of dance, doesn’t mean that you can’t add it into you pole routine.

Steps To Create Your Routine Choreography

Using The Music To Choreograph

Start by listening to the music and see how it inspires different parts of your body to move.  It may be just and arm or a leg.  Go ahead and express how you feel you want to move that body part in the mirror.  Don’t worry about what the rest of your body will do in that moment, just allow yourself to go with that one piece; the rest will come together as the routine progresses.  Just work on compiling a list of good pole routine songs for future use.

I sometime get an image or a “flash” visual of what will look good to express the music while I am listening to it.  I can actual see myself doing it in my mind.  Try lying on the floor, close your eyes and listen to the music to see what you can daydream up.

Then get up, replay the music and give it a try!  You will be amazed at how much fun this is to do!

Intimacy and Choreography Creation

Learning How to create a pole dance routine is an intimate process with yourself.

You will have to turn inward on how you feel about moving your body and respect how you feel by expressing it.

Don’t try to do thing perfectly or “all out” with full energy at first either.  Allow your imagination to flow and get lost in the daydreaming aspect of creating the dance routine. 

You can perfect your technique and tie in the details such as flawless technique later.

Creating pole dance routines is something you get good at through experience.

Choose Pole Moves You Know

Speaking of experience, choosing a 4-5 pole dance moves that you are experienced with, love, and know how to do really well is a great place to start creating your own pole dance routine.

Once you have chosen 4-5 of your best pole moves, then you can use your intuition and the feelings of the music to help you weave them together into a rouine.

Start by connecting the dots.   Start with your first and second move and make it a goal to choreograph them together with 30 seconds or less of “dancing”.    Freestyle dancing while feeling your music is a good way to find new and creative pole move transitions.   Remember to record your freestyle dancing because often, you will spontaneously do something that you can’t replicate.    Catching it on video will solve this inevitable problem while simultaneously improving your dance technique because you can see what are doing right and wrong in the video footage.

Once you creatively string the first to moves together, then repeat the process to add the third pole move, then the fourth.   Don’t try to do all four at once.

Learning To Choreography Though Other People

Sometimes learning other people’s routines help you brain get new idea and puts you in touch with moves you didn’t know your body could do.  Once you get through those per-choreographed routines created by someone else, then you will gain confidence to spontaneously put your own “flare” and style into the pole moves and move on to creating your own routines some day 🙂  You can get pole dance choreography ideas on YouTube.


Let’s face it!  Not all of us were born great choreographers! Sometimes just using other people’s pole dance routines in the beginning is best until you develop your own style.

If you still don’t feel comfortable creating your own routines, you can try my online pole lessons and gain instant access to several different routines that are broken down into easy-to-learn lessons.  You will be dancing a fun and flirty pole dance routine in your home tonight! 

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