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What To Do When You Have No Dance Experience And Need Help With Your Pole Dancing Technique

by | Mar 27, 2014 | 6 comments

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)

Sometimes when girls begin to learn how to pole dance they fear they won’t be any good at it because they have no dance experience.   This is a very common fear for beginner pole dancers and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do a good pole dance in the future or even get better at pole dancing FAST.

If you have previous dance experience, you will be at an advantage over somebody who doesn’t – plain and simple.  However, that isn’t meant to be taken as a sign of defeat.

So what do you do when you want to learn pole dancing but don’t have dance experience?

The best TIP, especially for beginners, is to learn good technique and posture.  One of the best ways to do this is by finding a pole dance teacher either locally or online that will teach you how to pole dance with good dance technique from the very beginning.

If you learn to pole dance without first learning good dance technique, then you will have to go back and re-learn how to execute pole moves and tricks properlyUn-training your body from bad habits is harder to break and change as opposed to just learning to do it right from the very beginning.  It is essential to learn to dance properly to avoid injury and to ensure the move looks sexy, elegant, and sleek.

Many women can dance on a pole but it doesn’t mean they all look good doing it.

The biggest difference between a good pole dancer and a horrible one is a good dance technique.

Finding a teacher who has a strong background in Ballet will be a huge benefit. Ballet is the primary foundation for all good dance technique and you can get this for yourself by attending a local beginners ballet class for adults.

Here are are some critical dance techniques you will learn in ballet that cross over and will make you a better pole dancer fast:

  • Keeping the shoulder’s engaged, being held back and down simultaneously.   This allows for a longer neck and prettier visual line while dancing and executing pole moves.   It makes the head look gorgeous!   This dance technique also prevent many of the pole dance shoulder injuries from happening by training your to engage your muscles voluntarily with proper form and NOT execute pole moves while the muscles is in a stretched position.
  • No sickling the feet.   Sickling the feet is when your feet make an ugly curve inward when pointing the toes.   To avoid this, the feet muscles are properly used to point the toes through the calf muscle while simultaneously engaging the outer ankle muscles.   By doing this, you will have a more improved, sexy visual line of the leg while dancing, it will also keep you from dragging the tops of your feet on the floor when you try to be sexy and walk around the pole, and it will improve the rotation of the leg, allowing for better balance.
  • Tucking the hips under and rotating the femur bone outward.   Sounds a little wonky, but that’s how ballet dancers eventually reach fifth position.    You can learn this rotational technique to get a sexier walk and slimmer thighs.  Plus, by learning proper rotation in the leg & hips, you will avoid pooching out the stomach when executing pole moves which simultaneously protect the back from injury.   The rotation of the femur bone keeps the heels forward every time you lift the leg to do ANY dance move – make the most elegant and “pretty” pose possible.   Trust, this dance technique is what make one girl look great and the other one look bad when they are executing the same exact dance move.

All 3 of the above dance techniques are taught in the PoleBody Complete Home Edition Online Pole Lesson Course.

There are MANY more dance techniques you can learn from ballet and then use in your pole dancing routines at home.   If you can’t get to a local beginners ballet class, just get a DVD you can use at home : )    Just be sure you get a teacher who cares about showing you proper posture.   Believe it or not, not all adult teachers will go the extra mile to do this because you are an adult and doing ballet for fitness – not for a career, so they have a tendency to “slack off”.   Not all will, just be aware of it, it can even happen in pole dance classes.

Another way to tell if your teacher has good dance technique is to simply watch what they do.  They will look smooth, elegant, and have no problem executing the moves with grace.  It will look slow, controlled, easy, and deliberate.

The overuse of sexiness will not be a sign of good pole dancing.

Since this type of dancing is largely being used for fitness reasons these days, there are new studios sprouting up all over the country.  Finding a local pole dancing class and getting a private lesson with the right teacher is a good way to learn.

If you don’t have access to local dance classes, then try and online pole dance lessons and learn how to dance properly from the comfort of your own home.

The right online pole dancing lessons will give you all those dance technique tips you are looking for that will make a world of difference in how you dance.  You will surely stand out against other dancers who don’t understand those proper dance elements.

Also, taking a class through online video lessons saves a ton of money.  You will need a spotter to execute some of the moves safely so be sure to have your friends join you.


  1. Crystal

    I’m still trying to learn how to do an invert without using a stool. It’s hard to kick myself upside down or swing my leg up there. At least I’m having fun building my muscles to hang upside down for a little while. And I’m doing hand stands to get comfortable being upside down.

    • Danna

      Hi Crystal,

      I noticed that you already found my other blog post about learning to invert safely at home when you don’t have a spotter and you stopped using the stool. I don’t recommend using a stool, learning from the floor is safer and allows time for your body to develop the strength for a full invert with proper form. It’s fun to invert! I remember when I first started I couldn’t wait to go upside down! Keep working on those handstand, they are a great way to exist an invert and remember there are always the “emergency exists” as well. Those are in your beginner lessons included in your pole kit purchase. You are blessed to have the strength to do what you are doing now, keep going and smile!


    • Marla Wilson

      I’ve tried many times to sign up and I cannot get signed up or sign in. I really just want to talk to somebody about purchasing pools for my studio and have a company that has my back as this new process for myself. Thanks for your time.


      • Keira

        Hi Marla, thanks for reaching out. We have opened a support ticket for you to help you with any enquiries you have 🙂

  2. Crystal

    Do you have any tips for me?

    • Danna

      Hey Girl! I would love to help with any tips. What do you need help with the most?


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