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Lesson 2 | Learn The Play & Win Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners Step By Step

by | Dec 14, 2017 | 7 comments

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2024)

Welcome to video #2 in the Play & Win pole dancing routine for beginners (and intermediates of you decide to exchange out some of the more basic pole spins for advanced moves – which I will show you how to do as we go through the series).

In the first video pole lesson in this series, we started our very basic and smooth.  This is a sexy dance with some slowly executed moves that will challenge your muscles to be in control; causing then to sculpt into the long, lean muscles of a true dancer.  Don’t under estimate the importance of the basic body rolls and hip movements that are slow and isolated.  Do them with purpose and control, deliberately using your muscles with your minds intention.  Any movement done without control and purpose can allow a loss of proper form, hence making you look……. not so good.  Proper form is important to doing a GOOD pole dance : )

In the first lesson, the main basic pole spins we learned were the Swan and the Windmill (or fan kick).  If you don't know how to do these moves with proper form, then you can learn them step by step in the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Lessons Online.  If you already own the course, please login first and then practice the swan pole spin found here and the windmill (fan kick) found here.  Once you know how to execute these with proper form, tying them together in this pole dance routine in a smooth and elegant way will be much easier (also known as a transition).

Now, In the PoleBody® Course, you will find that the swan spin is in the intermediate section.   This course is designed for everyday women.  If you are an everyday woman looking to use pole fitness to get back into shape, the Swan will be classified as an intermediate pole dance move.  I have discovered this based off my years of experience teaching every day women to dance, some may disagree.

If you are an experienced dancer and are already very fit, you may find the Swan pole spin to be a beginner pole dancing move from your perspective.

Once you feel comfortable doing the Windmill pole move and the Swan pole spin, then your ready to move on to the next online pole lesson in this series.

Remember, everybody learns at their own pace depending on your fitness level.  Don’t get discourages if those two moves take you some time to learn.

Also, DON’T feel like you need to get it perfect before you move onto the next lesson.  Perfectionism can be a big hold back in your progress as a dancer, both physically and spiritually.  You don’t need to be perfect, you do need to be you however : )

As you progress through this online pole lesson series with me, you will get plenty of time to repeat the first lesson and fine tune things.  The important thing to understand before moving on to the next lesson is that your brain understands the technique (even if you body hasn’t caught up with you yet) AND that you are attempting to do the moves with proper form.  If you cheat the form, you cheat your own ability to look as good as you possibly can.

Executing moves in proper form is more challenging for your muscles and your tendency will be to cheat.  If you give in and do something like JUMP or kick up into your Windmill (or fan kick) as opposed to using your core muscles, then your muscles will not develop the proper strength they ever need to do it the right way and the end result is a CRAPPY looking fan kick.

Don’t go there, you deserve better.  Be patient, be kind to yourself and give your body the love and respect it needs to grow.  You wouldn’t yell or punish your garden plants for not growing fast enough to produce tomatoes would you?  So don’t treat your body or your progress that way either.  Deal?  Good : )

Now, grab your favorite pole dance fitness clothes and start learning the second lesson (of 5) in this beginners (intermediate for some fitness levels) pole dance routine now.

Please remember that stretching and warm ups are very important and you should do this before following along in the video lesson below. If you don’t have any pole dancing warm up exercises or stretches to do before you begin learning this pole dance routine, then you can get those in the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Dancing Lessons (along with a lot of other per-choreographed pole dancing routines like this one – for all fitness levels).

If you already own the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Lesson Online Course, please login first and use the following links below to get warmed up before practicing the pole dance routine below:

Warm Up with the Warm Up Routine #1 - which is a complete pole dance routine warm up originally choreographed to "One More Night" by Maroon 5.  It's super fun and dancy!!
Then do a complete whole body stretch here =>

Now that my rant is over, here is the second pole dancing lesson in this series, enjoy:

YouTube video

If you enjoyed this pole dancing lesson and this pole dancing routine is a joy, please SHARE it!!  It warms my heart when you do : ) And remember to comment below~

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See you at the next lesson : )


  1. Rachel Christensen

    I don’t know if it is me or my computer, but this looks the same as video 1 in the previous post?

    • Danna

      Hi Rachel, it’s different, if you practice the routine you will notice it’s the second part of the routine that can be added onto the first lesson : ) Im wearing the same clothes but the routine is different. Give it a try : )

      • Una Cochran

        The whole routine is the same in lesson 1 & lesson 2 , it looks like lesson 1 should be lesson 2 as well, it starts off coming out of another section …

        • Danna

          Hi Una! Lesson 1 and 2 were backwards, I fixed it 🙂 OOPS! thanks for letting me know, it’s much appreciated : )

  2. Kay Cholewinski


  3. AnnaMaria Les

    Hi, when will your beginners pole dancing class take place?

    • Danna

      HI AnnaMaria! Thanks so much for your interest : ) The beginner class samples are always posted in the blog for free for the public and my main pole classes are in the online lessons shop area for purchase only. The purchased classes are streamed online and are taught very similar to the way I teach a live local pole class. Right now I travel too much to leave a local “live” class open all the time but I hope to have time to get that going again more consistently next year : ) I miss my girls!


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