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Learn The Play & Win Pole Dancing Routine For Beginners Step By Step | Lesson 1

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In this video series, I will be showing you how learning a pole dancing routine can be used as a pole dancing workout at home. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started learning to pole dance at home or if you are experienced and have taken pole dance classes before, this routine will benefit you by improving you dance skills!

This is going to be a beginner pole dancing fitness routine that you can use to follow along and learn step by step!

This pole dancing routine is mainly for beginners, however if you are intermediate or advanced, feel free to substitute the beginner pole dance moves with your own intermediate or advanced level moves in the choreography.

Even if you are an intermediate dancer, you find that this beginner pole dance routine is very suitable for a pole dance workout at home, or just to practice those sexy transition moves and learn a few new things for fun!  Whatever your reason, this a very fun, spicy, and flirty pole dance routine you won’t want to miss!  It will be a great workout for your abs, arms, butt (glutes) and legs!

The choreography starts of nice and slow to ease you into more complicated moves.

Please remember that stretching and warm ups are very important and you should do this before following along in the video lesson below.   If you don’t have any pole dancing warm up exercises or stretches to do before you begin learning this beginners routine, then you can get those in the PoleBody® Complete Home Edition Pole Dancing Lessons (along with a lot of other pre-choreographed pole dancing routines like this one – for all fitness levels).

If you already own the PoleBody Complete Home Edition, please login first and use the following links below to get warmed up before practicing the pole dance routine below:

  1. Warm Up with the Warm Up Routine #1 - which is a complete pole dance routine warm up originally choreographed to "One More Night" by Maroon 5.
  2. Then do a complete whole body stretch here =>

Now, grab your favorite pole fitness clothes and start learning the first lesson (of 5) in this beginners pole dance routine now:


YouTube video


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