gripping the pole in the windmill pole dance move

When people first begin learning to pole dance, the very first frustration is getting enough grip on the pole.   Beginners need a good grip to simply hold their own body weight on the pole and then eventually do basic pole spins and graduating into more advance pole dancing routines.

This process takes time, it’s progressive for everyone and your needs for grip aids to assist your grip will most likely change over time.

At first, getting a hand grip aid is important for beginners because they often lack the hand strength needed to squeeze the pole hard enough to hold their own body weight up.  As with any muscle, they take time and practice to strengthen and develop.

Pole Dancing hand grip aids for beginners are important to have when learning and waiting for the muscular strength in your hands to develop.

Beginners often ask……………  So which grip aids are best?  And where should I start?

The grip aid you choose will largely depend on three things:

  1. Your natural hand strength. Some people naturally have the strength in their hands to hold their own body weight while others will have to work at it.  Same is true with your upper body strength which beginners often need to learn to develop in the beginning.
  2. Your skin type. Skin types vary from dry to super sweaty and everything in between. There are cream grip aids and powders for all the types and combinations.
  3. Your living environment. Climates are different.  Some are naturally dry and cold in the winter while others are humid most of the year.   Also, some people keep their house on the colder side, while other prefer a warmer humid living space.  These factors will change how your skin type will stick to the pole as well.

Since everybody’s skin type is different and then they also live in different climates, there is NO clear “one shot” grip aid solution that works for everyone.

You can’t say that what works for a super sweater in a dry climate will work equally well for a super sweater in a humid environment.

That beginning said – don’t get overwhelmed or confused, here’s why.

Experimentation is your best friend, it’s normal, ok, and can be fun : )  There are so many variables you will have to take an educated guess and buy a few different grip aids to play with before you get it right for you.

Here are some tips to help you make a better “educated guess” to get started with the most common pole dance grip aids available:

  1. Grip Gloves: These are great for all levels but best used to practice singular moves, not routines as they don’t slide on the pole well. It’s important to not “over-use” them because you can become dependent on the glove and stunt the muscular development of strength in your hands.  Grip gloves greatly allow you to dance a lot longer period of time and enjoy your practice with any fear of slipping.
  2. Creams & Powders: These are used on your bare skin and can be used all over your body (like your inner thighs), not just on your hands.
    • For super sweaty or super humid environments, Tite Grip is great because it has an antiperspirant in it. Dry hands is great for combination skin and environments that have drastic changes from hot to cold, but performs better in more humid environments.
    • Mighty Grip Special Formula is also fabulous for combination skin types and environments; however, it is unique because it can be used with your wearable grip aid gear like the tacky inner thigh protectors to keep the gear stuck to your skin better while dancing.
    • The Lupit Pad is similar to rosin without the mess and has a distinctly different tack in comparison to the other creams and powders. Great for ALL skin types and environments and is unique because one side of the grip pad acts like a dance pole cleanerKeeping a clean pole is also essential to getting a good grip while dancing – beginners often neglect the importance of this.
    • Dew Point is best for dry hands and dryer environments. It creates a moist tack on the skin in conditions where your skin is too dry and slipping on the pole.
  3. Mix It Up: Get more than one grip aid and combine them together.  Nobody made a rule saying you had to only use one!  We are all unique little loving beings with our own little environments.  Don’t be afraid to combine things and experiment to find your own groove. 

Here is a great video that goes into some other tips about how to get a good grip on the pole for beginners =>


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Best Wishes and Happy Dancing!


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