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Best Dance Pole Cleaner To Improv Dance Pole Grip

Improve your dance pole grip by using the right dance pole cleaner and grip aid. Read on and watch our video to know the best cleaner for dance pole.

Learning how to properly clean your pole dancing pole. Especially both in the studio and at home is VERY important. Not only is it a safety matter. Also it directly affects your ability to get a good grip on the dance pole. And as a result which affects how well you will pole dance. It’s essential to learn everything you can about getting a good grip on the dance pole for ultimate success in your pole dancing workout.

Dance Pole Cleaner

Now, before you watch the video below about how to clean your dance pole and how to use various grip aids like liquids and lotions from various brands. It’s also important to know that your skin type, living environment, and the finish type of your dance pole. Since all these play a role in how well the grip aids will work for you personally.

Finding the best grip for you is achieved through practice and experimentation with different pole supplies and grip aids.  You gradually find what works best for your skin type and the environment.

Once you have a better grip and learn to dance with better techniques, you will naturally have fewer occurrences of bruising while dancing as well.

Here is a great video where I explain key things you need to know about how to clean a dance pole and how to improve your grip by choosing the best grip aid for you:

YouTube video

Dance Pole Cleaner for Black Powder Coated Dance Pole

Because having a black powder coating on your dance pole is much different than chrome it requires a different cleaning method. It is still easy to clean and maintain. In order to keep your pole as good as new for as long as possible, you must clean it after each use. Because this dance pole is covered in a powder coated paint you will need to wipe your pole off with a clean rag and water after each use. If you do not, the salt in your sweat will stay on your pole and could cause the powder coated paint to look subpar over time.

Dance Pole Cleaner for Multicolor Titanium Dance Pole

Our Multicolor Titanium Dance Pole will be released very soon!! 🙂 The cleaning method for this dance pole is very similar to the Chrome Dance Pole. You should use a clean microfiber towel along with X Clean X Pole Spray or Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes after each use. It is important to remember to clean any salt from sweaty hands, oils, and grip aids from the pole in order to keep your dance pole “like new” for as long as possible.


If you have watched the above video and you feel you have tried a lot and your grip is still slipping then try reading this article:

My Grip Is Still Slipping, Now What Should I Do?” – It’s a detailed article on getting a grip, pole cleaning, and other things you need to know to improve your grip beyond the basics shown in this video above.

Get your grip aid creams and powders here =>

If you liked this video, there are more advanced gripping and dancing techniques in our online pole dancing lessons tutorials.


  1. Amber

    Im my class we use rubbing alcohol, can we use that on the basic pole for cleaning??

    • Danna

      yes, rubbing alcohol is just fine for a cleaner 🙂

  2. Kit Andresen Rasmussen

    What are the names of the wipes you use? I do hear you saying that you don’t like to use baby wipes but the wipes in the container; what kind of wipes are they?


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