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Overcoming Obstacles To Resuming Your Pole Dancing Workout

by | Apr 12, 2016 | 7 comments

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One of the biggest underlying factors in the success of any endeavor is how we feel underneath the surface of our consciousness and how we choose to deal with how we feel.

Emotions can be an unimaginable force that propels you forward OR the heaviest anchor in holding you back that you have ever known.  In the end, getting your emotions lined up to propel you forward rather than drag you down is the primary goal.

This concept really applies to everything in life, but in this instance, I want to talk about how it affects your pole dancing workout.  If you have fallen off the wagon and are looking to get back on track in a very real and profound way, then the underlying cause of why you fell off track, to begin with, must be dealt with in order to produce any real and lasting results.

There are many reasons we stop dancing and working out.  Time, money, and just a sheer lack of motivation all play a huge role in our lifestyle habits.

Sometimes we go through life-altering changes like the death of a loved one, divorce, physical health problems, injuries, and other traumatizing events that stop us from continuing our pole dancing journey to health and well-being.

I believe it’s ok to fall off the wagon, nobody is perfect and sometimes we need to hit the pause button for a brief time in order to reset ourselves.  The IMPORTANT part is knowing when to hit play again and resume your activity, even if you don’t feel your best quite yet.  Pole dancing can help you work through tough emotions, like grief for example.  You don’t have to wait to feel good before you resume.

Here is a pole dance I did for my best friend who passed a couple years ago:

A dancing workout can be a great way to work through your emotions and experience a “cleansing” if you will.  I believe this is why we are all attracted to music, to begin with and if you can tap that knowledge and plug it into your pole dancing experience, then you have a very real chance of experiencing both a physical and emotional healing during your pole dancing journey.  This equal truly feeling empowered, feeling sexy, and feeling confident!

So how does that apply to time, money, and sheer lack of motivation?

No Time To Workout:  Time is yours and what you make of it.  You are the one responsible for getting your priorities straight and then “spanking your inner child” so to speak so that you don’t let it run you off track.  You have to decide that your health is more important to you than other things in your life and take a REAL stand to make it happen.

Health is the epicenter of your happiness.  Think about it, can you care for your family if your health (both physical and emotional health) falls apart?  Can you go to work, contribute to society, and make money if your health falls apart?  No.  You are not doing yourself, your family, or the planet any favors by allowing your health to deteriorate over time.   If you are super busy, it’s up to you to decide your health is more important and cut your losses in other ways to make room for your workout.  PERIOD.   It could something as simple as giving up 20 minutes on Facebook and pole dancing instead.  KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

Sheer Lack of Motivation:   Many times we don’t act now to improve our health because we think we have time to get healthy.   When I see people make this mistake, the first thing that I think of is a slideshow I watched once called “An Interview with God”. To make a long story short, in the end of the conversation, someone asked God “What surprises you most about mankind?”  And God answered, “They lose their health to make money….. and they lose their money to restore their health.”   I rest my case.

YouTube video

Money:   We live in America.  We live in America.  We live in America……. I say this because we have SO MANY BLESSINGS and SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES that others do not.  We can also get very materialistic, stressed, and easily distracted.  Money is a lot like time and you must get your priorities straight and decide where your health, happiness, and well-being fall into your financial equation.

I often tell people, you can pay now for great health and happiness and reap the benefits it brings to your everyday life – OR – You pay later through the loss of your health via cancer, heart attacks, or a million other illnesses that could have been prevented through healthier eating choices and a more active lifestyle.  I choose to pay now.  What will you choose?

Finally, don’t underestimate the power happiness has to create health in your life.

Activities that you love such as pole dancing make you smile and feel like a kid again.  When you are smiling and enjoying life, that overflows into every other aspect of your life!!  The feeling of joy in your body INSTANTLY increases your energy level, health endorphin’s, and has the power to heal relationships.

So what’s holding you back?

Where did you get off track?

What is it COSTING you to NOT be active and healthy?

And what will you do to make the shift, change, and get back on track for a stronger you?

Don’t leave yourself on pause too long, use music and your pole dancing workout to help you feel better and get back on track.  Don’t wait till you feel better to go back to pole dancing for exercise and get started today.

Your pole journey is the foundation to help you recover, NOT something you get back to when you start to feel life is going better.

Leave me a comment below and share your challenges and your plans.  Your comments influence future articles and actually help others overcome their obstacles as well.


  1. Crystal Poterbin

    I’m recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I miss my pole.

    • Danna

      Take you time to heal girl! You will get back on track : )

  2. Crystal Poterbin

    I hurt myself moving in my home.

  3. Christie Anderson


    • Danna


  4. Jill Felix

    It’s so holistic – I feel so blessed to have found this sport/art!

    • Danna

      The feeling is so mutual : ) It’s like a little rare oasis to have such a blessing!


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