ensuring fat loss for pole dancers by checking hidden toxins in the kitchen

Hidden Toxins In Your Kitchen That PROMOTE Fat Cell Storage

Toxins, I bet you have heard of toxins before, but NOT LIKE THIS. No matter what your current unique health symptoms are, chances are, toxins are the root cause of why your health is not in “peak” condition. In fact, many health experts believe that it really doesn’t matter what kind of health problems you…

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woman struggling to lose weight on a pole dancing workout at home

What To Do If You Aren’t Getting The Weight Loss Results You Want

At this point in this article series, you should be roughly 8 weeks into any plans to lose weight with a pole dancing workout at home that you might have made.  Or – maybe you didn’t do a New Year’s Resolution, but you did make some decisions to get back into shape for the summer…

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supplements for fat loss and energy

Supplements To Treat Your Unique Symptoms For Quick Fat Loss & Abounding Energy

The last article, we have talked about how understanding your symptoms can lead you to the root of your health problems and once you are at the ROOT then rapid fat loss, an immediate abundance of energy and permanent life/body transformation takes place. Treating your symptoms while you are learning what underlying root problem(s) exist…

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eating healthy to get fit for pole dancing

Your Unique Blueprint To Superior Fitness & Well-Being

In the last article, we talked about taking responsibility for our body’s health both physically and emotionally.  But how do you go about doing that exactly?  What does that look like?  It won’t be the same for everyone. You are UNIQUE!  Your divine path to optimal fitness, health, and well-being will be a blueprint tailored…

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diet plan for pole fitness

The LAST Diet Plan You Will Ever Need To Get The Body You Want

Pretty bold title huh?  It’s true though.  Just exercising alone isn’t’ enough to achieve body transformation.  I’m going to talk about some eating plans that could literally reshape the way you think about food, diet plans, losing weight, and sculpting your body into one of your dreams.  So keep doing your strengthening exercises on your…

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