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Hidden Toxins In Your Kitchen That PROMOTE Fat Cell Storage

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Toxins, I bet you have heard of toxins before, but NOT LIKE THIS.
No matter what your current unique health symptoms are, chances are, toxins are the root cause of why your health is not in “peak” condition.
In fact, many health experts believe that it really doesn’t matter what kind of health problems you have because ALL health problems, including weight gain, start in the gut.
The colon and the liver are your body’s primary ways of getting toxic substances out of your body AND detoxing is something we ALL need to do, even if you are eating clean.
Have you ever followed a healthy diet plan to eat well, but it didn’t really produce the results you expected?  This can happen because your body is overloaded with toxins.
Your body is an efficient machine and getting toxins out of your body is the highest priority.  If that “system” that removes toxins from the body is compromised, then it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, you may NOT lose any weight!!
Because toxin removal in the body is a life or death situation.   If you get too toxic, you can get very sick.
You see, if your body can’t effectively get rid of toxins in the body through the colon or skin, it will suspend them in your fat cells (away from your vital organs) to be excreted later on when your body can deal with it.
If you are storing toxins in your fat cells, it won’t get rid of that fat cell until it’s SAFE for the body to excrete the toxins it contains.  It’s safe to excrete it when the colon and liver are ready and able to do so.
Long story short:  If many diets have failed for you and you don’t understand why your body won’t get rid of those stubborn fats cell, then underlying toxic overload could be a major reason why.
Think you’re not toxic?  I would like you to re-think this for a minute because toxins are hidden and probably lurking in places you didn’t know.
Here are the most common “hidden” places:
  • Plastic Water Bottles (and this is bigger than just BPA, there are Phthalates and other petrolatum cancer causing chemicals to consider.)
  • Canned Food.
  • Boxed Foods with artificial chemicals, flavors, and colors.
  • Coffee (most of it’s filtered with acetone).
  • Beauty Products, Hair Care Products, and Lotions.  Your skin is a detoxing organ and absorbs chemicals you put on it.
  • Polluted Air – like exhaust from driving behind another vehicle.
And many other sources that you just can’t escape!!
The solution is to help your body, your colon, and your liver detox on a regular basis so you don’t get overloaded and forcing your body to keep your extra fat cells around for toxic storage bins.
Detoxing is easy to do and can produce a massive amount of fat loss in just a few short days, not to mention your skin will start to glow and your energy will soar!! 
Detoxing re-balances your hormones and kick start your metabolism.
Take care of your health, respect yourself, and love your body!


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