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Benefits of Aerial Yoga or Lyra Workout For Body and Mind

by | Mar 15, 2022 | 1 comment

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Benefits of Aerial Yoga or Lyra Yoga would definitely outweigh the effort in your lyra workout. Especially, If you are thinking to install a lyra hoop at home.

Aerial hoop aka lyra or lyra hoop has many angles to it. From fitness to performance to yoga. Very similar to pole dance and pole fitness, aerial hoop can be repurposed for different reasons. One of the commonly favoured and growing reason to use lyra hoop at home is aerial hoop yoga. Visit our Aerial Hoop blog series to know more about this.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Yoga have been defined as a series of poses that helps with breathing, mental stability and emotional endurance. Some advanced form of yoga are crossed with fitness which can help strengthen the physique.

What is Lyra Yoga? It is a series of Aerial Hoop poses that help with improving posture, breathing, build of body strength as well as mental endurance. 

There are many different ways to measure a good yoga move. Overall, a good yoga move is rather subjective and is different from person by person. It is said that a good way to measure a good yoga move is the amount of sweat you give away while being relaxed. Lyra yoga or aerial hoop yoga is a great way to sweat out all your body toxins while hanging or holding onto a calming pose.

Some of the aerial hoop poses can be difficult to get into. And it requires more time and effort to build up the strength to do. However with more practice, you will find that it becomes much easier to hold the pose. You will notice this when you are breathing much better. And even look around the room while being upside down and hooking from your knees for example.

If you are new in the world of Aerial Hoop or considering to start, don’t miss out on our comprehensive beginner guide on Aerial Hoop.

lyra workout a girl doing an invert on the lyra hoop and aerial hoop at home and aerial hoop dancingMental Benefits

Aerial hoop dancing has plenty of mental benefits. It has scientifically been proven that sports like aerial hoop, aerial silk, pole dancing or any form of aerial sports that suspends you mid air while engaging your strength and muscles, leads to mental stability.

For instance there are many forms of disorders that can effect our day to day life. Such as; anxiety, stress, depression. There are many ways and approaches to remedy these discomforts or reduce and even eliminate it. Aerial sports is the answer for many people out there.

How to maximise the mental benefits of the Lyra Yoga? It is as sweet as a shortcut back to childhood life, once you get on the aerial hoop and reach your comfort in a pose you can even start meditating. I personally found a nostalgia in Lyra Yoga and what helped me to maximise the benefits when combined with classical music. For some reason classical music and Yoga goes hand in hand.

benefits of aerial yoga and a girl inverting in the aerial hoop class vs aerial hoop at homePhysical Benefits

As the famous saying goes, a healthy mind is in a healthy body. In order to achieve that we need to build up our physical strength. Let’s understand one thing; the aim here is not to get a skinny body or perform crazy tricks but instead to create a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your workouts.

Upper Body Strength

Similar to pole dancing, aerial hoop is mainly focused on upper body strengthening. It requires for you to lift your entire body weight by using your arms and shoulder strength into different poses.

Legs and Core Muscles

Gaining lower body strength can be a challenge in aerial sports. Especially, since most aerial body movements focus on the upper body. However with more awareness you can remedy this by doing more leg focused movements. I find that my core strength as well as leg active flexibility improved tremendously after practicing aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga can assist you in building up your calves, thighs and your pelvic muscles. If you refer to my previous blog about 5 Basic Aerial Hoop Tricks, beginner moves like Double Knee Hang, Mermaid, Hip Hang and many more would gradually help you build the necessary strength within your lower body as well as your core muscles.

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