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Mounted Aerial Hoop Home Installation | Full Guide

points to consider before buying you aerial hoopPlanning your aerial hoop home installation? Read our blog for a full guide on aerial hoop installation from aerial hoop frame to aerial hoop ceiling mount.

Installing your aerial rig can be a daunting and challenging feat.  We break down the different elements to help make it an easy process. To start with, there are 4 main things to consider before purchasing your aerial hoop.

First and foremost is to identify the room that you are planning to install the hoop. There are 3 things about the room you are installing your aerial hoop:

The Room & Lyra Hoop Requirements for Aerial Hoop Installation

Lupit Aerial Ceiling Mount1. The Ceiling Type: You need to ensure that your ceiling is a solid material that can withstand drilling and heavy weight for the ceiling mount. The Lupit Aerial Ceiling is a great choice not just for its quality and durability but it is designed for both aerial hoop and aerial silk.
2. The Ceiling Height: There is a minimum ceiling height requirement that is needed to be able to use the aerial hoop. This measurement can vary from person to person because one element in this measurement is the height of the user. However the rule of thumb is; for an average 5’6″ height person, 10’9″ ceiling height is a good minimum to have the maximum use of the aerial hoop in different height configurations. However, it is still possible to install the hoop on lower ceilings, from lower heights like 8 feet high but you will be limited in the range of hoop tricks you can practice. 
3. The Room Radius: Aerial Hoop is similar to a dance pole in the sense that it requires a certain radius to avoid collision. Similar to the dance pole an arm’s length from the aerial hoop all around it would be good and safe for many aerial hoop moves. However if your room is not as spacious do not worry, as most aerial hoop beginner moves do not require an arms length around the hoop and can be achieved in less room size. But I would highly advise you regardless of the space around the aerial hoop, you need to make sure there are no obstructions that could cause injury during your practice. 

A quick trick to pick the right aerial hoop diameter for home installationThe Diameter of The Aerial Hoop: It is important to understand that different sized diameters can help in performing different tricks. Certain tricks are easier on a smaller hoop but harder on a bigger hoop. However, in choosing that one diameter for the hoop you will have in your home, there is a way to calculate the right size standard aerial hoop and this is determined in proportion to your height. The image presented gives guidance on choosing the right hoop size.

How to test it – Find an average height dining chair. Sit on the chair and measure the distance from the seat of the chair to the top of the head and ADD 10 cm (3.9inches) to the measurement. For instance, if your height on the seat from your knee point to your head is 80cm then all you need is to add another 10cm, which means 90cm (35″) in total. So 90cm is the recommended hoop diameter for you.

The common diameters for aerial hoop are, 850mm (33″), 900mm (35″), 950mm (37″).

The Aerial Hoop Thickness or Grip Size: Last but not least, the thickness of your Aerial hoop is important as they provide a different grip. The common aerial hoop thickness level falls between 25mm to 34mm. So if you have zero aerial experience or bigger hands I would advise you to start with a thicker grip size. 

Aerial Lyra Hoop Kit for Home Installation

Once you finalised your aerial hoop of choice as well as the place you want to install it; it is time to know the common options available and also the accessories needed for rigging. Here we will break down the details for you.

There are two different types of aerial hoops. One is a Single Point and the other one would be a Double Point. They both are very similar in terms of their performance and their usability as well as the accessories needed for their installation.

What is the difference between single point and double point aerial hoop?

Single point hoop in comparison to double point hoop is less stable and more wobbly. However the single point hoop is a lot more versatile in its use and you can perform a wider range of tricks on it. The double point hoop is preferred by some beginners as it provides more stability.

NOW, we get to the hardware and accessories needed to get your home aerial set up installed! Below we will review both the single and double point equipment requirements for mounting; *As explained in our previous blog (Beginner Guide to Aerial Hoop at Home | Part 2) the aerial hoop is commonly installed in 3 different ways, namely; Stage Pole Lollipop Hoop, A Frame Hoop installation and Ceiling Mounted Hoop.

The tips below are only applicable for aerial hoop that will be mounted to the ceiling and are not useful for Lollipop or any other form of aerial hoop installation.

The Single Point

accessories needed to install the single point hoopAs shown in the image, the single set aerial hoop does not require many different tools for installation. There are 4 mandatory pieces of equipment to purchase for your single point hoop installation.

The first thing is of course the single point lyra ring. Followed by one Swivel to function as the spinning mechanism of the aerial hoop and 3 Carabiners to help you with the variation in height installation of the single point hoop installation. Last but not least, one Spanset to hang the aerial hoop from the ceiling mount. One roll of Hoop Grade Tape is also recommended for your first installation as the tape helps with maintaining a good grip, especially for beginners.

the order of installation of aerial hoop single pointIt is always best that the first piece right after your ceiling mount is a carabiner. Here on, it is your choice to use a swivel directly after your first carabiner or use a spanset, plus an additional carabiner, and then hook your swivel.

The difference is the spanset will help bring the aerial hoop lower, which is a good choice for beginners. Then after the swivel, all that is needed is another carabiner and finally your single point Lyra hoop.

The image on the right is both forms of installation.

Pole Fitness Dancing, is currently running a promotional bundle on aerial hoop single point sets in two different types of finishes. Lupit Lyra Bundle (Stainless Steel) and Lupit Lyra Bundle (Black Powder Coated)Lupit aerial bundle hoop promotion

Starting from $466.99, you will receive Aerial Hoop Black Powder Coated, Aerial Ceiling Mount, 3 Units of Carabiners, Round Sling and a Swivel. With this deal, you will be saving up to 10% on the product value and $110 on the shipping cost.

By purchasing an additional Carabiner and a Round Sling you will be able to have your aerial hoop on double point installation. 

Double Point Installation Set

accessories needed to install the double point hoopSame as the single point, the double point needs to have one Swivel to allow the hoop to spin on its axis. In addition, the double point also needs 4 Carabiners and 2 spanset round slings to hang the hoop from its two points. Also same as the single point you will require a Hoop Grip Tape to help with your grip.

Here is the graph with guidance on how to install your aerial hoop and the order of the accessories. Double point has many ways of rigging and some versions can require additional pieces such as Paw Rigging Plate to complete the rigging.

As shown below these are 4 options, out of multiple ways you can mount your double point lyra hoop. But one point is common in all the installations shown is the need for one swivel as well as 2 spanset aka slings. Aside from that, the number of carabiners and equipment like the Paw Rigging Plate changes between the options.

Lyra Hoop Double Point Installation

Aerial Hoop Taping Guide

There are many ways to improve your grip on your aerial hoop. Aerial taping is one of the most known and common ways to do it. It is possible to use your aerial hoop with some grip aid commonly used by pole dancers, however, if you choose to tape your aerial hoop follow the steps shown in the graph below.

Aerial hoop taping is also a way to maintain your hoop from humidity and rust. As shown in the graph below there is a technique to tape your hoop, which starts from the bottom (6 o’clock) and work your way up from the right-hand side to the top (12 o’clock). Then repeat the same thing on the other side of the hoop. At the end it is advisable to tape over the bottom part as shown in step 3, to create an additional cushion which can help with a more comfortable seat.

The type and color of your tape is rather a personal choice as long as it is tape for aerial hoop. So feel free to be colorful and decorate your aerial hoop however you like.

aerial hoop taping and re taping guide

The Right Height to Hang Your Aerial Hoop

All our height suggestion from the ground is considered from the Crash Mat.

Depending on your level of skill and experience you might have a different approach to the height of your aerial hoop in your home installation. Some beginners prefer to hang their hoop close to the ground (as low as 1 foot from the ring to the ground) to slowly master tricks that can be contained inside the ring and above it.

Topless man leaning on crash mat thinking Pole Dance Mat Lupit Round Pole Dance Crash Mat ReviewHowever, for more intermediate users you will want sufficient room from the ring to the floor to hang down in an inversion and also perform flips without the risk of hitting your head during the moves. In order to achieve these moves you need to have a higher ceiling height and have a safety crash mat. The importance of the crash mat should not be underestimated as it is very important for safety and peace of mind. When it comes to trying new moves on any form of aerial sport it is crucial to keep a crash mat beneath the hoop to save you in case of falling.


a girl with pretty dress is hanging in a lyra hoop doing a man in the moon hoop tricksThere is some research and preparation to get your home ready for your aerial installation, but we can assure you it is worth the fuss! We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information you need in order to make the right choice. The aerial hoop is fun to enjoy even on lazy days when it can just function as a home swing for some fun. 😉

Click on the image on the right for some basic aerial hoop moves for beginners to give you a head start on your Lyra hoop journey.


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