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Lupit Accessories For Rigging and Mounting

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Lupit accessories are reliable and designed to function well with your aerial workout equipment such as lyra hoops and aerial silks. When it comes to setting up your aerial space, there are many essential accessories that can help you get the most out of your aerial setup or even expand its features. In this article, I will mainly focus on Lupit aerial accessories.

A bit of background on the Lupit brand. Lupit is a European brand manufactured in Slovenia. They have been around in the market since 2009. Lupit is considered a high-end/reliable brand. Aerial sports is a great joy once it becomes part of your life but it can only be enjoyable when you are safe in your practice. The golden rule is to only buy brands and products from an established company and Lupit would be one trusted company for aerial equipment.

Among the Lupit aerial products, there is a wide range of aerial accessories. Aerial accessories are as important as the aerial products themselves. Here we are going to list some of the useful Lupit aerial accessories that you can use in your aerial setup.

Lupit O Ring Aerial SilkLupit O Ring

Among the most essential rigging equipment, you can find the O ring. This simple rigging accessory can help you with both your silk rigging as well as your aerial hoop. The O ring is simple to use, you can either tie your aerial silk around the ring or use it with a carabiner to extend your aerial hoop.

The Lupit O ring is extremely strong and durable, which gives it a very reliable role in your aerial sports safety.

Lupit Aerial Ceiling MountAerial Ceiling Mount

This mount is specifically designed to support aerial silk. The curve hook makes it a suitable mount to hang or tie your aerial silk. However, the  Aerial Mount is also highly suitable for aerial hoop once you combine it with a swivel, round sling, and carabiners.

The product is made from steel. It is extremely durable, strong, and reliable. Tip: It is very important to ensure that the ceiling type is able to support the ceiling mount.  Concrete ceilings are ideal but if it is another ceiling type, make sure that it is a proper load-bearing ceiling. Check with a qualified handyman if unsure.

Lupit aerial accessories swivelLupit Swivel

This small yet highly useful accessory gives your aerial hoop the rotating ability. With the use of this, you can spin your aerial hoop on its axis smoothly. There are multiple variations you can use to put together your aerial hoop using the swivel. You can either have your Ceiling mount followed by the carabiner, swivel, carabiner, and your aerial hoop. Or you can use your lupit ceiling mount, round sling, and swivel with your aerial hoop.

Depending on the height and the kind of use you have for your aerial hoop, you can use a different configuration of parts with the Lupit swivel. It is always best to use the swivel because if it is not used the equipment movements can be random and out of control. Having the swivel will provide the safety of a controllable spin.

Aerial workout accessories Lupit carabinerLupit Carabiner

The Lupit carabiner is among the best carabiners. They are equipped with an auto safety lock. This feature basically provides the automatic closure of the lock on the carabiner. Simply release the clasp and the carabiner will be in the closed and locked position.

This carabiner can be useful for multiple uses for instance to extend and hang your aerial hoop. Also, the carabiner is a great tool to use to hang your aerial silk.

Lyra Hoop mounting with Lupit aerial accessories slingLupit Round Sling

The Lupit round sling comes in 3 different variations. Each variation has a different height. It starts from 3.28′ and 4.92′ to 6.56′.

The sling is capable of holding up to 2.204lb. And that is mainly due to its high quality material that was used in the making of the sling. This round sling is best to use for rigging your aerial silk or to rig your aerial hoop. It is useful to extend and adjust your aerial hoop’s height. The round sling can also be used as a mount itself by wrapping it around the aerial hoop. This way you can also adjust the height of your aerial hoop.

Lupit mount figure 8 for aerial silkLupit Figure 8

The Figure 8 is one of the most useful tools for your aerial silk. The Lupit 8 figure is made from durable components to give it a very strong load-bearing quality. This way you can confidently tie your aerial silk around it and enjoy the benefits without worrying about the safety of your rigging.

There are multiple ways you can use the 8 figure with your aerial silk; one way is to use it like a bell or silk hook to hang the aerial silk and secure it to your mounting point. The 8 figure breaking load is 35kN. One interesting fact is the Lupit figure 8 was designed to be suitable for mountain climbing and able to support the climber in more risky climbing activities. The combination of this rig and the lupit silk can endure a weight up to 128kg.

Lupit aerial silk accessories paw riggingLupit Paw Rigging Plate

This is a multiple anchoring tool including one large and 3 round smaller holes. This allows the user to have a carabiner or anything else that needs to be rigged to be well organized.

You can use this multiple anchoring point tool to efficiently distribute the weight load force into different directions. The size of the holes are to facilitate different rigging. The thickness of the paw rigging body (7.5mm) makes it a rope-friendly rigging plate. The Lupit Paw Rigging plate is widely used for rigging aerial silk or mountain climbing.

Hope you enjoyed some of our new Lupit accessories collection. Here at we select only the best and our shop products are vetted and tested to ensure they are safe and suitable for your aerial use. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions.


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