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The LAST Diet Plan You Will Ever Need To Get The Body You Want

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Pretty bold title huh?  It’s true though.  Just exercising alone isn’t’ enough to achieve body transformation.  I’m going to talk about some eating plans that could literally reshape the way you think about food, diet plans, losing weight, and sculpting your body into one of your dreams.  So keep doing your strengthening exercises on your dance pole and use the following information to help you get your eating habits on the right track!

The very FIRST thing you must understand before starting any diet plan is that you MUST take full responsibility for your health and well-being.

At first blush, you might say “Yah, that’s what I’m doing, taking charge, I’m going to make a change, eat better, and lose some weight.”

And I’m going to get a little up in your face and say, “No You’re Not”.

Before you get out the ax or get angry, let me explain.

The reason you don’t already have the body of your dreams or the health and energy you want is that you haven’t really dedicated yourself to progress no matter what happens.  Chances are, you let life get in the way (it has happened to me also) but you didn’t take responsibility and persevere regardless.

There are MANY diet plans as you know. It’s easy to get stuck and think you need something different for it to work.  There are many challenges to overcome when eating healthy.

In addition, we are NOT all little identical blueprints.  Sure, some things are generalized for healthy eating just like gravity applies to everyone BUT we are NOT identical and in the very end, you will see that our diets are not identical either.

So where do you really start for true, lasting, and ongoing success in getting the body of your dreams?

Get in your head and decide that you will always take responsibility for your health. Feel the truth of this decision in your heart.

  • Decide that you will not fall prey to just ANY diet fad but will make an educated decision on what you feel is right for your body.
  • Decide change is OK. Your diet will change when different health challenges surface. It may change to fit your crazy busy lifestyle.  You are an every growing, transforming, aging body in both your physical and soulful forms.  Embrace it and allow change to empower you, not stress you out to the point of defeat.
  • Decide YOU are worth the time, money, and effort to make this happen! Many times you will put your family, career, a spouse, or something else ahead of yourself and I’m going to be blunt here and say DON’T.  If you fall apart and your health disintegrates then your family, career, and spouse will SUFFER.  In addition, you will look back on life to see a trail of broken dreams and regrets because you didn’t stand up for yourself and live life on your own terms.

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY through the changes, through the challenges and never give up on yourself.

Now, the next step is to choose a diet plan as a tool (of many tools you will use in the future) that will help you get the body and wellness you want in life.

Like gravity, there are basics that apply to every human.  If you don’t know your basics as a foundation, then EVERY specialized diet plan will fail in the long run because you don’t understand the basics of healthy, clean eating to maintain the results you got from the specialized diet plan.

These basics are way more than “just eating your veggies”.  In fact, veggies aren’t good for some people – yes you heard that right.

I have a few different diet plans I follow because I don’t stay in the same physical condition all year around.  All the diet plans I use have the basics of what I consider “healthy eating”, but are “specialized” for different results depending on how fast I want results and how lean I want to get.

There is a difference between being ultra-lean and cut like a fitness competitor and just “everyday healthy” while remaining toned.  Most people don’t realize their different eating plans will help the body transform into different levels of leanness.

  1. When I am getting ultra-lean for a temporary situation, like when I need to look good for a photo shoot or be on stage for a live dance competition I use this fast fat shredding diet plan combined with the diet plan in #3.
  2. When I want to resume everyday living and social events but remain toned (while only exercising twice a week) I use a modified version of Paleo – here is the exact plan and cookbook =>
  3. When I got off track because I had fun at too many parties and ate too many sugary cupcakes (red velvet with cream cheese frosting is my favorite!) Then I use this diet plan to get back into my “everyday living” state =>

You must take responsibility and choose a diet plan that fits your individual fitness goals and dreams.  This will ensure ultimate success.

You can’t exercise yourself out of bad eating habits.





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