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How to Keep Yourself Safe Using a Spinning Dance Pole

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With the rise in popularity of pole fitness, a lot of people from beginners to amateur enthusiasts are trying the sport and enrolling in gyms or taking online pole fitness classes which involve dancing on a spinning dance. It isn’t any wonder since pole fitness dancing on a spinning dance is fun and very empowering by making women comfortable in their own skin. However, the case of pole fitness should never be taken lightly because it is a risky sport, especially if dizziness and proper dance safety techniques are not considered.

In pole fitness, you use areas of your body you don’t normally utilize in your daily life. When you use lifts and tricks for your performance or fitness routine risks are always involved. Without proper training and supervision, you may hurt yourself in the process. That is the reason why in pole fitness dancing especially in pole fitness dancing at home safety is always the top priority. This priority is even more highlighted when you are using a spinning dance pole.

With rotating dance poles, the inherent risk of the sport becomes doubled because the centrifugal force created during the spins become faster which require more strength and mindfulness. It also takes a lot of adjustment from learning to pole dance using a static dance pole and a spinning dance pole since it also makes you more light-headed compared to a stationary dance pole.

Ideally, beginners learn how to pole dance using a stationary dance pole so they see the difference between using a static dance pole from a spinning dance pole. However, most beginners these days are more daring and try to learn pole fitness dancing using a spinning dance pole because they say it is MUCH easier to learn in spinning mode. Nonetheless, easy doesn’t always equate to safety.

Below are a few tips on how to stay safe when using a spinning dance pole.


1. Understand how your spinning dance pole works

Every dance pole whether it is a stationary dance pole or a spinning dance pole come with a manual on how to install it properly as well as safety instructions. Familiarize yourself with it especially its rotating feature before road testing it so you can ensure your safety when learning new tricks or practicing your advanced pole dance routines.

2. Check your adjuster pins

Before attempting to do any pole dance moves on your spinning pole be sure to check your pole’s adjuster pins if it is in the correct setting so you don’t get thrown off by accidents as some dance poles can easily convert from static to spinning mode like the Chrome X Pert X Pole Dance Pole Kit and the Chrome Pro Quality Dance Pole Kit.

3. Do not use creams, lotions or oils.

When doing pole fitness dancing it is very important to get a good grip on the pole. Using hand creams, oils and lotions reduce your ability to have a good grip. Moreover, when you factor in the rotation of the pole, the momentum created requires a firmer hold on the dance pole so you don’t fly from it. There are, however, grip aids and gear you can use like Dry Hands.

4. Progress safely and Manage Your Dizziness

Before learning new moves and advanced pole dance tricks, make sure that you have mastered all the basic tricks firsts. This ensures that you have built enough strength and timing in how to transition from one pole dance move to another. Consequently, it is still advisable to learn and practice using a stationary dance pole before jumping on to a spinning dance pole because again the increased momentum can not only make you increasingly dizzy and spin you off from it.

Learning how to handle dizziness from a spinning dance pole is important for saftey.  Here is a great video that goes into detail on how to stop dizziness while dancing on your pole.

5. Use a crash mat and have a spotter

When attempting advanced pole dance moves always try to do the move just a few inches above the ground first so you can feel how you are able to hold your weight upside down. Have a crash mat at the bottom as well to lessen the impact of your fall. For more difficult tricks have your instructor or friend spot you since they can offer cues and observe glitches that may cause harm even before you know it.

I would also like to note that when trying new tricks and lifts for the first time, always tuck your chin to your chest so that in instances when you fall you’re less likely to injure your neck.

Always be mindful of your safety by respecting the sport and your equipment. However, if you haven’t started with pole fitness just yet and would love to learn about this wonderful exercise you can join our community and enlist here =>>

Did you love this article or have any questions regarding it? Please don’t hesitate to share it or drop a comment on our comments box below. Happy pole dancing!



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