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Glute-Busting Pole Fitness Routines that Will Get You Bikini Body Ready

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(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

As a woman, one of my biggest insecurities was my bottom. Growing up my pants would often go down as it has nothing to hold on to. And with the rise in popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, this didn’t do any good to my flagging self-esteem. Can you even blame me? There are songs about it on the radio! Remember bubble butt? Totally annoying!

I think my insecurity isn’t just an isolated case. There are also other women out there who share the same diffidence as me. However, pole fitness became my salvation. Not only did doing a pole dancing workout at home strengthen me through my herniated disc injury, it also gave me my fervent wish of a bubble butt! Lol!

Now, I wonder how many of you have thought about this to themselves too? That after doing pole fitness for a while they have seen a slight increase in their bottoms and thighs.

No, you haven’t gained weight but instead grew a rounder bottom as well as stronger and firmer thighs. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as pole fitness combines a lot of strength training and cardio. Nevertheless, the question still stands. How does pole dancing do that?

Hustle for that Muscle

First, let us understand how the muscles grow…

Muscles are responsible for body movement. They contract to create action and the more that you move as in pole fitness exercise, your muscle fibers create micro tears in them. Don’t worry though as this is pretty normal for our body and they heal and regenerate by themselves.

As the muscles heal from repeated stimulus they become thicker and denser. Moreover, they become more impervious to damage. This process of moving and tearing coupled with a good diet and proper supplementation is the one responsible for making your muscles become toned.

With pole dancing, there are quite a lot of isometric contraction or the tightening of the muscles. When your glutes squeeze against the pole so you don’t slip on it, you are basically working your thighs and butt cheeks already. Ever felt them burn whilst doing a cross leg L climb?

Likewise, pole fitness also involves isotonic contraction or the sliding together, sliding apart and lengthening of the muscles as you control your legs to transition to your next move. This constantly works your thighs and glutes making them hypertrophy or grow. Therefore, the end result of a consistent pole fitness workout at home or in the studio results to a bottom that’s ready to be flaunted in this season’s bikini!

Glute-Busting Routines

Here are some examples of a  glute-busting pole dance workout routine you can do at home to get yourselves bikini body ready:

  • Back Hook Spin
  • Back Stag (Double Attitude) Spin with a Twisted Grip
  • Plank Body Roll
  • Passe Spin
  • Underarm hold Pole Drop
  • Inverted Crucifix

This dance routine can be seen on our Intermediate Pole Dance Routines or if you want a full-on body workout with glute-busting in mind, you can avail of my Home Pole Dancing Lessons For The Everyday Woman which has an added bonus feature of how to have an amazing tush and legs!

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