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When you first get into pole dancing, it’s a common question people ask “do dance poles spin or rotate?” Yes ….. and no, it depends on the pole.

Traditionally dance poles have been used for strippers (hence they are often referred to as “stripper poles”) and that dance pole was stationary, meaning it doesn’t move at all. Today a pole that doesn’t spin is called “static”.

Static poles are not isolated to strippers; in fact, they are used in the fitness world for pole fitness dancing as well. In case you don’t know what pole fitness dancing is, in short, it’s the act of using pole dancing as a form of exercise. This trend is getting stronger and stronger every day.

Due to the increasing popularity of using pole dancing in competitions and a form of fitness, the demands for a different kind of pole have changed and spinning poles answered that demand. A spinning pole or one that rotates, in other words, is more of a pole used for home use during fitness activities and by competitors in the dance field.

Many people think that there are two different kinds of poles, one for strippers and one for those exercising and competing. This isn’t necessarily true. People on both sides of that fence use both static and spinning poles from the same brand name companies.

So what pole is best for you? It has been widely said that beginners should start on a static pole. While this is correct, many beginners have started on a spinning pole as well. In fact, many report that it’s easier to learn in spinning mode rather than static.

Should I buy spinning or static?

So this might leave you wondering “Should I buy a static pole or a spinning pole?” The answer is BOTH.

If you are planning to really get into pole dancing and make that commitment to fitness (and fun) then you will use that pole in both modes. Stationary and spinning modes are equally important and each user will be able to dance in a way that fits those best.

Static poles are typically cheaper than a pole that is both spinning and static; however, it is worth the added expense by far! It’s a lot of fun using a spinning pole and you won’t want to miss out on that particular feature.

Safety when buying a pole.

Tread caution buying a dance pole with both spinning and static mode features. When the pole is spinning with you on it, there is an added load and pressure on the pole. You want a pole that can hold that pressure easy without ever moving an inch.

There are many poles that are built cheaply and that use plastic parts. They look stable and sometimes identical on the surface, but can be very dangerous and different on the inside.

For the sake of your health, take the time to learn about the safest and best pole or you.

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