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Is It Safe To Install A Pole In Your Home?

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Is it safe to install a pole in your home? and Is pole dancing safe? and Is it easy to install a dance pole in your home or apartment? Read to find out.

Many women are a little afraid to install a pole in their house because it entails a lot of different things. “Will this pole ruin or damage my ceiling?”, “Will my landlord get mad?”, “Can I install it on my ceiling type?”, “I don’t know how to find studs … what?!”, “And what about the floor… is carpet ok? Will it break my tile?”, “I am afraid it will come down, how can I be sure?” And on and on…

It’s ok to be concerned with these things. After all, nobody wants to ruin their living space and nobody wants their pole to come loose from the ceiling.

Home Dance Pole Safety and Tips on Installing Dance Pole At Home

So let’s get some of these concerns addressed. Thanks to all the many questions over the years of selling poles, I should be able to cover pretty much everything in this one article. If I missed something, please leave me a comment below.

Are home dance poles safe? with the right choice of dance pole from a reputable seller as well as proper installation and use according to manufacturer’s instructions, you can be sure that the dance pole is safe for home use.

We will start with ceiling types. When you first go to install a pole at home, it will need to be underneath a sturdy structure in your ceiling. The structure inside your ceiling is often referred to as a joist or a stud. They can be made of metal, wood, or you may have a concrete ceiling.

Can I install a pole in my house? Yes, this is completely possible if you have the right space for it. Friction fit dance poles made it easy for everyone to install a dance pole at home. However you do need to have the right floor and ceiling type to support the installation. Just in case you don’t have the appropriate ceiling and floor there is always the option of installing a standalone stage dance pole at home.

Use this video here to learn how to find the supportive structure on your ceiling before installing a dance pole in your house:

YouTube video

Ceiling Tips and Hints For A Safe Dance Pole Install

The ceiling finish is often a concern as well. Most ceilings have drywall which is the optimum surface to install on. Drywall is covered with a plaster type texture in most cases and then painted. I have installed my pole on many different ceilings with painted textured surfaces and it leaves no damage at all.

Popcorn ceiling will get damaged by a pole, but it is easily repairable. The Popcorn texture can get knocked off when you put the pole up and will often leave a ring behind when you take it down. You can repair this by getting a can of spray texture at your local hardware store.

Spray the texture, repaint, and then you are done. You may want a handyman to help you though; matching texture is somewhat of an art.  (If you have popcorn ceilings you are concerned about, this article goes into details regarding a pole installation on popcorn ceilings.)

Concrete ceilings are even better, no need to find those studs. They are often painted as well and the dome rarely leaves any trace behind.

Some final tips to prevent damage to a ceiling, especially if you are wanting to install a dance pole in an apartment, is to buy a removable and portable dance pole that has good rubber or similar performing material on both the dome and base. This will protect the contacted surfaces.  Fully removable and portable dance poles don’t screw into the floor or ceiling either.

It can be removed when you move or when your preacher comes over (kidding!). Ha Ha…

What Floor Is Safe To Install A Pole Dance?

The poles can be installed on almost ANY flooring surface that is solid and stable. I have installed my pole on tile, concrete, low and high pile carpet, as well as laminate flooring. I find laminate or wood flooring to be the best for learning to pole dance on.  Here is an article that goes into flooring types in detail >>

You can pole dance on the carpet, but you have to be careful not to get rug burns as you lower to the floor while descending out of a pole spin.

install a pole and a woman is doing a split in her house and considering the safe way to install a dance pole in her home

The pole base can leave an indention in your carpet similar to that of a couch or other piece of furniture that has been sitting in the same place for a long while. The base has a thick rubber coating or similar performing material such as a good quality TPE padding that protects the flooring surface. In most cases when you remove the pole, you will never know it was on the floor. Here is where to buy a good dance pole for your home.

Extra Dance Pole Safety And Security While Dancing

One way to add additional security to the pole is to add a permanent ceiling mount to your pole and remove the dome.  

Is installing a dance pole at home easy? Friction fit dance poles are the type that mostly used in houses and studios. These types of poles are designed to be easy to install and uninstall. It is better for your first installation to have an assistant but most pole users can install and uninstall their poles on their own under 15 mins.

Adding a permanent ceiling mount to your pole is the best option for you if you are deathly afraid your pole will come down and want to have the best security options available.  Both the PFD Pro Quality Pole and the X Poles are safe when installed correctly with the dome by itself.  The permanent mount definitely gives that added layer of protection.  

The Lupit Classic dance pole has a flat metal dome (something the other brands don’t have).  This pole was designed to be a fully removable pole with no way to screw it to the floor or ceiling straight out of the box, however, with the help and approval of a qualified handyman, you could easily drill a couple holes in the dome plate and screw it to a ceiling joist for added security.

If you are on a budget to buy a dance pole and considering secondhand dance pole or used dance pole then I highly suggest to read the following blog on best affordable dance poles.

Install a Pole Dance Permanently

If you buy a pole with a permanent ceiling mount, that’s ok too, it’s just a few screw holes that you will need to be filled with caulking when the pole comes back down in the future.

*Don’t over tighten your pole.*

Ceiling and floor structures are amazingly strong, but so is a good quality dance pole. If you over tighten it, something’s got to give. It could be your pole that will bend or your ceiling that may crack under the pressure.

It isn’t necessary to over tighten your pole to make it safe. If you bought a good pole that has well attached, thick rubber or high quality TPE Padding on the bottom of the base, then if for some reason the pole moved after installation (because it wasn’t tightened enough to begin with) then the rubber or padding will usually catch and lock itself into place on the floor.

If you bought a pole with poor quality rubber or padding, then it may not catch and the pole could come loose from the roof entirely.

A poorly constructed dance pole with cheap materials is a safety hazard. Don’t risk buying a cheap pole and risk your health, get a sturdy dance pole for your home.

Here is video that shows you what to look for in a good safe dance pole:

YouTube video

Here are some installation videos for you to review so you know what you are getting yourself into in advance:

Here is a buyer’s guide on each brand comparing the pro and cons of each to help you decide which dance pole fits you best:

A pole dancer standing near a dancing pole in her home reading a buyers guide 2024

shop dance poles online, xpole, lupit, PFD, cheap dance poles and lil mynx


  1. Megan

    Am I able to put it on my popcorn ceiling?

    • Danna

      Yes, I did in my first studio – HOWEVER – please know that is will ruin the popcorn texture on the ceiling. I WILL leave a visible ring where the dome was.

      I patched the texture when I removed my poles.

      Also, it must be tightened very well if you choose to do this 🙂

      Here is an article that goes into detail about installing a pole safely on popcorn ceilings >>

      Hope that helps.

  2. Andrea

    I would like to try to avoid ruining my popcorn ceiling. Would you say it would be safe to put a board or something between the pole and ceiling to keep from leaving a ring?

    • Danna

      Unfortunately there in no real way to prevent damaging a popcorn ceiling. I have used these poles on a popcorn ceiling and it will leave a ring. I chose to patch the area it damaged with new texture (which you can get in a spray can at Ace by the way). Using a board will smash the popcorn texture flat and you will still notice where the pole was when you take it down, but it’s an easy fix too.

      Here is an article that goes into detail about how to installing a dance pole on popcorn ceilings >>

  3. Gina

    I’ve been looking into getting a pole for a few months now and just need to do it! I was wondering if this pole is made more for hard wood floor or carpet? From my research the lil mynx seems to be the only one specifically designed for carpeted floors, the rest would require a pad I think. I’m so afraid of inverting on a pole and it falling over. What is your recommendation?

    • Danna

      Both will work perfectly on carpet or hardwood floor. I have used them both myself on both surfaces 🙂

      • becky

        What about ties?

        • Danna

          Ties???? Please Clarify 🙂

  4. Bree

    How long does the sale go for the Professional Grade Home Pole Fitness Dance Kit at the price of 179.99 ?

    • Danna

      It will be on sale through the end of July 🙂

  5. Kristen

    Ok, I am a college student living on the second floor of a cheap apartment. I keep having this scary image in my head of me ripping out my ceiling! Is this something I should be worried about? I am very interested in purchasing one but keep putting if off due to the fear of destroying my apartment.

    • Danna

      These poles are very strong and put a tremendous amount of pressure between the floor and ceiling. While a normal installation will not damage the ceiling, it is always possible, especially if you don’t hit a stud in the installation. I would find a friend who knows about construction, one who could look at the ceiling for you and help you decide whether installing a pole there is a wise decision. Good luck doll!

  6. Syfii

    What pole would you think is best to use for concrete ceilings? Or would this pole be okay to use?

  7. Jessie

    Can i install this pole on concrete floors?

  8. Alexane

    Hi ! I was wondering if the pole would be stable enough for a 8’11” ceiling ?
    thank you! 🙂

    • Danna

      Yes absolutely 🙂

  9. keyonna

    Can this pole be put up without mounting it to a stud. I just want to be able to put it up quickly like the x pole and not have to do any extra work

    • Danna

      I don’t recommend that because if you don’t put it below a ceiling joist then it’s not safe and could damage the ceiling – so will the X-Pole for that matter. Both the Pro Quality Pole and XPert X Pole apply pressure between the ceiling and floor. They both are suitable for inverting and for that reason can put a great deal of pressure on the ceiling and floor.

      As far as “ease” of installation they are both easily put up and down quickly. The X-Pole is a little quicker because the adjustments are done at the bottom of the pole whereas the Pro Quality dancing pole adjustments are done at the top of the pole. Once you get the hang of the installation process, you can get either pole up or down in under 10 minutes. Thanks!

  10. Ashley

    So this one is safe for all the tricks and spins? I’ve had bad luck with poles. I can’t ever find a decent one that doesn’t scare me lol.

    • Danna

      Hi Ashley! yes the Pro Quality No Brand dancing pole is safe, I have been inverting on it now for over 4 years with no problems. You have a right to be scared, there are alot of no brand poles out there that look alike, but they are not built the same. I have had cheap poles bend on me, the chrome chip off and cut me, the bearings freeze up within a month’s use, and so on .. so I understand your fears. No worries here though, it’s the best one I have found so far and if there were problems everything is covered with a warranty.

  11. Jerin

    Are the affordable no brand poles still available?

  12. Jasmine

    Thank you very much for all your information.
    I installed a removable pole but didn’t use a stud finder. My ceilings are high. (Loft style apartment ceilings) The pole seems to move a little kinda has a little wobble but its pressured in. Do you think it can come down? I did a few crunches and spins seems ok. I’m feeling a little unsafe since I read how important the stud finder is. My concern is when I start getting into other pole moves that the ceiling will start to crack and the pole will fall because I didn’t use a stud finder. Is this correct? Or should I just tighten the pole more?

    • Danna

      Hi Jasmine! Some dance poles do have a little bit of flex depending on the brand of pole you bought so it’s really hard to say if you should take it down or not based on a “wobble”. The higher the pole the more flex the pole can have AND the more important it is that you hit a stud in the ceiling. If you aren’t sure you installed it underneath a solid structure or stud according to your poles manufacture instructions then I would definitely take it down and re-install it. It’s your health and safety – nothing is more important than that 🙂 Stud finders are cheap and you can get one at walmart. Many girls are intimated about using one but it’s really easy! If you don’t know how to use it – you can watch my video to learn how to use a stud finder to install a pole here >

  13. Shante

    If I have an x pole is it safe to put it up with a ceiling that isn’t cement?

    • Danna

      Yes, just install it underneath a ceiling joist 🙂

  14. Lesley-Ann Lockhart

    Hi !
    I recently bit the bullet and bought an xpole static . I live in an older building on the top floor and every beam I try leaves an impression on the plaster! Will a permanent ceiling mount help with decreasing the tension at the top ? I really don’t want to damage the ceiling unnecessarily !
    Thanks !

    • Danna

      It can but dance pole ceiling mounts need to be screwed into a ceiling joist which in turn leaves holes. These holes can be easily filled with caulking. The ceiling mount will flatten any texture on the ceiling but generally speaking, leaves a less noticeable mark than the dome. Hope that Helps 🙂

  15. Lesley-Ann

    It does ! Thank you very much . I ordered the mount today 🙂

    • Danna

      Good! You’re welcome!

  16. brigette

    Hi, I’m that person who wants a pole but needs it to be permanently mounted. Can any pole be made into a permanent pole or does it need to be made for that? and if so, can you recommend a pole that’s made to be permanently mounted. Thank you

    • Danna

      Hi Brigette. I completely understand : ) Permanent poles must be cut to specifically fit your ceiling height. We sell them but you have to get a quote. Since permanent poles are custom cut, they are shipped in once piece and are pricey to ship ( usually around $200-$400 for shipping costs only :/). Most people settle for a semi-permanent option, meaning they get a removable dance pole kit, and make it semi-permanent buy using a ceiling mount that screws into the ceiling. This is a lot more cost effective because the dance pole has an adjustable height and can be shipped in several pieces.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  17. Bri

    I have cement callings and floors. My ceilings are pretty high but not extremely. What pole would you suggest? Other than buying the pole do you think I would have to make any adjustments?

    • Danna

      Hi Bri,

      Any of the removable dance poles in the shop will work just fine on concrete floors and ceilings 🙂 Concrete floors and ceilings are really sturdy, just be sure that the concrete on the ceiling is very thick like the thickness of a slab foundation – not thin like a inch. If it’s thin, you would still need to follow the manufacturers instructions and install the pole under a ceiling joist.

      As far as your ceiling height goes, different pole brands have different max heights. You will need to measure your ceiling for an EXACT measurement and then buy the pole that works best for your situation.

      Hope that helps : )

  18. Terri L

    I have a Lil Mynx pole that my husband and I mounted to the ceiling for safe use in my home. My concern is we will be moving in a few months into a trailer home (one that doesn’t move). Do you have any safety suggestions for mounting the pole in a roomy trailer? Or is the setup process the same?

    • Danna

      Hi Terri,

      You would have to contact Lil Mynx or local contractor to help you with that because it’s impossible for me to know what the insides of your trailer ceiling look like. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  19. Laura

    Hi! I really would like to install a pole in my apartment. Thing is, when I knock my ceiling, it doesn’t make a plain sound of hard concrete ceiling. It sounds like it’s a false ceiling but I’m not sure at all. I guess it’s not recommended to fix a pole in that case (?). Could you please help me?

    • Danna

      Hi Laura, if you have a false ceiling, then no you can’t attach a pole safely to a false ceiling. You would need to go through the tiles of the false ceiling and attach the pole to the ceiling above it : )


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