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CRITICAL Tips To Use A Dance Pole On Popcorn Ceilings

I think the all-time #1 question I get asked regarding the topic of installing portable or removable pole dancing pole kits is “Is it ok to install the dance pole on a popcorn ceiling?” Most people wonder if it is safe. Will the pole ruin the popcorn texture? And if they are renting, they are usually worried that they might not get their deposit back if the popcorn texture on the ceiling gets damaged.  All valid concerns.

I personally understand this worry because I once lived in an apartment that had popcorn ceilings when I first started learning to pole dance at home AND when I started Portable pole dancing pole kit on popcorn ceilingteaching, the first building I rented to open the pole studio and teach pole dancing classes had a popcorn ceiling as well!  There is popcorn everywhere!!!!!! Ok, so I just had to say that, I had a vision of confetti falling from the sky, only it was popcorn instead of confetti … in that moment… ok, that’s a little weird, back to my popcorn ceiling article writing.

So here is the scoop on what to expect when you use a dance pole in your home (or apartment) on a popcorn ceiling.

Yes, you can safely install a portable and removable dance pole with a dome on a ceiling with popcorn texture, HOWEVER, here are some important things you will want to know before you decide to go ahead and do it:

  1. There is a good chance that when you install and/or uninstall the dance pole that you will accidentally knock some of the popcorn texture off the ceiling. The more frequently you do this, the more texture you will knock off. In my first pole studio, I had to remove the dance poles every day because I had other instructors teaching different fitness classes in the same room. The repeated activity caused visible rings in the popcorn texture where the domes were placed day in and day out. This is easily repairable and I will go into that in tip #4.
  2. If you plan to safely install the pole and leave it up, there is a good chance you may not even notice there was a pole there when you take it down. When I first started learning to pole dance, I had popcorn ceilings in my little 2 bedroom apartment and a VERY picky Christian landlord. I did everything I could to hide that pole from him for fear of being judged and worried he would take my deposit. I had put the pole up in my living room and left it there until I moved out. When I took the pole down, you couldn’t even tell it was ever there and no patching was needed. I did get my deposit back. It was a white ceiling.  It all depends on how careful you are when you install it.
  3. Does popcorn affect the safety of the pole? Yes and No.  Popcorn ceilings will never be as safe as a regular ceiling with not texture because it is harder for the rubber to grip onto popcorn texture.   Think about it, popcorn is a loose material.  I used to worry that the popcorn texture wouldn’t allow the rubber or TPE padding on the dome to grip good enough and that the pole might “slip”. It never did, not even once.  If you have a GOOD QUALITY pole and it’s installed correctly, it is very safe to use on a popcorn textured ceiling. I have personally only used my PFD Pro Quality Affordable Dance pole on popcorn ceilings; however, I am certain the X Poles would be just fine as well.    Critical point to know:  the popcorn texture can reduce the stickiness between the ceilings and the rubber or padding on the dome and therefore, it can slip.   You will need to make your pole tighter than normal on a popcorn ceiling for this reason.    Another way you can avoid the dome slipping is the add 4 pieces of wood around the edges of the dome to help hold it in place.    You can also use a dance pole ceiling mount to permanently attach the top of the dance pole to the popcorn ceiling via a ceiling joist.   Keep in mind that if you use a ceiling mount, it WILL flatten the popcorn texture underneath the ceiling mount.
  4. PATCHING the popcorn texture damage: If you accidentally know off too much of the popcorn texture, patching is pretty easy. They make spray cans, bottles, and dry mixes of popcorn texture that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $10 or less. I have used it to repair ceilings and it worked like a charm 🙂 Instructions are in the container and no special tools are required in most cases.   The canned popcorn texture is white and MOST popcorn ceilings are also white.   No painting required, thank goodness!

As I always say, safety is the most important part.

You can’t have fun pole dancing if you have fears about the safety of your dance pole.  Take the time to get a good quality portable pole dancing pole for your home and popcorn will be the last worry on your mind.  Be sure that you have set up your pole dancing workout space in your home safely as well and have a ton of fun!!

Oh, one last thought, since you are obviously researching about safe ceiling types to install your new dance pole on, you might be interested in the article below about safe flooring types for your dance pole as well.

safe flooring types and carpet for a home pole dancing pole installation and a safe Pole workout at Home

Hope this article helps you!!  Happy Poling!!


  1. Megan

    Wow…this is extremely helpful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Danna

      You’re Welcome!!

  2. Breanna

    Thanks for the info! I was worried about leaving a mark on my popcorn ceiling since I’m a renter! How much is the flat rate shipping for the No brand pole? I live in South Georgia.

  3. Diana

    Thank you Danna for the awesome post. I received an xpert xpole for Christmas and I also have popcorn ceiling. I wanted to ask you, how were u able to find the joists and beams to set up your pole? I can’t seem to find it 🙁 . Please help me.

  4. Lani

    Hi Danna,

    I want to install my pole outside in my patio, however, the walls and ceilings are stucco. Do you think It would be possible to install the pole on stucco?

    • Danna

      The dance poles have to be installed under a ceiling joist. You would need to have a qualified carpenter to look at it and find out if there is a ceiling joist behind the stucco and/or help you decide if it’s safe to install on the stucco at all.

  5. Rose

    My condominium has concrete ceilings. I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any studs in the ceiling (perhaps some rebar, but I wouldn’t want to mount it to that). I can install the permanent mount in the ceiling if necessary. What do you recommend? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Danna

      Hi Rose!

      Concrete ceilings are fine for the dome on the removable dance poles as long as it’s very thick and solid concrete (not a thin coat covering up a different structure). Only a qualified handyman or carpenter will be able to tell you this for sure. The removable dance poles must be installed underneath a VERY sturdy ceiling surface like a stud because they put a tremendous about of pressure between the ceiling and floor. If you don’t follow the installation instructions and don’t put it underneath a sturdy surface like a joist or stud and place it under something like drywall, then it can crack or damage your ceiling.

      A permanent dance pole ceiling mount is a wonderful choice over the dome and increases the safety of the pole, however you would need to be sure the screws of the ceiling mount hit a solid surface like a joist OR if it’s concrete, you would need to use high quality concrete bolts. Again, a qualified carpenter can help you do this correctly to avoid damaging the ceiling.

      I hope that helps : )

  6. Wynter

    I live in an apartment with a slightly slanted ceiling. I’m afraid my pole won’t spin correctly. How do I combat this without drilling holes into the ceiling or floor?

    • Danna

      Hi Wynter,

      For a slanted ceiling, you do need a ceiling mount because the domes in standard dance pole kits are used for flat ceilings only. All ceiling mounts for slanted ceilings need to be screwed into a joist. It is more secure that way as well. The good news is that you can fill the holes with a little bit of white caulking (you can get it at Wal-Mart or any hardware store for very cheap). If you fill the holes it’s unlikely your landlord will ever know anything was there if the color matches. I have filled holes in the walls and roof in every apartment or rented house I ever lived in because of my dance poles and I have always got my deposit back : )

      Best of Luck : )

  7. Luna

    I’ve been contemplating getting a PFD pole and my husband is worried about it being installed on our popcorn ceiling and it staying put since the dome isn’t a permenant mount. I hoping that he’ll give me the “go ahead” to get one. I’ve been taking classes since October and am very excited to have one in the house to practice.

    • Danna

      Hi Luna,

      He has a valid point for being worried, however on the flip side, you wouldn’t be the first person to install it on a popcorn ceiling without a permanent ceiling mount either. Remember, you CAN use the X Pole block ceiling mount with the PDF dance pole on a flat ceiling for sure. I still use it with my PDF Chrome dance pole here in my house till this day. The only time you run into compatibility issues using the X Pole Block ceiling mount and the PDF Pro Quality pole is if you attempt to use it on a very steep vaulted ceiling. The mount will adapt the pole to both flat and vaulted ceilings.

      When I first installed my dance pole, I used it on a popcorn ceiling both in my home AND in my pole studio for about 4 years without a ceiling mount with no problems. The article is really well written and gives you are all the per-cautions and pointers. If you are a heavier gal, or your husband plans to use the pole with you, then a ceiling mount becomes more important. For me, I just tightened the dance pole nice and firm to avoid any slipping that could potentially happen.

      Hope that helps : )

  8. Britney

    Hi, I was wondering about the four pieces of wood option to secure the dome on popcorn ceiling. Will I have to mount the wood on my ceiling? Could I just get one piece of wood in a round shape? My pole shifts on my textured ceilings when I do moves and it is very time consuming using the level and readjusting it.

    • Danna

      You can use wood or screws on four corner points of the dome so it prevents any shifting. Shifting shouldn’t happen if it’s properly tightened enough, but adding the extra screws or wood pieces adds an extra layer of safety and security (this goes for all brands and types of dance poles that are friction fit type poles) It’s important that the screws go into something secure and solid, like a ceiling joist. Screws drilled into drywall may not hold long term. The shape of the wood is up to you, use your imagination and creatively make it look good for your personal tastes, just remember to get the help of a qualified contractor if you don’t know what you are doing to safely secure the dome : ) Hope that helps : )

  9. Dan

    Why no one is ever talking about nickel that is added in stainless steel and chrome poles.
    Nickel is a toxic material that can cause very serious diseases after a regular contact even with the skin.
    Does anyone have any research facts on this topic?

    • Danna

      Hi Dan, this is a concern for people with a nickel allergy. Nickel is a very common substance used in all kinds of household items, including many common things such as cooking pans. We have not done EXTENSIVE research into this issue and do not consider ourselves nickel “experts”. What we do know is that nickel is commonly used in the production of 99% of dance poles on the market and it’s rarely a health issue unless you have a nickel allergy. The only dance poles that we know of at this time that make chrome and stainless steel dance poles that are guaranteed nickel free is the Lupit chrome and stainless steel dance poles

      If you feel Nickel is too highly toxic for you then I would recommend a nickel free dance pole. It’s our belief that every person should always know and respect thyself : )

  10. Ana

    Thank you so much for this information! Helped me a lot!

    • Jenea

      You are very welcome! 🙂 <3

  11. Taylor


    I was curious if you would be able to install the pole in a manufactured home? Are the ceilings able to hold a pole?

    • Kridesha Symonette

      Did you check for studs with your popcorn ceiling?

      • Jenea

        Yes, you always need to make sure you are installing your pole under a stud or support ceiling for safety purposes.


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