(Last Updated On: May 28, 2017)

There are two major fears people face when they contemplate starting #polefitness at home. The first fear is that they can’t do it mainly due to being overweight or lack of upper body strength (which is no reason why you can’t enjoy pole fitness at home by the way). The second fear of the pole dancing pole safety. Nobody wants to be the next YouTube superstar for the latest pole blooper when the pole came loose from the ceiling with you on it! Right?! That fear makes people contemplate between permanently installed poles and a removable pole kit.

We all know that permanent poles have a slim chance of coming down, so the fear truly lies in the underlying question …………….

Is a removable pole kit safe enough?

You must decide how you are going to use the pole dancing pole for your home. What are your end goals and intentions? Are you going to really swing on the pole and actively engaging in pole fitness moves and spins on a regular basis as an at home workout routine?

Are you going to use it for “show pole”? Meaning you don’t want to really do many spins at all, you just want something you can dance around.

Are you going to become the next pole dance champion?

Those questions be answered before you can buy a pole that fits your needs.

carmen electra poleHome pole dancing kits are made differently, same a meant for professional use and some are not. Not all Brand Name poles are safe for pole #fitness activities. Take the Carmen Electra Professional Pole for example; if you have a heavy body weight and plan on doing some spins with “force” behind it, the Carmen Electra Professional pole probably won’t hold up to complete the job in the long run. Watch this video review on the Carmen Electra Professional Pole to find out why >>

X Pole is a leader in selling safe and reliable removable pole dancing poles for home.

Not everyone can afford the X Pole, so a good alternative is a professional grade pro quality no brand pole for cheaper. CAUTION** many no brand poles look alike, but they are not built the same. Here is a great video explaining the differences >>

Is a removable pole kit safe for heavy body weights?

All pole kits usually have an approximate body weight that is safe, it should be listed in the advertising. Avoid it if they don’t list that information.

I often wonder, when they say some poles are safe for lets say…. 250lbs for example (this is common), did they come to that conclusion by testing the pole with that particular body weight while they were doing a spins the exerted a tremendous about of horizontal/outward pressure on the middle of the pole? I can’t find an answer to this??

It’s one thing to climb the pole and just hold yourself there. It’s entirely different matter if you are doing spins on the pole. Hmm…

I would suggest that you buy a removable pole kit that has been tested through professional commercial use (which is more heavy duty use than normal home pole dancing pole will get).

Is a removable pole kit safe for inverting and advanced pole tricks?

If you plan to invert of doing some real committed pole fitness at home, a removable pole kit can be very safe. Many competitive professionals of all sizes have safely done pole tricks on a removable pole. Even a woman who is overweight has safely inverted on a removable dance pole at home.

The key point is to get a home dance pole kit that is designed for this type of use.

The most commonly sold removable pole kits in my store is a chrome 45 mm Pro Quality No Brand Dance Pole Kit and the X Pert X Pole Kit. Both come with pole dancing lessons for beginners on video.

Remember, removable pole dancing poles can be made semi-permanent with a ceiling mount.

ALL poles, regardless of brand or type must be installed correctly according to manufacturers instructions to be considered safe to use.

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