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Full Body Roll Pole Dancing Lessons For Beginners On a Fitness Pole

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(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

When you are learning to pole dance on a fitness pole, most women often wonder where to start and how to get going. It isn’t as easy as going to a gym to learn lunges or squats. Pole dancing lessons for beginners is a great way to get started in a new pole dancing workout at home.

There are specific basic pole dance moves, spins, and transitions beginners will need to know before they can begin dancing. These basic beginners’ moves and spins teach a beginner how to use the fitness pole safely with confidence.

Beginners are often afraid of the pole. Being fearful that it might come loose from the ceiling, fears of losing grip and falling to the floor, or that the momentum is too fast to hold on safely are all real concerns for beginners. It’s not a piece of equipment we are used to using in our everyday lives. Learning specific basic pole moves will help you develop the trust and confidence in your fitness pole and that new trust will help you dance better, more effectively, and with more pizzazz which in the end, give you a better workout.

There are several ways to go about learning these specific pole moves for beginners. You can go to a class that is geared for fitness with a #fitness dance pole (not exotic classes or competitive classes) or you can take online pole dancing fitness lessons. Again, be sure your instructor is teaching pole dance for fitness and exercise reasons with a fitness dance pole for that purpose.

There are different #poledancinglessons for different purposes, like becoming a professional competitor in dangerous tricks or for exotic reasons like stripping or the over-use of sexuality.

If you don’t have pole dancing classes near you, online pole lessons for fitness work great.

I find the best way to learn the basic pole moves is to learn them strung together in a routine.

While you are learning the pole dance routine, you are learning the various pole moves to music. This is more fun and allows you to stay motivated to complete the class.

Some pole dancing lessons for beginners are taught without music and you just go in and learn one move at a time individually. For me, this gets boring because I want to DANCE! I want to enjoy the movement of my body, not just practice one or two moves over and over again until class ends.

If you are interested in a single pole dancing lesson for beginners, here is a free beginner lesson that will show you how to do a full body roll on your fitness dance pole:

If you would like to learn how to do the basic pole moves for beginners while learning a pole dancing routine, then those lessons will contain music while providing some dance technique and other instructions regarding how to string all your pole dance moves into a dance you can perform at home for a workout or for fun!


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