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Beginner Pole Dance Workout Routine Video 2

by | Jul 24, 2015 | 5 comments

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2023)

This is the second video in the beginner pole dancing workout routine you can do at home.

This routine is mainly designed for women, however, if men feel comfortable they are welcome to join in!

This is mainly a dance workout and as you learn the routine you will be toning those muscles like a dancer.

Beginner Pole Dance Moves Learned Are:

  • Goddess
  • Mini Spin-off floor
  • Pole Sit Spin with Cup Grip
  • Floor work

Enjoy Video 2!

YouTube video

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  1. Felicia Tew

    Hi Dana!
    I have one question, is there a Beginner Pole Dance Workout Routine
    Video 3? Thanks for making these lessons!!! You are FABULOUS!!

    • Danna

      The video 3 is in process – kinda. It isn’t live. So here is the honest truth on that one >> To finish that routine, it needs some more video shooting and editing. It’s in my heart to do it however I have placed it on the back-burner because I am not sure how important it is to finish it. I wish I could take a survey or poll and ask everyone how they feel about finishing that one. My idea with that project was to put out a complete series of videos to teach everyone how to do a complete beginner pole dance routine. On the back-end of things, I do need the series to encourage people to buy other pole dancing routines in my shop (because making free pole tutorials takes a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources). I have been debating if it would be worth finishing or not.

      In addition to that piece, the making of these videos got hung up in a funky area in my life – I moved a lot and went through a nasty relationship that is now over. Free tutorials got shelfed for a while due to stress in my personal life. I feel like I am definitely getting back on track now though.

      I would love your feedback (and other peoples) on this matter. How do you feel about the series so far? Would it encourage you to purchase more routines in the long run (if you liked what you learned of course)? I think understanding how people feel and understanding people’s needs regarding what they want to learn would help inspire me to get this one off the back burner.

      I know that may not be what you wanted to hear – but I believe in honesty and transparency in business and that’s my honest truth 🙂

  2. Felicia Tew

    Hi Danna! Thanks for your response! I apologize for taking a while to write back but my husband was in the hospital. All better now!! In May of 2014 I began taking Pole Fitness lessons. Unfortunately, after 4 lessons, my teacher was no longer able to continue her lessons so I began searching the internet for online classes. I found pole was very beneficial in a physical therapy perspective. I had previously broken 3 vertebrae’s, smashed a couple of disks and broke back bones so I had some back pain issues. I found pole fitness was a great exercise to help my back. I wanted to continue learning so ordered a pole and my husband put it up in our home. I searched online for some lessons and the first lesson in this series was on that I was blessed to find. In 2015 my Pole Fitness had to be put on hold due to a family illness. Now summer of 2016 I am able to catch up with my Pole Fitness!! Eventually I was blessed to find your Pole Fitness website. LOVE IT!! But I really enjoy this series that you had begun. I would DEFINITELY purchase more individual lessons from you. I come from a background of very little dance or pole experience!! What I like about this was that I was able to see and learn a part of the series so as to see if it was suitable for my style….BEGINNER. What a great way to market your lessons!! Again, If you created another lesson for this series, I would definitely purchase it!!

    Anyway, I love your lessons, teachings and style. You are obviously a strong woman to get out of an unhealthy relationship AND have your own business that encourages women to be healthy. I am a teacher, so I have the summer off. This gives me time to catch up on my Pole Fitness. I am also a counselor. Pole is another tool that can be used for building fitness and self-esteem with my clients. Thank You for your lessons!!Felicia

    • Danna

      Oh wow! I am so glad to hear that your husband is better! Thank you so much for your honest and sincere response, it truly helps me make the decisions behind the scenes regarding what steps to take next. I truly appreciate the honest feedback <3 So, I will seriously consider finishing that series, hopefully soon. I feel it would be best. I also want to finish the little routine I was teaching my friend here >> I think finishing that one first would be fun.

      And your welcome! Im glad you love the lessons, I enjoy teaching them 🙂

  3. Michelle Ormsby Krischlunas

    Deborah Ormsby Blanchard, I could see you doing this.


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